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Friday, February 23, 2018

Set: 2015 Topps Mini

Card: #321 Josh Hamilton

“ The 2015 design was cool. Almost had me collecting baseball... ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Look at that, Topps. You've got complete career stats, with room for a blurb about the player, and you could probably throw a Twitter account in white on that black line on the back. And all on a mini card! ” -Vvvergeer

“ I love the backs of these! The front isn't bad and I think it's one of Topps' better border designs in recent years. The card has every bit of info I want to see on the front and back of a card. And it has an (apparently) un-altered photo on the front. I've got nothing bad to say about this card/set. ” -spazmatastic

“ Really like these cards. Good size photo on the front, nice colors at the bottom. ” -KMack

“ One would wonder what his career would have been if he could have stayed clean. ” -carthage44

“ I've always liked the 2015 Topps design. ” -olerud363

“ I was going to say it was a good looking card. I liked this design for 2015, finally getting away from the white borders that Topps had for years. THEN, I noticed it is Topps Mini, another pointless parallel. I like Josh Hamilton, one of the most tragic figures in recent memory. Number 1 draft pick, to flop, to MVP, back to flop. ” -davidhandberry

“ why Topps makes minis I don't know. Seems unnecessary and silly to me. ” -DarkSide830

“ i am starting to like the mini cards. Its just a me thing though. ” -parsley24

“ The only knock I have against this set is how many meaningless variations there are of 1 card !!! Nice front , nice back - great looking cards , just too many variations. ” -uncaian

“ OH regular Topps no wait it's the mini. 2015 I like the design OK but there is something about it that disturbs me that I haven' quite pinned down yet. It is partly do with the pattern in the border I think that is too busy. ” -captkirk42

“ Nice mini hamilton... ” -TradingCards964

“ It's like a baseball card. Except it's mini. ” -mkaz80

“ As a Ranger fan, seeing Hamilton in anything Angels-related makes me angry. I felt betrayed when he left Texas. However, these cards also make me laugh a bit because Arte Moreno is the king of terrible contracts, which I am perfectly fine with. ” -mycardboardhabit

“ nice card design, woulda liked to see football in this set design ” -Thunderfoot

“ Never collected the mini's, but I really liked the look of he 2015 Topps set. Hamilton was a good player. ” -muskie027

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