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Monday, November 20, 2017

Set: 2016 Topps WWE - Bronze

Card: #17 D-Von Dudley

“ This design works so much better for Wrestling than it does for baseball. Not sure what that big white area on the card front is? It almost looks die cut but based on the back I am sure is not. I know nothing about wrestling so maybe it's part of the ring? Great scan, it's like I am actually holding this card in my hand. ” -Billy Kingsley


“ Did Topps do right on this Dudley card and the rest of the set by using the same design plates from other sports in 2016? ” -Sportzcommish

“ Like the card design for baseball. Looks OK for wrestling too. ” -olerud363

“ Wrastlin' returns to the RCotD YEAH Brutha! OK Topps for the last few years has been pretty good with their using the same design for everything during the year. It makes it easy to identify when cards from each sport came out, but it takes away some of the fun and originality for each sport. NOW as for the color parallels and this being the "Bronze" parallel. I hate the way they have that. Some colors you can't tell it is a parallel. For the last couple of years I haven't like the standard Topps design. Every two or three years they look similar to the last few years then they change something slightly for another set of 3 years that look similar. Top it off (sorry about that pun) with designs that work better for digital images on websites than on pieces of cardboard, or rather lightweight card stock. ” -captkirk42

“ WWE....I appreciate many types of cards....but not these! As busy as the front is, the back is boring. ” -cnangle

“ GET THE TABLE! ” -IndyBean17

“ Bad second run in the wwe for the dudleys ” -Bargunmaster

“ Remember seeing the Dudley Boys back in the early 2000's when they were with ECW. 6 man tag match, I think I was more exhausted than the wrestlers when the night was over. It was an incredible show and I miss those days of "in your face" hardcore wrestling. ” -rmitchell6700

“ Ohhhh, testify. More wrestling. I like it, even if it's a parallel. D-Von, get the table! ” -switzr1

“ For myself, as a person who writes rather verbosely, to be thinking that this card, the second wrestling card in a couple of weeks to be ROTCD, is lacking the ability to educate our youth in writing, specifically by utilizing adjectivial and conjunctive phrases in their sentences, is amazing. ” -kents_stuff

“ I know nothing of this man. ” -muskie027

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