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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Set: 1990 Target Dodgers

Card: #442 Leron Lee

“ This a concept I wish every team in every sport did. From what I've read on the card blogs, where the Dodgers are the most popular team, every player in team history got a card in this set, at least those up until 1990. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I really like this set, and wish one like this existed for the Cardinals. ” -switzr1

“ At first I was confused as to why such an obscure Dodger would be in a 1990 Target set. Then I looked up the set and it appears to be a history of the Dodgers of some sort, as there are 1,095 cards in the set. The card isn't the greatest, but the concept for the set seems cool if I am understanding it right. ” -muskie027

“ Love oddball stuff like this. ” -702tpr777

“ Didn't know Target was in the game so early on. ” -carthage44

“ I like oddball cards such as this. It is weird that Target came out with a whole set of over 1,000 cards for the Dodgers and they couldn't make a set for any other teams. ” -davidhandberry

“ Do you know how many cards are in this set ? Over a thousand !!! They are nothing to write home about . Did Target stores actually give them out ? ” -uncaian

“ Interesting set. I like the throwback aspect of it. But the design and back have a lot to be desired. ” -cjjt

“ Never saw these before. Pretty neat. ” -NJDevils

“ I am sure all the Leron Lee Collectors are excited. ” -kirkscards

“ Interesting card. I have to admit that I'm surprised he played over 600 games with the Dodgers over four years. If I you had asked me to name Dodger outfielders in that time I'd have guessed Dusty Baker, Rick Monday, Reggie Smith, Lee Lacy...heck, Manny Mota. I don't think I ever equated Leron Lee with the Dodgers. ” -kents_stuff

“ meh. Not a fan. ” -parsley24

“ Nice Oddball card. ” -captkirk42

“ This is way too cluttered ” -Bargunmaster

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