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Friday, April 20, 2018

Set: 1999-00 SkyBox Impact

Card: #34 Brevin Knight

“ I really enjoyed the Impact set. It was a one-year only release for the NBA, but it had good quality photos, team color keyed borders, unique photos on both sides, and full career statistics. Unfortunately, it was a small set at 200 cards. I did, however, complete it from one box back when the set was new. Brevin now does broadcasting for the Memphis Grizzlies. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I don't collect basketball but remembered Fleer did this exact same set in 2000. Sadly after looking it up Impact didn't have much of an Impact, seeing as how it lasted one year in both sports. As far as look and everything it's a decent card, much better than other sets that lasted years. ” -davidhandberry

“ I like the framed look on the front; good action shot. Nice cards. ” -KMack

“ I feel like this card is a double print because I do not have many basketball cards yet I have like 5 of these. ” -carthage44

“ Eh an OK card. It is Skybox which is really Fleer which makes it an even better card ” -captkirk42

“ Either Knight had an amazing mid-air crossover move or Doleac had really bad eyesight on this attempted block. ” -Mitch

“ I remember him, he used to dish a lot of assists. Not a bad card, too many white line borders though. Could have had one or two less. I never heard of Impact, but it not a bad looking card. ” -muskie027

“ What are the odds? A basketball card submitted by Billy. ” -NJDevils

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