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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Set: 1992-93 Upper Deck (Rate)

Card: #229 Jakob Karlsson

“ Something seems weird here ” -Hollywood42

“ I really like how the old Upper Deck cards had large pictures. What happened? ” -jlaz10

“ Maybe if Sidney Crosby wore one of those face shields he wouldn't have gotten his teeth knocked out. ” -bigsmooth

“ why does it look to me like this guy is playing electric guitar..... ” -flcardtrader

“ Quality card. Nice to see UD gave some coverage to the rest of the world of hockey besides the NHL. Wish they had done that sort of thing for the sports I collect! ” -Billy Kingsley

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Set: 2004 Topps (Rate)

Card: #461 Brad Lidge

“ Not a bad design, but not a great one either. I do like it much better than the 2005 design with which I constantly mistake it for. The period between 2004-2007 seemed like the Topps design department really had no direction. ” -socialgarbage

“ Nice big image, decent overall design. The only thing I don't like is the player's number in the lower left.. ” -wamk

“ Surprisingly I only have one card from this set. ” -jlaz10

“ Very simple. Topps has always been good at K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. ” -Dixxy

“ This design looks very much inspired by the 70s and 80s Topps designs, and that's a good thing. It would have been better though if the image was squared, and didn't have that tiny line drawing version of the player on the bottom left...it doesn't really add anything and even kind of detracts from the card. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ A good card for the modern era. Topps kept is simple and made a nice card. ” -NJDevils

“ Thats a good design. I never had any though. ” -Colts12

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Set: 2001 Upper Deck Vintage (Rate)

Card: #346 Ichiro Suzuki / Ryan Franklin / Ryan Christianson

“ Never understood why Upper Deck made vintage cards. Considering they only started in 1989 ” -Young Kilo

“ I am not a fan of the floating heads cards, they just creep me out. ” -Gunny

“ It's okay to have "throwback" designs, but it's not okay when it's based off of Topps 1962. ” -jlaz10

“ Wait! Didn't I see this card on an old Star Trek episode ! ” -uncaian

“ Ahhh! Floating disembodied heads! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Ick ” -Hollywood42

“ I didn't realize Upper Deck was into saving paper... ” -Dixxy

“ Yikes! Severed baseball players heads. Looks like something out of a zombie appocalypse movie. ” -koloth42

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Set: 1953 Topps (Rate)

Card: #164 Frank Shea

“ Classic design. It's been quite a while since a vintage Topps card was chosen as Card of the Day. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I love cards like this, pure artwork...even if this shape, this card is visually better than 75% of cards ever made... ” -SaveDaKid

“ Didn't they have cameras in 1953? Why take the time to paint a portrait when one push of a button does the job for you? ” -jlaz10

“ Beautiful card. These guys had to have off-season jobs to make a living. They weren't getting paid $4000 per AB. ” -NJDevils

“ One of the greatest designs in sports card history. ” -bigsmooth

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Set: 1982 Topps (Rate)

Card: #157 Stanley Morgan

“ I have money invested with this guy. Oh no, no, no. It's Morgan Stanley I'm thinking of. ” -deporcoruña

“ Flashback to my youth. :-D ” -koloth42

“ 1982, the year Topps got a licensing deal with NFL Properties and the end of the silly airbrushed helmets era. ” -UNC_Samurai

“ Seems like a movie slogan- Stanley Morgan...in ACTION ” -Hollywood42

“ Great job by Topps...if I collected Football this is a card I'd be looking for. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Topps Executive Conversation: "Considering most of the time football players are in action, we should make a line of cards with players in action instead of just having the regular cards in action." ” -jlaz10

“ "I love you, leg!" ” -Dixxy

“ One of the best sets ever ” -SSG Temple

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Set: 1955 Bowman (Rate)

Card: #84 George Freese

“ Two cards from the same set in as many days. At least it's a cool set design... ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Ooo. A Back to the future card. Seems to me though that the TV in Marty's grandparent's house didn't get that clear of a reception. ” -koloth42

“ Loved these cards and always liked how the card portrayed that you were watching these players on a TV. ” -carthage44

“ It's almost like real life... or should I say TV? ” -jlaz10

“ Freese? I didn't even know the pause function existed back then. ” -DanD

“ Top 2 things that popped to mind when I saw this card: 1. Old Bowman set 2. David Freese ” -Hollywood42

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Set: 1998 Score Rookie & Traded - Showcase Series (Rate)

Card: #RTPP157 Tony Gwynn

“ Mirror foil cards never scan that well. but they sure look nice in person. But really, they trademarked Spring Training? ” -Billy Kingsley

“ More like Spring Roll Training ” -UNC_Samurai

“ Ah Spring training, where ball players try to get into shape for the season. Even if that shape is round, like Tony Gwynn. ” -PDIZZLE

“ Did they make cards for the Regular Season, too? What about Playoffs? Ooh, I almost forgot the All-Star Break! ” -jlaz10

“ Neither a rookie nor was he traded. Damn you, Score!!! ” -DanD

“ If this isn't an Oxymoron, I couldn't tell you what is. Card says spring training, the sun's out full force, he's got them glasses on, staring up to the sky... I bet he missed the ball after the shot was taken. Card should read "Spring Training 101 lesson 37: Sunglasses impede visibility." He just looks ...stupid. ” -Dixxy

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Set: 2000 Epoch Pro-Baseball Stickers (Rate)

Card: #127 Hideki Matsui

“ I've actually heard of this guy. Must be either from SportsCenter or the tv news. It looks like this may be from before he came to the USA to play... ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Before his MLB days, NICE! ” -carthage44

“ One of the best clutch hitters of recent times. Stand up guy. And, has never let fame get to his head. I have seen him in the subway taking the train to the game more than once. ” -deporcoruña

“ Hideki just doesn't look the same without Yankee pinstripes. ” -jlaz10

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Set: 1955 Bowman (Rate)

Card: #74 Jerry Snyder

“ Is this the Bat Boy Collection? ” -SSG Temple

“ The TV look might not have been the best idea, but it sure looks good. ” -jlaz10

“ To be honest, I really don't like this set ” -Hollywood42

“ Great vintage TV design. Probably would have been black and white at the time, though! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Ugly cards. Never liked'em. ” -deporcoruña

“ Aah. Back before the computer reproductions, digital remasters, and 1:8 rarity stats! Cards that carried the value of the player on them! I sure do wish I had been born 20 years earlier so as to have enjoyed the value of these keepsakes then. :) ” -Dixxy

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Set: 1991 Pacific (Rate)

Card: #42 Cap Boso

“ The Pacific logo reminds me of a delta-wing jet fighter of the 1950s, with a rounded tail fin. (That's a plus!) ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This is not the Boso I remember from WGN. Also, this set was a disaster. The diagonal backs were annoying and the spelling and formatting error are rampant. ” -UNC_Samurai

“ Nothing screams 90s like drop-shadow letters. ” -jlaz10

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