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Monday, May 28, 2018

Set: 1954 Brooke Bond British Birds

Card: #11 The Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)

“ Oh nice non-sport small "tobacco" size card. ” -captkirk42

“ If I had just looked at the card name I would have sworn that this was from a James Bond movie. Instead it is a bird. I don't see the point but I know there are tons of bird watchers. This would have to align along the lines of card collectors and bird watchers which I would bet is a very small sample size. ” -davidhandberry

“ Interesting change of pace with the bird card. Love the write up on the card back. The language used is amazing. It oozes proper vintage English. ” -Lerxst2112

“ Awesome! This is the kind of random oddball stuff I love to collect. Modern non-sports is missing this kind of stuff being all movie and tv based. I've been a bird watcher all my life. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Better than a magic the gathering card. I love the art work in these.it feels as if you learn more about battle after reading them. Great looking card. ” -parsley24

“ I am a sucker for nature cards ! Nice ! I am Bond , Brooke Bond . ” -uncaian

“ Awesome Cinclus Cinclus! I've never seen a nicer one! ” -olerud363

“ Looks like a godzilla sized bird on a waterfall. ” -carthage44

“ Tea card OTD. Nice. I have a few tea cards for trade, but other than GPK I haven't noticed any non-sport activity here. Hmm. ” -Doe MG

“ Ah, yes- One of the cornerstones of the hobby. 1. Honus Wagner 2. Mickey Mantle rookie 3. British Birds Dipper 4. Baltimore Babe Ruth ” -altaeria

“ This is beautiful. We need more odd non-sport releases. ” -royals

“ YES! I'm glad to see The Dipper get his rightful place as the RCOTD. ” -UKboogie

“ I would love more modern big named sets like this. Just commemorating really cool things. I would so buy that. ” -muskie027

“ Reminds me of the cards that used to come in some kind of candy or Cracker Jacks when I was a kid. Kind of boring, but still cool. ” -Doc Floyd


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