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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Set: 2002 Donruss Originals - Aqueous

Card: #78 CC Sabathia

“ It is just confusing to me that it is a 2002 card but they would still have the 82 on it. Besides that I like the new players on the old designs especially 1982 since it is my birth year. ” -davidhandberry

“ I love practically any throwback card....often times more than the original..... ” -tbshaw

“ I actually like these. ” -carthage44

“ I got a pack of these in a repack box a few years back. Really liked the concept but that was all that I saw of them. ” -jasongerman9

“ Cool looking old school card. The photo is a little washed out and could use some more contrast if i need to find one critique. ” -parsley24

“ I guess 20 years is a milestone if you've only been around that long (in 2002). Unlike Topps and Bowman which have been around much longer. ” -Sportzcommish

“ This is one of my favorite sets from the early-'00s. This is C.C. when he was half the size he is now! ” -mkaz80

“ At first I was giddy to see an authentic '82 Donruss card featured, but alas, it's a recycled design. What makes this card aqueous I wonder? Will Sabathia get into the HOF? ” -dilemma19

“ love the old school design ” -Bargunmaster

“ Wow. For some reason I really like this card. ” -DarkSide830

“ I'm a huge fan of re-hashing the old designs. Makes me appreciate the original sets even more. ” -SFC Temple

“ Let's see--2002 would not be "original" for Donruss for baseball, so the name is ridiculous. Neither would 1982, so the choice of this design (or again the name) is ridiculous. But the good news is that other than that I have nothing to complain about that wouldn't have also been a complaint with the 1982 set. ” -kents_stuff

“ i like it, didn't realise he had been in the mlb that long ” -Thunderfoot

“ This looks more like a 1982 Donruss card than the similar throwback insert they put in 2016 packs. ” -switzr1

“ Does this card really contain water? ” -NJDevils

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