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Monday, May 18, 2015

Set: 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects - Chrome Prospects (Rate)

Card: #BDPP24 Xavier Avery

“ Whoa, that looks very pointy. I'd be afraid I'd take my eye out. ” -ShoTime

“ Say that name 5 times, really fast! ” -cckeith

“ Ugly design. Too much going on. Chrome cards are tough to scan, too. ” -suomibear8

“ One of the Bowman sets that made me Hate Bowman and Bowman Chrome. I don't hate them as much as I used to but for several years the Bowman Checklist is VERY DIFFICULT to decipher. I never can tell when a Prospect is a "Prospect" or a "Rookie Prospect". Don't make 3 and 4 level "subsets" that look EXACTLY ALIKE and then number them with confusing letter combinations that make little sense. Then to make matters worse each year you only subtly change the design so several years worth of sets blend together to confuse the average collector. ” -captkirk42

“ I like the design, and the scan is excellent, which is difficult to do with Chrome cards. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Worst numbering system in the history of card collecting. Got rid of most of mine just so I wouldn't have to deal with it. ” -NJDevils

“ Does anyone collect Bowman? The only people I see buying Bowman are speculators and PC player completests. ” -jackal726

“ Whoever comes up with these Bowman designs needs to be publicly shamed! ” -mkaz80

“ Sorry to say, the back looks better then the front :(. Im just not big on this set. ” -engine614

“ The original templated BP top. Color loops around the armpits, piping up the shoulders. Began the MLB trend of institutionalized uniforms. ” -jlaz10

“ Pretty cool looking design, but man there are so many subsets! ” -Joshua825

“ Spitting out cards just because you can doesn't mean you should, Topps. ” -carthage44

“ Not a bad looking design. I'm not sure I have any cards from this set. I would suppose that there are dozens of parallel versions of this card. Or maybe they weren't going quite so overboard with parallels yet in 2008. ” -switzr1

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Set: 1996 Studio (Rate)

Card: #130 Michael Tucker

“ I don't really understand the appeal of the Studio sets, especially the first couple. They reminded me of a mix between those sepia tone old west photos and a Covershots photo shoot in the mall. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ Can we get a close-up next time? Yeah, who needs stats. ” -NJDevils

“ Don't like this design, especially the back. I did like Tucker when he was with the Royals though. ” -jupiterhill

“ Studio to me was either really good or really bad.This was definately BAD. ” -engine614

“ Too much face. ” -carthage44

“ How bizarre. The crop off the top of his head but give us plenty of neck? OK then! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The Royals unis just don't look the same without rups. ” -jlaz10

“ For some reason I don't really like the Studio sets. I do sometimes like sets that are similar though, I don't know why I have a beef against the Studio brand. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Set: 1997 Playoff First & Ten (Rate)

Card: #135 Charlie Jones

“ Playoff tried here and failed! ” -carthage44

“ Charlie, eyes on the ball. Nice use of Easter Egg colors on the front and back. ” -NJdevils

“ Eeah not sure about this card/set. The "digital" lettering and numbering might have been cool if this had been made about 10-15 years before but sigh it is a later years junk era when designs were terrible. ” -captkirk42

“ It's so odd to see a uniform from less than 20 years ago with sleeves that actually cover his shoulders. ” -jlaz10

“ Looks like a fumble about to happen ” -jackal726

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Set: 1997 Pacific - Silver (Rate)

Card: #89 Jeff Hill

“ That look on his face on the back of the card says it all, about the Bengals and this set. Cheer up there buddy, it could have been worse. At least you weren't stuck playing for the Browns. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ I usually like the Pacific sets, this one though? Not so much. That is typical 1990s for you usually pretty good but a few awful designs. Most suffered with too much flashy silver or gold foil/leaf as does many sets today. ” -captkirk42

“ Solid all-around card. ” -carthage44

“ I feel like Pacific gets a bad rap. They released some really nice sets. ” -wax_house

“ I'd rather see all the stats lines. I really want ot like this set, but can't ” -SFC Temple

“ I bought tons of Pacific cards back in the 90s, but I do not remember this set design at all. ” -switzr1

“ Who? ” -EdTheStatMan

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Set: 1992-93 Collect-A-Card Harley Davidson (Rate)

Card: #34 67 Electra Glide

“ Pretty lame to not have the card color scheme be black and orange like the H-D logo... ” -revnorb

“ Electra glide sounds like either a razor or lubricant. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ I miss the early 1990s, when everything got cards. I just added my first cards from this set in March of this year. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Early 90s - A card for EVERYTHING. ” -vrooomed

“ Loud Harley's are the WORST! So annoying. Check out the South Park episode where they make fun of Harley drivers. It's so funny and true! ” -carthage44

“ Remember folks don't trash these 90s cards REcycle. LOL. OK lame joke but it was all I had for this. ” -captkirk42

“ This is cool, but where's my '72 Javelin with Pierre Cardin interior? ” -jackal726

“ Sounds like a new razor from Gillette. ” -DaClyde

“ I have two friends that ride, are huge Harley fans, and actually have one! I on the other hand don't even know how to ride (sadly)! ” -bkklaos

“ Really nice card. And the important thing is that it is not part of a baseball card set. Hear that Panini? ” -NJdevils

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Set: 1999 Pacific Aurora (Rate)

Card: #90 Mike Sweeney

“ Not a bad design all things considered, but I can't help feeling like this depicts Mike Sweeney getting savagely beaten by mini-Mike. ” -revnorb

“ Nice card, one I'll need to get. It needs more stats and doesn't list his position. ” -jupiterhill

“ Three different photos on the card are nice but other than that very weak. ” -carthage44

“ Of all the card companies that came and went in the Junk Wax Era of the 1990s Pacific was the king. I sort of wish they had survived. Not a bad looking card. ” -captkirk42

“ Aurora - Pacific's clone of Flair. Honestly, I didn't look at the description first, just the photos on the card, and thought it was a Flair card at first. I hope Fleer was compensated for their intellectual property. ” -vrooomed

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Set: 2001-02 Fleer Marquee - We're Number One Memorabilia (Rate)

Card: #3 Allen Iverson

“ Quite a run of my scans lately, something I always happy about :) These cards are die cut in the shape of a giant 1 (obviously!), some of the text was printed with holofoil which my Canon scanner picks up as pure white. Over a white background it shows poorly, but over the silver border it is easily read. Allen Iverson was the first player drafted after I discovered the sport to have his jersey number retired, although two more have since received that honor in the last year or so. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Cool card of one of my all-time favorites. Loved watching that guy play, even if it was for Philadelphia. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ Nice, a jersey card. And die-cut, too. "Practice!" ” -vrooomed

“ I wonder if this is really from a game.... or are we talkin' 'bout practice? ” -jupiterhill

“ "Practice?!?!" - A.I. ” -jackal726

“ Nice looking card but I am soooooooo tired of GU/memorabilia/relic cards with just a white (or gray) swatch. Also I am tired of these things not being serial numbered. OK so they made 10,000 of them (or how many little 1" squares you can get from a single uniform jersey) ” -captkirk42

“ To me, this is a cool card! Nice hit on CotD Billy! ” -bkklaos

“ We need more autograph and jersey cards up here. ” -carthage44

“ Wish I had one of these so I could sell it. ” -NJDevils

“ Plain. White. Swatch. Yawn. ” -mkaz80

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Set: 1993-94 Upper Deck Special Edition (Rate)

Card: #207 Chris Webber

“ I love the mock newspaper. It would be funnier to me if the picture showed him calling a timeout. ” -armac

“ I don't usually comment basketball cards, but this design is so awful that I have to say... awful. ” -Duke

“ Love the design, I've never seen this card before. ” -jupiterhill

“ UGH! Looks too much like a newspaper scan (both sides). Very lazy design. ” -captkirk42

“ Fun little subset design and a nice photo of Webber. ” -MyckKabongo

“ Nice back for info. Good way to teach the young'uns. ” -NJDevils

“ This is one of the few 1990s sets I generally don't care for. The design is "meh" and the cards almost always feel greasy, right out of the pack. The team subset is the best part of the set, which this card is from. It is historically important as it was the first NBA set with a level two parallel- a term I use for a second, harder to pull parallel. It was the first Upper Deck NBA set with any parallel at all, in fact. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Looks like an actual newspaper, nice work Upper Deck. ” -carthage44

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Set: 2002 Press Pass Trackside (Rate)

Card: #52 Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“ One of many pointless subsets Press Pass was so fond of...they couldn't figure out that a NASCAR set should show cars, but we got subsets about driver's "star signs" and the like. Most of Dale Jr's cards from 1999 through 2007 were also severely damaged by censorship; this one is not. Dale Jr. is one of my all time favorite drivers so that was especially frustrating for me. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ YAWN... ” -SFC Temple

“ It annoys me when Jr. or Sr. is included as part of someone's last name. His last name is Earnhardt, not Earnhardt Jr. If he is married, his wife's last name isn't Earnhardt Jr. His kids last names aren't Earnhardt Jr. It's Earnhardt. This bugs me because I am a Jr. myself. Sorry for the rant. ” -switzr1

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Set: 2003-04 Topps - Collection (Rate)

Card: #237 Zarko Cabarkapa

“ I'm not too big on college uniform cards. Good thing this one tells which pro team drafted him. I don't like the undrafted ones much. Actually this is a kind of ugly card ” -captkirk42

“ The 2003-04 Topps Factory set was different from the pack released set in several ways. Aside from the fact that there were more cards in the set, it also featured gold foil to the normal set's silver. Quite a few photos were changed, although unfortunately most of the changes were done digitally, not actual new photos, although there are some of them. Also, some of the Topps logos on the back bottom of the card had their colors changed, with no rhyme or reason that I can tell. Also, several of the Chicago Bulls had the team logo on the back changed text color. This card is one that is different from the base card, but it's not particularly good, as they digitally created it. The shot is from Summer League, but the background was added from a regular season game. The set was released in the week before Christmas, if they had waited until later in the season it would have been much better- they could have used real photos instead of lousy photoshop jobs. ” -Billy Kingsley

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