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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Set: 1993-94 Jam Session - Rookie Standouts (Rate)

Card: #4 Anfernee Hardaway

“ Sweet over-sized card. This card does a great job of making it appealing to kids. ” -carthage44

“ This card design gives me motion sickness. Why is there such a need to 'jazz up' basketball cards? ” -uncaian

“ 'Jam Session' did some cool things-the taller cards, and some inserts were 'pop-ups', perforated so you had a 3D-ish card, so you could have players standing on your desk. ” -wamk

“ Is that sweat or blood dripping from his armpit? ” -jlaz10

“ This was back when the NBA card companies didn't have an NCAA license so they airbrushed out the logos from the uniforms. I've never cared for that. It made them seem like knockoffs...just like the actual knockoffs issued in the same time period. It's kind of ironic that nowadays, Upper Deck lost the NBA license so now issues sets with the NBA logos airbrushed out. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Freakest-looking knee I have ever seen ” -Hollywood42

“ I'm not too big on modern over-sized cards, but I'd might pay a Penny for this one. ” -DanD

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Set: 2003 Topps Heritage - Flashbacks (Rate)

Card: #F4 Stan Musial

“ Always loved the Heritage brand. Wish Topps kept it going for more than 2 years in my sport. There were so many more designs they could have used... ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Not a great card but a great stat! Five HRs in a doubleheader, WOW! ” -carthage44

“ Great player. Horribe card ” -Young Kilo

“ Doesn't this just bring you back? ” -jlaz10

“ Looks a little bit like Bryce Harper ” -Hollywood42

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Set: 2001 Upper Deck Legends (Rate)

Card: #73 Preston Wilson

“ You'd think for a Legends set they would have at least gotten an action photo...unless, naturally, my complete lack of knowledge of anything to do with baseball doesn't allow me to realize that this is in fact an action photo. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Is it just me but if a set is named 'Legends' shouldn't the cards be actual Legends? ” -carthage44

“ ah yes, the 90's, there era where cards like 'Upper Deck Legends' of Preston Wilson were born...what would we do without the 90's?? ” -flcardtrader

“ Interesting how it says 1998-Present. ” -jlaz10

“ So there I was bro.... ” -bigsmooth

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Set: 2006 Topps Sterling (Rate)

Card: #200 Ozzie Smith

“ It's out of focus! Oh wait, that's how the card actually looks. ” -sascards67

“ The texture craze that began in the mid-2000s didn't really do much for me. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Another set that looks cool in real life but doesn't scan very well ” -Hollywood42

“ Apparently this pack of cards came with a sheet of acid instead of a stick of gum... ” -SaveDaKid

“ I actually like this card. Nice photo and the card has a little substance to it. I have enjoyed the Sterling sets throughout the years. ” -carthage44

“ What material is this made out of? Rock? ” -jlaz10

“ meh. ” -flcardtrader

“ Looks cool. But than it doesn't. ” -Young Kilo

“ it looks like this card has poison ivy lol very poor product surprising because its TOPPS ” -onyxcat

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Set: 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen (Rate)

Card: #120a Mickey Mantle

“ Enough with these already. What does a Gypsy Queen have to do with baseball anyways? ” -carthage44

“ Good set, good player, good card ” -Hollywood42

“ I know where the Gypsy Queen name/theme comes from, but I wonder how many modern collectors think Topps has gone nuts? ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Great card design. It has that retro feel, and the inner shadow of the frame, is a nice touch. I don't know about baseball, but I heard this guy's cards are wanted. Also, The 'Gypsy Queen' sign makes me smile. ” -xv3thekid

“ Not big on the Gypsy Queen series from Topps....on the bright side, never can have enough Mantle's..... ” -flcardtrader

“ Not a fan of Mantle or Gypsy Queen. Mantle because he was a Yankee. Gypsy Queen because it doesn't need to exist. Please stop Topps! ” -sascards67

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Set: 1993 SP (Rate)

Card: #64 Troy Aikman

“ Good looking card that would look much better without that crap on the left hand side ” -Young Kilo

“ I am a fan of the SP sets. Full size photo, nice foil and these cards are worth big money if you get some big name rookies, stars or inserts! ” -carthage44

“ This design looks more like something from the Classic brand than Upper Deck. The foil football at the bottom right is the only part of the design that makes it look OK to me. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ SP cards look sharp in real life, but it's hard to catch them with a scan ” -Hollywood42

“ Upper Deck at its best. ” -jlaz10

“ Pretty cool card. He was a good player. ” -Colts12

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Set: 2011-12 Hoops (Rate)

Card: #154 David West

“ I had no idea that they brought back NBA Hoops. The late 80's and early 90's Hoops sets were nothing special but those were the days when I actually collected basketball cards so this does bring me back a bit. ” -carthage44

“ He has one of the most illegible signatures in the league. I remember when I pulled my first thinking, 'What the heck?' He is a good player, though. The design of this set is supposed to be reminiscent of the 1989-90 and 1990-91 Hoops sets, but both of those sets had the circular photo opening pointing up. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The NBA is the only major basketball league in North America, of which the Pacers are a member of. Why it says NBA is beyond me. ” -jlaz10

“ NBA Hoops is another brand that needs to go extinct ” -Hollywood42

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Set: 1992 Classic Draft Picks (Rate)

Card: #110 Shawn Wills

“ One of many 'Classic Draft Picks' that went nowhere. ” -carthage44

“ Nice solid design. ” -koloth42

“ Did the Classic issue not have a right border, is this mis-printed, or just cropped poorly? The color used behind the name is much nicer looking- and easier to read- than the silver used on the basketball set. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Simple, yet modern. I like it. ” -jlaz10

“ I liked the simple design that Classic used in 91 and 92 across all sports. ” -sascards67

“ Meh ” -Hollywood42

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Set: 1984 Donruss (Rate)

Card: #178 Jim Sundberg

“ Who was that masked man ? ” -uncaian

“ The mid 80s were a solid time for cards. There might not have been as many sets/cards issued, but they documented the sport they were covering, and not all gimmick-of-the-week, which is what cards should be in my opinion. This card is the same age as I am... ” -Billy Kingsley

“ 'Hey,Jim, look over here'. Not a bad card but I will never forget those backs, "recent ML history". ” -NJDevils

“ Believe it or not, there is a face behind that mask ” -Hollywood42

“ Donruss '84 was the best Donruss set in my book. ” -jlaz10

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Set: 1990 Mother's Cookies Seattle Mariners (Rate)

Card: #16 Matt Young

“ I see that he is tossing the balls up and catching them with both hands, but the way the photo was snapped it looks like he's trying to hold up the team name on his uniform as if to say 'Don't worry, it can be sewn back on!' :) ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Only 2 balls??? ” -carthage44

“ A typical minor league card... wait. ” -jlaz10

“ Eh? What's up with this one. Did Matt to join the circus instead of baseball? A very odd image to say the least. ” -koloth42

ps. Happy 5th year anniversary to the site today! Thanks everyone! -The Trading Card Database

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