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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Set: 1993 U.S. Playing Card Co. Aces (Rate)

Card: #AC Juan Gonzalez

“ Need the McGwire, Sheffield, Lofton, or Maddux for Black Jack. ” -rmpaq5

“ These were a great idea as Texas Hold'em was up and coming. ” -carthage44

“ Nice , he was an Ace too. ” -uncaian

“ These playing card sets are great! I wonder if anyone ever actually used these as playing cards. ” -twinscollector34

“ Don't really know why, but I like this....first time I have ever seen these. For the time, this has a Stadium Club feel. ” -tbshaw

“ Whenever I come across cards like this I'm torn. Do I just look for my players/teams? Or do I try to find the full deck (preferably with case/box)? Like I do with the Stancraft NFL team decks I collect complete (with both jokers) in box. ” -captkirk42

“ It's cool, but again, I am not sure I would call it a trading card. If we are putting playing cards up, should I put up my 1985 Bicycle red back cards with no photo. Are people trading a 5 of clubs for a 6 of diamonds. ” -muskie027

“ Pretty good 17 year career, played one year (2000) for the Tigers. 5 time free agent! ” -Kaline6

“ I avoid these types of sets like the plague. ” -Doc Floyd

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Set: 1998 Pinnacle Mint Collection (Rate)

Card: #11 Chipper Jones

“ Was never a fan of the Pinnacle Mint cards- the glaring hole is just not very impressive, and if you tried to put the coin in the hole, it just fell out because the cards were super thin and the coin- technically, a medal, as a coin is only something issued by a government with monetary value- was very thick. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ These cards were terrible. This is the base version with a large hole in the card. Other versions had bronze, silver, gold ext. coins in that place. So i'm you got the base version like this one, it was a BIG waste of space! ” -carthage44

“ I'm not familiar with this set, but why do all the cards pictured in our db have holes for coins, but the sample picture has a coin inserted? ” -CluelessJoe

“ Is that a relic, or an anti-black hole? I think if anyone was a Phillie killer, it was David Wright, but Chipper was a close second. ” -DarkSide830

“ Don't remember this Pinnacle set since it was when I was on hiatus (from about 1994 or 5 to 2002 or 3.) Looks like they planned on putting coins in/on them, or did and this is the bare bones base card. ” -captkirk42

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Set: 1995 Topps (Rate)

Card: #398 Edgar Bennett

“ An overused design, but nice looking nonetheless. Edgar was a good running back, then he gave way to Dorsey and wasn't heard from much. ” -muskie027

“ Great photo, blah design. ” -rmpaq5

“ Known more for is pass catching abilities than running the ball. He is the current offensive coordinator for the Packer which is not going so well right now. ” -carthage44

“ It's like a football version of D-Day. ” -sahal694

“ Here we have a preview of Topps Gallery baseball. The only thing missing is someone applying a photoshop filter to make the photograph look hand-drawn. ” -dilemma19

“ Reminds me of the 87 Topps Baseball mini-leaders ” -NJDevils

“ Good looking card. Not a fan of the back however. ” -yokonashiwa

“ Always liked this set. Great action shot. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Except for the difficulty of reading the player's name (in person) because of fancy looking foil lettering the front is OK the back has most of the basic info needed. Card number easy to read but I prefer them to be on the top. ” -captkirk42

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Set: 2009 Press Pass Kiss 360 - Factory Set Blue Edition (Rate)

Card: #34 Meet and Greet

“ Only Press Pass would think putting the brand logo giantly across the face of the card was a good idea. I'm not sure giantly is a word, but it is now! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Is it just me or does she look kind of uncomfortable ? Wish they didn't have the giant KISS across the front , really takes away from the picture. ” -uncaian

“ This set is way better than those Benchwarmer "kiss cards". They could have used a different photo on the back, and put a bit more effort into the blurb, but overall a neat set. ” -dilemma19

“ Such an overrated band. They are more famous for their makeup than their music. ” -carthage44

“ Same picture on front and back irritates me. ” -Mitch

“ "I wanna rock & roll ALL NI----GHT and PAR-TY EVER-RY DAY!" Nice card. I'm not familiar with the set. Meaning I don't know a lot about it not that I didn't know it existed. ” -captkirk42

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Set: 1999 Playoff Absolute SSD - Red (Rate)

Card: #75 Wayne Chrebet

“ A little too much border, but it looks like it might be a shadowbox card which in that case it's much better. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Playoff was in full overkill mode at this point. ” -carthage44

“ Ha! It's a clipboard! No wait, it's a photographic slide! I'm confused. What if they mixed up the photos and ended up with the rev. neg. on the card front? I recall that kind of stunt made for some high-priced variants back in early-90's baseball land... ” -dilemma19

“ One of these hate/love type of things for me. I mostly hate this type of "slide" precursor to the acetate cards type. They are nice oddballs. ” -captkirk42

“ Mmmmm, sherbert. ” -sahal694

“ No thanks. The border completely dominates the photo, rather than add to it. And I assume that if this is the Red set, there are many other colors as well. ” -switzr1

“ Almost has a TCMA baseball design feel to it. Moving the cursor over and off it quickly makes him look like he's spinning. ” -rmpaq5

“ This card is Absolute Garbage! Haha, I had to bust that joke out, I couldn't resist. Truth be told though, it is somewhat blah and I very much dislike the reverse negative on the back. I just don't like it. ” -muskie027

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Set: 1982 Topps (Rate)

Card: #224 Rolf Benirschke

“ Bring back the one bar face masks. It says I'm a kicker and I don't get hit very much but the league requires us to have at least one bar on our helmets. SO COOL! ” -carthage44

“ Kicker's helmets are instantly recognizable. I like these early 80's card backs. ” -dilemma19

“ Hope Rolf isn't thinking of sticking his head anywhere with that facemask. Are these even allowed nowadays?? Even for kickers?? ” -rmpaq5

“ Love it....simple, nostalgic. I can almost smell the gum. Reminds me of my childhood when sports cards were not over complicated in design.....the little pennant name plate is a nice addition as well. Had forgotten about the single bar kicker's helmets....takes me back. ” -tbshaw

“ This is without a doubt my favorite Topps football set of all-time. I have great memories of ripping open rack packs of these and sorting them endlessly! ” -cckeith

“ Old Topps. Kickers and punters everywhere! Maybe my favorite of all Topps football sets, and honestly one of their best issues in any category, in my opinion. The helmets just look so cool, after years of helmets with no logos. ” -switzr1

“ I miss those face masks! ” -vrooomed

“ This card is pretty cool, I especially like the helmet in the corner ” -Bargunmaster

“ I will always love the classics! I don't care how cool some of the cards are that come out now a days, any football pre-1989 is just awesome!!!! ” -muskie027

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Set: 1985 Burger King Huntsville Stars (Rate)

Card: #NNO Gary Lance

“ Wow, minor league manager card. Other than it looking like a size that is not our "standard" 2.5 x 3.5, it's a pretty nice set for the time. Wish we had the size of the cards in the overview page. ” -vrooomed

“ This is great. The Bio on the back is pretty extensive for a guy nobody ever heard of. It took me a second though, when the card first appeared on the screen I thought it was a NASCAR card. MiLB rules! ” -rmpaq5

“ I like how they list the Burger King locations on the back. Good advertising. ” -carthage44

“ For some strange reason, I really have an urge to go get a Whopper. ” -sahal694

“ Why can't Topps force the players to pose in front of a Topps advertisement for their baseball card photos?? Also, everyone should be expected to grow a soup-strainer mustache. To me, the best aspect of this card is that half the back is devoted to a list of Burger King locations in the vicinity of Huntsville. Highly educational! ” -dilemma19

“ BRIGHT LIGHT! BRIGHT LIGHT! Wow that is a bright and colorful card. UHOH Burger King sponsored making me hungry. But tonight is Chipotle night not Burger King Night. ” -captkirk42

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Set: 1990 Topps (Rate)

Card: #763 Denny Martinez

“ I remember over on Beckett the boards, about 5 years ago, had a contest to determine the worst Topps design by decade. This one. A few years ago the contest was revived for the best design by decade, this one won. I guess its a design you either love or absolutely hate. ” -rmpaq5

“ Smell that cardboard. SOOOOO GOOD!!! ” -carthage44

“ My favorite baseball set design ever. Seriously! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ El Presidente! Interesting how Topps chooses the first name to display. In this case Denny vs. Dennis. I know people are critical of calling Clemente, Bob instead of Roberto on some cards. Collecting cards as a youngster in Knoxville, my first introduction to Latino names was on baseball cards. ” -joshthurman

“ Many people hate this set I guess because its so basic? I like it. Pretty much one of the few early 1990s sets that I never really hated. ” -captkirk42

“ Too colorful a design. Ranks with 1972 set. ” -cjjt

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Set: 1995 Collector's Choice - Crash the Game (Rate)

Card: #CG9c Bob Hamelin

“ I can never figure out which version of this is which, so most of my NBA ones are not listed here yet, as I have no idea how to do it right. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ What a total bust. He won AL Rookie of the Year in 1994 but did nothing after that. He was out of the league after the 1998 season. ” -carthage44

“ Where's the bat??? Seriously did they airbrush it out?? ” -rmpaq5

“ Short career (6 years) for a guy who averaged better than 1 homer per 20 ABs. Maybe if he used a real bat instead of an imaginary one he would have hit even more ” -NJDevils

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Set: 2001 Fleer Tradition Glossy (Rate)

Card: #91 Champ Bailey

“ Hmmm, the portrait action shot combo. Not a fan most of the time. The "Traditional" look with the banner is nice though. ” -rmpaq5

“ Hail to Glossy! ” -carthage44

“ Nice vintage style without actually being vintage. Of course, to somebody born in 2016 this WOULD be vintage... ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I have always loved the retro look of Fleer Traditon and the use of the "raw" cardboard. Bonus points for the card being a Redskin. ” -captkirk42

“ I really like the look of this. I don't know if it is the scan or the card, but it has a nice throwback look to it. Every time I see Champ or Clinton, I think of the blockbuster deal that changed both the Broncos and the Redskins. ” -muskie027

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