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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Set: 2004 Bowman

Card: #180 Julius Jones

“ Nice design. Good photo. If I collected football I would chase this set for sure. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Heisman pose ” -deporcoruña

“ Badly cropped or bad photograph. Let's cut off half is leg but make sure we have a bunch of green above him, and let's have tons of green on the left and barely get his hand on the right. Always hated Bowman backs. They try to be different but end up terrible. ” -davidhandberry

“ And the Heisman goes too... ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ Some might complain about the the lack of logo, wasted space etc... but I have to say from a pure design and nice to look at perspective this is eye catching. ” -rmpaq5

“ Was hyped to be the next great Cowboys RB but never panned out. ” -carthage44

“ Nice clean uniform, and no defenders coming, what was this staged? ” -kota5

“ If you are still doing the heisman in the NFL, it is a good bet you never won the heisman, and probably are a bust in the nfl. Also again, if you cannot find more than two pictures of the player, you should not be making a card of the player. Absolutely dislike the use of the same photo front and back. ” -parsley24

“ Font could be easier to read. Not too thrilled about the bottom part of the front design. Back is pretty good for Bowman. ” -captkirk42

“ Deion Sanders wants his uniform back ” -switzr1

“ I remember when sports illustrated projected a team of the next decade and put him on it while he was still at ND. He was good, but not that good. I always like him. The card is not bad either, I'll bet it looks better in hand. ” -muskie027

“ Maybe one of my all-time favorite Bowman Football Sets. I loved just how simple the design was but it looked sophisticated enough to be interesting. I love Bowman Football and before I started collecting more Baseball than football Bowman was what I looked forward to each card season. Rookies adorned their NFL uniforms for the 1st time and let's talk about those rookies. Bowman football was always loaded with rookie cards with most sets having 50 to 100 rookies to collect. Now the cons. I could not stand how many variants of each card Bowman came up with. Most card sets of the day had maybe 2 color variants, Bowman to many to count! I was a master set collector and this was a huge pain each card season. I would just buy a complete base set with the all of the rookies and go that rout. Should I tried to build the master set via opening boxes it would have taken at least 6 cases to build the master set and I would still be short. I loved the "One Autograph or Material Card Per Box" most of the time it was a garbage jersey or a rookie who had been cut by multiple teams already. I had opened 4 boxes before I hit the Big Ben and to more cases before hitting the Manning and the Fits autos. All in all a 7 Stars out of 10 ” -The House Of Cards

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