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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Set: 1973-74 Topps

Card: #254 Donnie Freeman

“ Been a while since we had vintage basketball...and an ABA card no less! I can't say anything bad about 70s basketball, except that there simply aren't enough cards to collect! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ 5-time ABA All-Star! ” -trauty

“ Loved the ABA. Grew up in Louisville watching Artis Gilmore, Dr. J, and others. As for the card, nice and simple. ” -KMack

“ The front is boring even by older standards. I like the use of different colors but that is about it. The back though is wonderful. The color schemes, the cartoon. I would give the front a 4 and the back a 9. ” -davidhandberry

“ He looks confused -- as though he's about to ask a defender, "Haven't you read the back of my card? Donnie's shot is impossible to stop. Why are you still trying? Out of my way little man." ” -dilemma19

“ Cool REAL Vintage Basketball, not a new Topps Archives, Heritage or Commemorative thing. There is something about 60s and 70s vintage that I just love that gets lost when Topps does the Archives and Heritage tributes, redesigns. It isn't just the spirit of the design, that is somewhat revived with the A and H sets but they never get things quite right. Sometimes Heritage is very close, but the blow it with a vastly different font or modern card stock vs real vintage cardboard stock, or use one of those gimmick "errors" or just use the wrong dang color for a certain team. ” -captkirk42

“ Nice and basic 70's design. They usually didn't have the best color scheme on the back though. ” -suomibear8

“ This card in particular has little appeal. Pretty boring washed out studio shot. The set is a different story. Pretty cool representation of ABA/NBA teams and lot's of HOFers cards. Only 1 HOF rookie Bob McAdoo. The action shots are great, studio shots not so much. Still seems like a fun set to collect. ” -Lerxst2112

“ Nice Vintage Card ” -kirkscards

“ These are cool because they are so simple. ” -carthage44

“ ABA!!! ABA!!! Other than that, terrible. Bad airbrush. ” -cjjt

“ "Donnie's jump shot is impossible to stop" - and somehow he only has 7 cards. ” -UKboogie

“ Whoa, vintage basketball!! I rare treat for RCOTD. Love it!!! ” -muskie027


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