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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Set: 2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot

Card: #30 Jake Plummer

“ Not a bad looking card if it is an insert. The back leaves something to be desired. ” -muskie027

“ Why does the back look like a Panini product? ” -Splinter_9

“ Even though it's a player in front of some fake background, I actually like it. Go figure? If I was into football I'd try to complete this set. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Jake the Snake. Simple, uncluttered. I like it. ” -Lerxst2112

“ It's bad when the best of your card is the left corner. I like that one corner with the football. The rest of the card is pretty blah. ” -davidhandberry

“ This brand is just absolute false advertising! I licked where it said Sweet Spot and it was anything but! And to top it off the owner of the card kicked me out of his house! What is it about trespassing that makes people so testy? ” -YoRicha

“ Jake "The Snake" is loose! ” -carthage44

“ I do like the Sweet Spot base card designs. ” -captkirk42


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