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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Set: 2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection (Rate)

Card: #84 Jason Kendall

“ Blah.... ” -carthage44

“ If the text was all in real ink contrasting with the background color it could be read. This foil junk writing is difficult to impossible to read. His name looks like "Jon Kondoll" Can't even figure out what the Upper Deck logo says. Back is OK could be done better, but will do. ” -captkirk42

“ Design is not bad, but the name is horrible to read in the scans. I assume it is better in person. ” -CluelessJoe

“ I think he's a catcher. The "C" right beside his face proves it if you weren't sure about his attire. UD wanted you to know his position, there's one thing bigger than the "C" and it's the picture. The exact same "C" on the back is a 0 or maybe an 8. ” -JimStaub

“ Nice card (foil notwithstanding) of an underrated player. ” -dilemma19

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Set: 2011-12 Panini Pinnacle - Captains (Rate)

Card: #6 Zdeno Chara

“ A cool insert idea and I like this card's simplicity. Chara has been a dominant force in the NHL and I hope he gets one more chance to raise the Cup before he retires. ” -ketchupman36

“ Nice set .Always liked Chara , remember him rag dolling McCabe. ” -uncaian

“ I don't collect hockey, but I think this card is not bad. However, I hate that Panini, in order to save money on ink (I swear that is the reason), doesn't use letters with their subsets. In days gone by, the card number would have been something like "C-6" or "CPT-6". I miss that. ” -cjjt

“ An OK insert card. They really should have made the info section on the back a lot larger it must be a pain to read the tiny mini bio there. ” -captkirk42

“ Love the name! ” -bkklaos

“ He might be huge but he and the Bruins can't handle the speed of the Blackhawks. ” -carthage44

“ I'm not too found of the back, but I really like the front. ” -jupiterhill

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Set: 1971 Topps (Rate)

Card: #153 John Elliott

“ Another 1971 Topps? We just had one 12 days ago. Well, I'll just cut & paste my previous comment: "Love vintage cards, any sport. 1971 is one of my favs. The little cartoon football players on the front and the small cartoons on the back....love 'em!!" ” -C2Cigars

“ The cartoon guy in the corner is just classic. LOVE IT!!! ” -carthage44

“ I love this set. The cartoon characters on front, BOLD team name, position spelled out and the detailed narrative on the back. ” -SFC Temple

“ I am sorry I say it so much. No I'm not. Love Topps, especially cardboard classics. You need your readin' specs for the back of these. ” -Kaline6

“ My first football set. Great stuff. Goofy design. No team emblems. ” -cjjt

“ Best of the 70s Topps sets! Didn't we just have this set last week? ” -CluelessJoe

“ This is a lot of fun. ” -wax_house

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Set: 1963 Topps Astronauts Popsicle (Rate)

Card: #34 Space hero

“ Cool! I've always been interested in space exploration and when I found out there were cards available I had to have them. When this card was produced his historical significance was not yet really known. The same design was later used again in 1969's Man on the Moon set, which is the set I have been able to locate for my collection. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Nice Topps vintage non sport. "Space Hero", "Spaced Out" would also have been acceptable. ” -Kaline6

“ Great , just great !! Now there's another set I want . ” -uncaian

“ Neat card!!! I love these random cards like this!! Had no clue about this. ” -RoyalChief

“ Nothing better than vintage ” -SFC Temple

“ These had to be super hot in the 60's. ” -carthage44

“ I like this card a lot. Food inserts are fun to collect, and so are non-sport cards of real, historical people like astronauts. I think we had one of these as COTD before, a couple years ago, or maybe it was a similar astronaut set. ” -switzr1

“ Yeah John Glenn. ” -cjjt

“ Awesome! Now this is a set I need from my birth year! ” -bkklaos

“ Who thought this was a good idea? ” -Xg200

“ I'd love to be able to put together the 3-D set. Growing up I was glued to the TV for every NASA event. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo. Launches, splashdowns, and everything in-betwen. ” -C2Cigars

“ Very cool card. ” -UKboogie

“ Outta This World Vintage! Very cool. I still have a handful of the late 60s early 70s "Man on the Moon" cards from way back when. Don't have any of these. I need to fix that and maybe get a full set someday. ” -captkirk42

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Set: 1951 Bowman (Rate)

Card: #257 Birdie Tebbetts

“ No position or team on the front. No stats on the back... ” -switzr1

“ Vintage is always cool. Back should have rotated more before uploading, interesting name he's got there. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Cannot get enough of the "real vintage" cards ! AWESOME !!! ” -uncaian

“ Now we're talking. Love the classics! I have one card from this set, Musial, but it has a small crease. Got it from a lot my dad bought me many years ago. Thanks Dad! ” -CluelessJoe

“ Even with the lack of stats, I really like this set. Maybe it's the age, maybe it's the fact that I had a handful given to me when I was a teenager and they are currently the oldest cards I own. Maybe ... they're just cool. ” -vrooomed

“ Superb!!! No holofoil, refraction, gold frame or other gimmicks. Just a clean image of the player, his name, and team uniform with logo. Plenty of juicy information on the back too, including his academic accomplishments. Wish there were stats, but I guess we can't have everything... ” -dilemma19

“ Love the card! Love the name! Envious of all holding any/all of the fourteen listed on the site! ” -bkklaos

“ Ah, the old Indians logo, hilariously awful. Other than lacking a stat table, everything to love about this card. ” -wax_house

“ Love vintage. Oops "Rex Sox"? Did I say I love vintage? I need to look for this card and the other 95% of this set I don't have. I have like 6 cards from this set. ” -captkirk42

“ The background is the best part of this card. ” -carthage44

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Set: 1997 Select (Rate)

Card: #166 Deivi Cruz

“ ...and then I punched this eight foot mirror curiously located directly behind me and the ocean of blue paint began to ooze in thru my fistprint! ” -revnorb

“ Cool card. Like the design. Like the blue foil. I bet it looks even better in person. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Not the most flattering pictures. Nice card though, never seen these before. ” -RoyalChief

“ Very shiny! ” -dilemma19

“ So much glitter! ” -carthage44

“ Too much silver foil. OK you can read it almost looks like "Brett Cruz" not "Deivi Cruz" Should at least say Tigers there somewhere, good thing this one was allowed to show logos. Back is OK for modern stats but could be better. Don't think I have any cards from this set and don't mind that much. ” -captkirk42

“ i been a baseball fan for a long time this card is from select and is a really cool card just remember keep collecting ” -jessefarmer1234

“ Got MVP votes in 1997. His mom must've done the voting. Cruz was one of those players that had birth certificate 'issues' and was suddenly 3 years older than the day before. ” -wax_house

“ This card has a cool overall look to it. The only criticism I have is the difficulty of reading the name. ” -muskie027

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Set: 2000 Pacific (Rate)

Card: #173 Luis Castillo

“ Why the big area for the washed out copy photo of the front? ” -Kaline6

“ Not too bad, but there isn't enough emphasis on the stats on the back. Hard to read and way too small. Less emphasis on the photos would be nice, especially given this is the "flagship" product for the Pacific brand. if they wanted to do something like this for Revolution or Invincible, fine. ” -vrooomed

“ How little real estate can we occupy on the back of the card, and still fit everything in? ” -dilemma19

“ Nice card I like it. At least the front is readable, not super easy but better than most from this time period and even modern cards. Back I was going to say was pretty good, except too much blank space a player bio (oops just noticed there is a short one on the bottom) or highlights would be nice, heck even a cartoon/comic strip would work. ” -captkirk42

“ Pacific sets always gave you a large volume of cards/players which was nice. ” -carthage44

“ Pacific, so underrated. Great company. Miss 'em. ” -wax_house

“ Any card whose back is 50% or more blank is at least slightly awful. ” -DarkSide830

“ Front's good. The back is debatable. That big white fading front picture. I guess it's filled with more stats for veteran players, but it looks and feels empty. ” -JimStaub

“ This is another sad stock photo. Washed out and not cropped. Not sure what is going on with the back in that large faded area. ” -UKboogie

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Set: 2015-16 Upper Deck Artifacts - Materials Silver (Rate)

Card: #27 David Backes

“ Cool dual relic. You'd think the St. Louis blues would wear a brighter blue than this, it looks almost black from the scan. Nice to see a current season card, and nice to see a relic with a real back- including stats! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Upper Deck once again trying to do too much with the design. ” -carthage44

“ An OK to pretty good relics/GU card for those who like that sort of thing. Artifacts is usually a very good product. My stand on these things (relics aka game-used, event used or worn) is they are cutting up memorabilia into 1,000s of pieces just to glue onto cards. :( Unfortunately my will is weak as I do accept some of these cards of players I collect and my teams. Good to see this one is serial numbered. I think all relic cards should be serial numbered since there is a limit to how many tiny swatches of cloth, or rubber, or nylon whatever you can have. ” -captkirk42

“ If I were designing sports cards, I would probably rank the elements typically found on the front as follows: 1. Player name 2. Team name 3. Position 4. Uniform number 5. Card manufacturer name 6. Set and/or subset name The team name appears twice, which maybe adds a little extra weight, but I'd say there's a bit too much emphasis on "ARTIFACTS". I like the back. ” -dilemma19

“ Very slick patch card. Like that it actually has stats on the back and can, therefore, function as a standard trading card. ” -wax_house

“ Okay design BUT used the same picture on the back. If you are going to use 2 pictures, use 2 pictures -- not the same one twice. Also, I hate when you get "dual jerseys" and they are same thing. ” -cjjt

“ Backes is probably the most well-known MSU Mankato alumni to play in the NHL. Go Mavs! ” -duaned99

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Set: 1988 Topps - Tiffany (Rate)

Card: #182 Ken Phelps

“ I purchased the tiffany sets as they came out. Only opened them recently. Found one set where many of the cards were miscut. I am glad they didn't keep making them. ” -Kaline6

“ Not a bad design but I don't like it as much as some of the other designs from the same time period. If this looks funny it is because I am posting from the new smart phone I received as a gift on may 1st ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Decent design, but not having the player's position on the front is a negative. The use of getting the team name "behind" the player but in front of the background was nice. The Tiffany sets are nice because they are on whiter stock with the glossy front. ” -vrooomed

“ Ah one of the last good sets for a while during the "junk years". First glance at the back I thought we were looking at an OPC card. During the late 80s I sort of liked the Tiffany versions. Years later however I don't see the attraction anymore, especially after all this massive variants age we are currently in.. ” -captkirk42

“ I think he's trying to bunt or else he has crazy hand splits. ” -carthage44

“ Reminiscent of the 1966 and 1967 Topps sets. This set featured a great collection of firsts and lasts from G.Maddux to D.Sutton. ” -RoundtheDiamond87

“ Not an awful design, but somewhat plain. ” -DarkSide830

“ Another set that " I just like". ” -engine614

“ I like the Topps Tiffany sets, though I may not have any 1988s. Those were the days, when a slugger could be called upon to bunt if the situation demanded it. ” -switzr1

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Set: 1987 ProCards (Rate)

Card: #2107 Mike MacFarlane

“ ProCards was starting to get the hang of it. Back is still overly simple, but they had a clean design (both sides). The beginning of the raising of the bar for MiLB sets! ” -vrooomed

“ Was this card made in a snowstorm, while foggy, by someone with bad cataracts? This is a perfect example of why just using the raw, unedited scan is not a good thing. ” -Billy Kingsley


“ Undoubtedly the best types of cards are minors cards of players that go on to become long time Major Leaguers. This is one example. To bad the cards themselves used to be quite plain. ” -DarkSide830

“ How could you say Omaha and not think of Peyton Manning? ” -carthage44

“ Solid player. I'm guessing he didn't spend much time in Omaha. ” -dilemma19

“ What a beautiful, washed out, poorly cropped, stock photo! ” -UKboogie

“ Nice late 1980s Minor League Card. ” -captkirk42

“ Nice card!!!! I love it. Will have to own this someday. ” -RoyalChief

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