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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Set: 2011-12 Upper Deck Black Diamond

Card: #10 Bobby Orr

“ I would prefer a dedicated Legends set rather than situating random legends into current player sets, but in some instances you have to take what you can get. This is a fantastic scan for an etched card, I don't know yet who made the scan, but you have my gratitude. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ A great one on a card ruined when they chose to modify the background. ” -Sportzcommish

“ We get to write about Bobby Orr on a day Ray Borque is RCOTD. How coincidental that a Bruins great and a Bruins great are so close together. It's funny how this card is worth more, but I think I like the Po Set Borque better. ” -muskie027

“ Ray Bourque as the RCOTD on the day you can comment on this one. What a co-inky-dink. ” -trauty

“ Great player, weak card. ” -carthage44

“ Good to see Orr is still playing. ” -NJDevils

“ Bobby Orr rocks! ” -cjjt

“ Not sure why a 2011 card of a guy long-retired would only have 5 years of stats on it. And why those 5 years? ” -kents_stuff

“ Some of the worst scanning cards every produced. #thanksUpperDeck ” -IndyBean17

“ Um OK the RCotD that showed up was another Bruin a nice Pro Set now we get the silver happy Black Diamond that is so-so to OK in person, but really stinks scanned. ” -captkirk42

“ Never cared for the Black Diamond designs. And I don't care for cards produced for inactive/retired players. They have no value other than intrinsic. I see it as nothing but a money grab by the card companies. ” -C2Cigars

“ Best player ever !! Not a bad looking card . ” -uncaian

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