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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Set: 2014 Topps Valor

Card: #118 Le'Veon Bell

“ Football seems to have a disproportionately high number of sets that is just the player (or most of a player, in this case) superimposed over some made up background. I wonder why that is? It's not a good thing. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Graphics mania gone awry! ” -Sportzcommish

“ The back could use full stats, but this is the first Valor card I have seen and I really like it. I feel like I shouldn't, but I do. And Bell is a stud. ” -muskie027

“ Pretty timely RCOTD since he said he'd retire if he was franchise tagged just yesterday. I don't mind the front of the card, but think they could do more on the back. ” -jupiterhill

“ Interesting card...great player. In my book, he's by far the most exciting running back to hit the NFL in years and years. I think I like the card front, despite the mish-mashed team flag in the background. But could anyone make such a design look its best? Spartans Will. ” -kents_stuff

“ These set were different and I liked them. Please come back Topps! ” -carthage44

“ I actually like this set. ” -switzr1

“ Looks like someone crumpled the card then tried to flatten it out again. ” -NJDevils

“ Love the background of this card ” -Gocards215

“ I think I'll just hold out on commenting on this franchise. :) ” -vrooomed

“ This is one of those weird, too much graphics, cards that actually works!! Bravo Topps. But put the number in the corner on the back... ” -parsley24

“ I like Topps Valor but The backgrounds are a bit too much. Reminds me a little of the 1990s Fleer Metal or was it Upper Deck Metal? Metal Universe things. The back is way too plain and only one year of stats, but it looks nice. ” -captkirk42

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