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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Set: 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones

Card: #103-120 Placido Polanco

“ This set had so much potential in concept, but the fact that they used the same photo for each player? Well, at least it's SN. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ SN 150 is cool. How much more do you want to put on the front. Why does the bottom say 120 hits, then the side and back say 200? Is it giving him dual props for 200 hits and making the all star team? Why is the picture only three quarters of the width and the label taking up so much space with sideways writing? This is just is too much. ” -muskie027

“ The ultimate set of sets 12,568 cards. I wonder if anyone has collected this massive complete set? ” -carthage44

“ Personal bonus: it's a Tiger. This insert set however was ludicrous. Over 2000 cards, all serial numbered, with a ton of repetition. ” -rmpaq5

“ One of the most decorated players in Tigers' histor.....oh, no. Sorry. One of the most decorated CARDS in Tigers' history. Someone missed two of the corners, though. Maybe the graphic designer went to lunch and press time got pulled ahead? ” -kents_stuff

“ One of the worst set concepts ever. Do all 200 of these misspell his name, or just this one? ” -switzr1

“ The epitome of "too many damn sets/inserts being produced." ” -IndyBean17

“ I'm a little dense. Is it 120 hits or 200 hits we're celebrating here? And if it's 120, where does that number come from? Thank goodness only 150 of these exist. (I don't mind the design, though, for this kind of card.) ” -Vvvergeer

“ I have a 1994 SP #36 with Terry Steinbach on the front and Mark McGwire on the back. Can anyone tell more about this card and are there others like it. ” -bbcards

“ what does the 120 have to do with the front of the card? I am sure it has to do with something, but it is misleading as the card is for him getting to 200 hits. Good looking card. ” -parsley24

“ An OK general design. If I recall correctly the one bummer about this set is that they use the same picture for all of the of the cards of a player, so if that player has a dozen or more cards in the set all of them look like the same card. ” -captkirk42

“ I am so confused as to what this is commemorating. What is 120 and what does it have to do with this milestone? ” -OCHawkeye

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