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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Set: 1994 Classic Best San Bernardino Spirit (Rate)

Card: #5 Elston Hansen

“ Really nice design. Minor league cards seem to have a lot of good ones. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Classic was always a solid set. ” -carthage44

“ Nice that classic covered the minor leagues but with these sets being 1,000 plus cards per set I'm never attempting to complete these things. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Set: 1991-92 Score Canadian Bilingual (Rate)

Card: #3 Luc Robitaille

“ I'm glad this set is a different color than the American! (Je suis content que cet ensemble est d’une couleur différente de celle de l’américain!) ” -switzr1

“ Look at that draft position. An all-time steal! Future MLB pitcher Tom Glavine was drafted ahead of him that year by the same team. ” -DanD

“ If my calculations are correct this is the last Card of the Day of 2016. I like it! Good scan, and look at all that info on the back! I've actually begun watching hockey a little bit... ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Nice mullet on the back photo!!! ” -carthage44

“ Not gonna lie, but Score was the biggest let down as far as return value went. Over produced and they backed/featured players that did little in their careers, ala Eric Lindros. On a plus note it is now cheaper to replace damaged or lost cards from this set then it would have been at the time of it's release. ” -Kirokyukan

“ These are not fun to sort. You have Score American, Score Canadian English and Score Canadian Bi-lingual. ” -NJDevils

“ The action picture deserves a better design. Not really a fan of the shadowed box and the dull red gradiant border especially with the photo basically in black and white. ” -Sportzcommish

“ I like the early score sets. 1991 was an OK year for them. I like the puck graphic under the player's name. I don't recall the other sports doing that with their "ball". ” -captkirk42

“ Yawn ” -DarkSide830

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Set: 1985 Fleer (Rate)

Card: #294 Juan Beniquez

“ When I was a kid this was the first non-OpeeChee set I ever saw available to be bought at the corner store. It seemed all the corner stores in my neighbourhood had these rather than OpeeChee that year. As a result I remember getting on my bike and buying quite a few packs of these when I had spare change lying around. Looking at it today I still like it, the backs are really well organized, and the grey border just added a little something different for the time. ” -rmpaq5

“ Silver borders....never good. I am actually a fan of Fleer products, but this year as not a very good vintage..... Good to see Mr. Beniquez.....have not seen him in awhile. Feliz Navidad! ” -tbshaw

“ 80s Fleer is great. I was a huge fan of Fleer. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Style is okay. I love all the stats on the back. ” -cjjt

“ Beautiful card design. Beniquez managed to hang around a long time, playing for a lot of different teams. Was this set one of the first to have a player photo on the back? ” -dilemma19

“ The good old California Angels. ” -carthage44

“ Despite being super overproduced I love the 1980s. Always liked Fleer from then as well. I actually preferred them over Donruss in the early 80s. Topps of course was #1. ” -captkirk42

“ Looking at the set design as a standalone set, this is a nice design. I disliked it in 1985 - the backs were the same as the 1984s and the fronts were too similar to the 1983s. But, in retrospect, Donruss used the exact same design on the back for 7 years and it wasn't that much different from the previous 3 years. ” -vrooomed

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Set: 1956 Lucky Dip - Transport Present and Future (Rate)

Card: #5 "Three-in-one" Car

“ Sixty years have passed. Why don't I have one of these runabouts yet? I love this card! ” -switzr1

“ 60 years later and they are still trying to accomplish this... ” -hphillips

“ If you remember a cartoon from the late 60s- early 70s called "The Wacky Races," this car should look pretty familiar. ” -Dave Sosidka

“ I love seeing 1950s concepts of future cars. Always fun. Weren't we supposed to have a moon colony by 1987? ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Love this stuff! We do sea planes, but not sure about sea helicopters.....and we have the Osprey, although not exact, has some of the same ideas. Nice item.....would love to see more from this set. ” -tbshaw

“ I'd drive this! The back bubble reminds me of a back turret gun on a WWII Torpedo Bomber. ” -rmpaq5

“ Fun! Those wings might not fit in traditional-width road lanes though.... ” -dilemma19

“ Very cool non-sport later year tobacco. The name Lucky Dip makes me think chewing tobacco before regular cigarettes. They probably made both kinds of tobacco product. ” -captkirk42

“ What a really cool 25 card set! Bravo, RCOTD, you've opened my eyes to something I will be looking to add to my modest collection! ” -Brimose

“ Nothing like trying to sell cigarettes to kids. ” -carthage44

“ This is why I love this site.... vintage ” -SFC Temple

“ 60 years ago we were promised flying boat-cars. I want my flying boat-car!!! ” -cjjt

“ Sweet! I want one! Why aren't these a thing yet? Such imagination they had for what we would have in the future. ” -armac

“ Great card!!! ” -NJDevils

“ Why a three-in-one car? It could as easily be named a three-in-one plane or helicopter. Better yet, a three-in-one vehicle. ” -DanD

“ The predecessor to the Tesla flying car that debuted in NYC earlier this century. ” -Sportzcommish

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Set: 1989 Fleer - Glossy (Rate)

Card: #600 Pete Smith

“ Great era from Fleer. I like it! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The front of 89 Fleer is not one of my favourites. Cards like this one make it look he is pitching right in front of a barn door. Nothing wrong with the back. ” -rmpaq5

“ OHHHHH, GLOSSY!!! ” -carthage44

“ I always liked the 1989 Fleer set. I was glad to see them do something with the backs to make the Glossy set different from the regular set. Solid design. A shame the card (as of the day we're doing the write-ups) is missing the border on the right side. ” -vrooomed

“ Many collectors really pan this set, but it has always been one of my favorite Fleer issues.....the glossy set is beautiful, but I must say I prefer the yellow back of the regular issue vs the blue. Nice card of this former 1st round pick.... ” -tbshaw

“ Even though this is perhaps one of the most overproduced Fleer set ever, it is still one of my faves. Uh-OH is this a variant because of the "Collector's Edition"? Never mind just noticed it was the GLOSSY version. Never mind then. Still mega overproduced. ” -captkirk42

“ ugh. ” -RoundtheDiamond87

“ Ooh La La! Glossy Fleer! I'm not the biggest fan of the "prison bars" border, but otherwise I like this design. Pete Smith was an okay pitcher, in a rotation soon to be crammed with studs. ” -dilemma19

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Set: 2002 Fleer WWF All Access (Rate)

Card: #99 The Rock

“ FINALLY !!! THE ROCK HAS COME TO RCOTD !!!! ” -uncaian

“ John Cena trying to follow in his shoes. Being a WWE superstar and then becoming a movie star. ” -carthage44

“ A case of the card looking better in real life than a silly scan I think. At least I'm guessing the gold foil here looks cool in reality. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Before he started acting I just thought of him as another Super Star Wrestler. ” -captkirk42

“ I indeed smell what's cooking. ” -Howintensive

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Set: 2006 Inkworks Charmed Destiny (Rate)

Card: #45 Pinch Hitting

“ Hottie Alert! ” -carthage44

“ Interesting border design. I don't think it would work on a sports card. Having seen this card, I no longer need to watch the show. ” -dilemma19

“ I had no idea Penny also fought demons. Leonard is so lucky. ” -rmpaq5

“ Yay Charmed! Bonus Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) ” -captkirk42

“ At first I thought this was the Big Bang Theory. I don't recognize the show at all and have no desire to get into it, but I have to say, she is a pretty gal! ” -muskie027

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Set: 1989 Kay-Bee Superstars of Baseball (Rate)

Card: #14 Dwight Gooden

“ I miss Kay Bee. They always had unique stuff, lots of good memories there. And they always had some really funky music piped in. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Kay-Bee Toys was always such a fun store to go to as a kid. ” -ketchupman36

“ I loved these sets. Had two of them back in the day. ” -switzr1

“ This really takes me back! I miss the days of the small store branded card sets, Fleer Superstars, etc.....as I recall, these were quite glossy and on a decently thick cardboard. I love the back in the style of 1971 Topps as well. Yes, these were over-produced but for a kid, it was always cool to have a full set for a couple bucks. ” -tbshaw

“ Drugs took another great one away from the game too early. ” -carthage44

“ Nice readable back ” -NJDevils

“ I love all the boxed sets of that era, even if they were massively overproduced. I think I collected them all. There are some great design! ” -twinscollector34

“ I had a lot of these store brand sets when I was young, then went through a time period where I couldn't believe I spent money on them. Now that I am older, I appreciate them so much more. I like this one, as well as a lot of others. ” -muskie027

“ Nice Topps retail store contracted card. Shame Kay-Bee isn't around anymore. They were an OK toy store, a bit expensive on some stuff but over all was a pretty good store. I digress. I like these toy store and discount store sets, but they were still part of the overproduction years so even though they are cool sets they aren't worth a whole lot. I have a few of these cards from the repack boxes I've picked up from Target from time to time. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Set: 1995 Action Packed (Rate)

Card: #25 Curtis Goodwin

“ Action Packed. When they first came out I got the team set of the Redskins (I think, if so I still have them somewhere). Now not a fan of them. They seem more like cardboard packs than a card the way they are folded/sealed. ” -captkirk42

“ Loved Action Packed. If they had survived they would have been my all-time favorite card brand easily. Their 1994 NASCAR set is in my top 5 favorite sets of all-time from all-sports combined. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I liked the initial Action Packed Football sets and didn't know they did baseball. Not a bad card. A logo would have made it pretty cool. ” -muskie027

“ I would like to see one of these in hand as I'm sure the right side is foiled up. Need to squint to see it, or maybe it is just too early in the morning. ” -rmpaq5

“ Bring back Action Packed!!! ” -carthage44

“ One word - Nice! ” -vrooomed

“ I don't remember this set. I had a bunch of 1994 Action Packed Minors, but didn't remember that they repeated it. Wouldn't mind getting some eventually. I'm a big fan of Action Packed. ” -switzr1

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Set: 1976 O-Pee-Chee (Rate)

Card: #183 Steve Braun

“ I like this one a lot. 1976 is easily my favorite Topps set of this decade , so by default, my favorite OPC of the 70s too. And Braun would eventually play for the Cardinals. ” -switzr1

“ I always hated the little guy in the corner. Silly. ” -cjjt

“ I think this guy was picked in the expantion draft by the Mariners the following year. ” -deporcoruña

“ The more and more I see 70s cards, the more and more I love them. The little cartoon player for each different position on the front is one of my favourite design aspects ever. Also interesting that with this set, the position on the front is only in English on this set, despite the English/French text on the back.LONG LIVE OPEECHEE! ” -rmpaq5

“ Back when I first started collecting (a little in 1978 and a lot in 1979), I did not like the 1976 cards. Now, I actually like the overall design. And I do like the whiter card stock of the OPCs back then. ” -vrooomed

“ Excellent! Good old Freddie Falkenberg and his "grand slammer". This, and anything else released before I was born is okay to call vintage. Despite being 30 years old, 1986 Fleer shall never be considered vintage. ” -dilemma19

“ Ah the smell of vintage OPC in the morning. What's not to love? Me likey ” -captkirk42

“ Fun fact: One of only 19 major leagers to have over 100 pinch hits in their career. He currently stands in 12th place with 113 pinch hits. ” -carthage44

“ ...looks like a winner. ” -RoundtheDiamond87

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