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Monday, April 13, 2015

Set: 1969-70 O-Pee-Chee (Rate)

Card: #227 Calder Trophy

“ Cool...but would be so much better if it had information on the back than a puzzle. I'm not a real big fan of puzzle back cards. Former winners of the award would have been great. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Attention card companies 1995 & beyond SIMPLE design can be a good thing ,this card proves it ! ” -uncaian

“ There is something about trophy cards. I usually like them this one is one of those. Not sure why there are some trophy cards that are much cooler than this one. On the other hand there are many collectors who hate trophy cards and wish they didn't exist. ” -captkirk42

“ So many different hockey trophy's/awards are given out each season. You feel pretty bad if you don't get one, LOL! ” -carthage44

“ Boring, bland design. A list of past winners on the back would have been nice. Unfortunately, the design of the player's cards in this set isn't much better. ” -C2Cigars

“ You know despite the fact that it is a Hockey card, seeing a trophy card is kind of cool. Wish more cards were dedicated to the trophies given to players, teams, and organizations and just who won the trophy. ” -yokonashiwa

“ I love these trophy cards. Hockey has the best trophies. ” -armac

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Set: 2006 Topps 1952 Edition (Rate)

Card: #310 Justin Verlander

“ iffie99, it took you a year and a half to contribute both sides, but "better late than never" they say, so thanks for getting both on the site! ” -bkklaos

“ Retread of a retread. They did the 1952 design in 2001 Heritage (not to mention they used it *in* 1952). Although it sure beats some of those 1990s designs! ” -vrooomed

“ Really enjoy the 1952 edition cards. They did a nice job giving them that "old school" feel. ” -carthage44

“ Not a bad card, yet still 1 of way too many subsets or special editions. The more I see cards like this, the more I just want the ORIGINALS. ” -engine614

“ Another throwback nowhere near as good as the original. Topps needs to stick with one or two retro sets, and come up with new sets. Give collectors some variety! ” -suomibear8

“ Like the overall design, too bad the back of the card looks so dark.... ” -Joshua825

“ This works so well considering the Tigers have such classic uniforms. ” -jlaz10

“ I got nothin'. The '52 design is one of the most classic designs. What else can be said? ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Set: 2013 Topps - Gold (Rate)

Card: #151 Alex Rios

“ Love the SN1 cards. Cool! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I was drawn to this design from the start and the gold version is especially appealing to me. Simple and sleek. ” -koloth42

“ Card is serial numbered 1 of 2013, very cool! GO WHITE SOX! ” -carthage44

“ I liked the 2013 Topps design, but the Gold parallel didn't really add anything to it. Nice, but not great. ” -vrooomed

“ The 1973 retro uniform is nice, though I've always preferred their black & whites. I like the card's simple design elements, but not the gold color. ” -C2Cigars

“ These were some beautiful throwbacks for the Sox, but even better in the '70s. ” -jlaz10

“ Pretty cool to have the first card printed of 2013 cards! ” -bkklaos

“ That looks pretty sharp. ” -Captain America

“ I like that for the gold parallels Topps has been making them more obvious they are the gold version by using the gold border instead of just making the players name and team name/logo gold (like they did in the early 90s). This way you can still read the names in 92 and 93 you couldn't read the names on the gold versions if you could tell it was a different version. I still think they have way too many parallels and variants now-days. ” -captkirk42

“ #1!!! Pretty nice. ” -volbox

“ Decent enough looking card. I like the throwback uniform. And the 0001/2013 is cool. ” -switzr1

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Set: 1995-96 Hoops (Rate)

Card: #32 Tony Dumas

“ Unusual angle for a picture, and for a dunk. And everyone else just standing around watching. I didn't really like this Hoops design as much as most of them. Maybe it's the lower case names. Back looks good though. ” -switzr1

“ If the vertical nameplate was horizontal this would be a nice looking card. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ One of my favorite sets...I believe it was the second NBA set to enter my collection. Probably favored more for the memories than the design, which is not all that spectacular. I distinctly remember pulling my first coach card from a pack of this set. Dumas did not have a long NBA career or many cards, but he did have some interesting photos. The Mavs at that time were one of the worst teams in the NBA...but that would change in a few year's time, as they would be a perennial playoff team in the 2000s and beyond, led by Dirk Nowitzki. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Ooh, I really like this. Simple front design, great photo and a well organized and attractive reverse-side. How come NBA cards of today can't use such a formula? ” -mkaz80

“ A former Kangaroo in the NBA. Can't be a lot of them. ” -jupiterhill

“ Is he dunking the ball? Looks a little out of control. ” -carthage44

“ I like most of the Hoops designs but this one with the sideways banner is just eeehh. Interesting shot, usually dunk/jamming pics show the player from the front, or from the backboard-cam. ” -captkirk42

“ "Oh, look. A beautiful card of Dumas' backside." I hate cards that don't actually show a likeness of the player. The photo on the back of the card would have made a better front photo. ” -C2Cigars

“ Afraid that all I can say is if I had this poor fellows name, I would change it fast, not go into televised sports with it. ” -Dixxy

“ The green and blue Mavs, the way they should be. ” -jlaz10

“ Not as graceful as Michael Jordan but Dumas seems to be getting the job done. ” -koloth42

“ Although I like the pictures on both sides, I may have reversed them allowing you to see his face on the front of the card. ” -armac

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Set: 2009 Top Trumps Specials Manchester United (Rate)

Card: #NNO16 Michael Carrick

“ Another soccer game card. I don't like this one as much as the other recent ones. Too much if this card ISN'T a picture of Carrick. Better than the Top Trumps Bratz cards we got twice last year! ” -switzr1

“ Reminds me that I'd better call Donald Trump about getting some insurance ” -NJdevils

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Set: 1993-94 Upper Deck (Rate)

Card: #SP4 Chicago Bulls Third

“ I always liked these cards that carried on from one year to the next in the numbering. Upper Deck and Pro Set did stuff like that. Classic too. I am personally a fan of every card being numbered. ” -switzr1

“ Is there anything that's more representative of the NBA in the 1990s than a Chicago Bulls championship celebration led by Michael Jordan? In a word, no! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ No team or teams were better than the 90's Bulls!!! Yes, that includes the Celtics and Lakers! ” -carthage44

“ Celebration cards are cool. This one reminds me of a billboard or a poster. Doesn't quite have a "card" look to it, but it is still a cool looking card. ” -captkirk42

“ I wanted to say "legend", but I got that tag for my input to this website...I like to think I'm a good guy, but my status doesn't quite equal to what Michael accomplished in basketball! ” -bkklaos

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Set: 1986-87 Fleer (Rate)

Card: #119 Bill Walton

“ Had a good few years before he got hurt. My least favorite basketball announcer of all time. I absolutely hated hearing him call games. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ Who wears short shorts? Bill wears short shorts. ” -Howintensive

“ Bill Walton is quite a character. These days he is more well known for his broadcasting but a great player who missed more time with injury than anyone else in league history- 4 full seasons. He only played 10 games in 1986-87 due to injury, missed all of 1987-88 and called it a day. Hall of Famer, 50 Greatest Player, and the only person to win both the NBA MVP and Sixth Man of the Year awards. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Fleer's first foray into basketball, as the previous 3 years were served up exclusively by Star Company (no one else WANTED the NBA license!), and before that was Topps. Where Beckett denotes the "true" Jordan RC, but it was really 2 years before that in a Star Co set. ” -vrooomed

“ This guy is hilarious when he announces college games now. He is always high as a kite! ” -carthage44

“ Iconic set. ” -captkirk42

“ what an overrated NBA career ” -wax_house

“ Love this card set, Walton looks like he is auditioning for the DC Hawkman movie though! ” -Rod_Davis_86

“ Boy, this card brings back memories! I bet I have this card somewhere in my boxes! Great photo too! Love him or hate, Walton was a classic! ” -bkklaos

“ Love to see Walton in his Celtics uniform. And I was always happy to hear him as an analyst for Arizona Wildcat games this year. ” -armac

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Set: 1991 Arena Draft Picks French (Rate)

Card: #23 Jamie Pushor

“ What??? ” -Id8jlb8666

“ I got a number of these in I grab boxes at Target Canada. There was some good cards to be found, inserts and unopened packs from around 2008. Alas Target Canada is no more. ” -dobbie

“ Playing hockey in a suit...that can't be easy! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Not a bad set,came out when everybody was jumping on the hockey bandwagon. ” -uncaian

“ "Hockey draft picks, in tuxes, on skates - Yes, let's do that!" - the statement that NEVER should have been uttered. However, one of the players my wife collected (Martin Lapointe) was in this set (sets, actually, there was an English and French version), and there were autographed cards of each version too. Yes, we have them. ” -vrooomed

“ Pretty Classy Hockey Card. ” -captkirk42

“ Looks like he went from Prom to the Hockey rink! ” -Mihome316

“ Love the Pee Wee Herman outfit ” -NJdevils

“ Love the tux! Classic!!! ” -carthage44

“ Also known as the best dressed French athletes edition. ” -koloth42

“ Anthony Davis has got nothing on this guy ” -jackal726

“ What is this? The Prom Night card set? Was he a 2nd Round pick for Prom King? ” -C2Cigars

“ Poor Jamie didn't have a prom date... I like absolutely nothing about this card. ” -switzr1

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Set: 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter - Mini (Rate)

Card: #114 Milton Bradley

“ First time I've seen him smiling. Then again, maybe he's planning to beat up the photographer ” -volbox

“ My first thought on seeing this is "OOOOOHHHHH A&G" then "I wonder if it is an A&G back or a No Number"? ” -captkirk42

“ Allen and Ginter, Gypsy Queen, National Chicle, Goudey, Turkey Red, 206, Diamond Kings. Same cards, different sizes and borders. I don't want portraits of ballplayers. They're not George Costanza. I'm sure whoever designs these cards works hard on them, just as I work hard to avoid them. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ Very disappointed with the Allen & Ginter cards throughout the years. ” -carthage44

“ Not a fan of A&G nor Gypsy Moth. ” -NJDevils

“ Archives, Heritage, Gypsy Queen, & Allen & Ginter - All products using old designs. Anyone have a contact at Topps to tell them "Enough already!"? ” -vrooomed

“ Allen & Ginters is one of the most eclectic sets out there.I really like them. ” -uncaian

“ Now if they drew him up in some late 1800's Seattle apparel... ” -jlaz10

“ To say Milton Bradley struggled in his Seattle seasons would be an understatement. ” -duaned99

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Set: 1997-98 Donruss Canadian Ice (Rate)

Card: #67 Brendan Shanahan

“ My first hockey Card of the Day! Cool! On January 31st I was given almost 3000 hockey cards...and I've been working on getting those not already posted to the Database posted...yes, I actually sorted them by what needed to be posted and what did not. I'm STILL working on them although now I am down to the mirror foils only, which drive me nuts so I don't work on them all that often. I have a couple of Chrome/Finest/Bowman's Best/Prizm ahead of me as well. I don't know a whole lot about hockey but I am learning. I really like this card due to the Tireman in the background, too. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ A ton of hockey being scanned in lately...even Billy is on the band wagon! ” -bkklaos

“ TopFive favourite player !! Could score! Could hit!Could lead the Leafs to a Cup? Oh well 2 out of 3 is not bad.I like this set too. ” -uncaian

“ I love these group celebration photos! ” -mkaz80

“ I know that it is the luck of the draw but I am amused that the depiction of a Canandian Ice card is of a player from the Detroit Red Wings, USA. ” -koloth42

“ Tireman seems to enjoy this goal ” -PMB

“ We liked this set when it came out, except for the card numbers - a little hard to read and sort quickly. :) ” -vrooomed

“ Almost didn't see the player name and team at the top there on this. Got to love the subtle unintended advertising of modern cards now. Actually it is sort of surprising that they don't airbrush (well photoshop now-days) rinkside ads out. ” -captkirk42

“ BRENDAN SHANAHAN!! This takes me back to some of the best years of my life. ” -Howintensive

“ Must be hard to skate with Tireman hanging onto your legs. ” -C2Cigars

“ Look guys, I found the Tireman! ” -marcbrubaker

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