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Monday, February 20, 2017

Set: 2000 Topps Pokemon TV Animation Edition Series 3 (Rate)

Card: #120 Staryu

“ The card and comic book shop killer..... ” -hphillips

“ ACK! I don't do Pokemon. This is from the animated series based on the card game, that involves the card game. ” -captkirk42

“ One of my favorite cards of a starfish in a bedazzled backpack. ” -UKboogie

“ My seven year old, like many his age, is into Pokemon. Watching the XY Cartoon with him a few weeks ago this occurred to me...They have these cute animal creatures as pets, and train them and use them to battle each other. Basically it is a huge accepted dog fighting ring. ” -rmpaq5

“ Oh man how I hate Topps Pokemon cards. When I was a kid in 1999, Pokemon cards were the thing to have. My mom never bought me any cards so I was only able to create a collection of cards that my friends had given me. For Christmas 1999, I got my mom to by me a box of Pokemon cards so I could be able to show them off and play with my friends. Much to my dismay on the morning of 12/25/1999, I opened pack after pack of Topps Pokemon cards, not the real deal Pokemon Trading Card Game. What a bait and switch by Topps to fool mothers into buying this crap! lol Still never ended up getting any packs or boxes of Pokemon cards after that. Don't even get me started on the knockoff brand scooter I got the next year! haha ” -sahal694

“ I refuse to comment on this series of cards and thus perpetuate the silliness that is Pokemon. I wish it would go away, just like this Geodude that just disappeared before I could capture him on Pokemon Go!! ” -Sportzcommish

“ The names of Pokemon are hilarious and not creative. ” -carthage44

“ So why is there a #120 in front of Staryu? Is #120 part of Staryu's name? Are there another 119 different Staryu's? Why does every Pokemon in this set listing have a # as part of its name? ” -C2Cigars

“ Oh, can it be? The thing from 50's japanese scifi movie Warning from space (Uchujin Tokyo ni arawaru). ” -Duke

“ I have no words to describe this. ” -muskie027

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Set: 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen (Rate)

Card: #179b James Shields

“ Not a huge Gypsy Queen fan, but this isn't bad. I like the photo and the overall design. I hate the lack of a first name on the front, and if the Gypsy Queen logo was actually the team logo, this would be real nice. ” -muskie027

“ Gypsy Queen is growing on me. This is not one of the better years. When Topps first revived the GQ brand I HATED it. Thought the border was too dark and looked too much like an attempt at the Upper Deck Masterpieces Framed cards. I like it sometimes now. I have grown tired of the mini parallels from this and A&G. ” -captkirk42

“ Hey, look, He's singing along with Snoopy! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ So glad the White Sox have this guy.... NOT!!! ” -carthage44

“ One of the better Gypsy Queen designs that takes just enough border and maximizes the player's picture. Even with the dull dual colors they chose for the 2015 series works to make an attractive card. ” -Sportzcommish

“ I bought a lot of retail packs of this set from the Seattle Mariners team store as they were always on discount. It's a decent looking set. ” -ketchupman36

“ HATE the card design and the pose. ” -cjjt

“ Still love the Gypsy Queens, as I've mentioned before. Great signature cards like the A&G for autograph collectors. Something about the texture and the photography. ” -jasongerman9

“ My face when I see how cool the Gypsy Queen logo is ” -lxnlxn

“ Interesting look on his face. I've always liked the look of gypsy queen cards. ” -Mitch

“ nope ” -hphillips

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Set: 1990 CMC (Rate)

Card: #722 Frank Valdez

“ Don't know what is more hideous, the uniform or the design of this card. Plus, red batting glove?! ” -hphillips

“ Cool name for a team. Interesting to see two logos on the same card. I really like the minor league cards I've seen come up as Card of the Day.great scan too, at least the front. Haven't figured out how to see the back on my tablet yet without clicking on the card, but I don't want to have to type this twice, LOL ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Loved these ProCards minor league sets. ” -carthage44

“ Very nice for a minor league design. Why do Florida teams love to stick "Rays" in their name? ” -muskie027

“ Talk about a screwy set(s). Who would know to look for 1990 ProCards #1094 in 1990 CMC #722. But of course it's also listed in 1990 ProCards. If you ask me these are a headache because the CMC and ProCards came in the same packs. ” -C2Cigars

“ The wood-grain border reminds me of the 1987 Topps set, although not quite as eye-catching. One spot of confusion...TCDB lists this as card #722; meanwhile, on the back of the card in the upper left, it says "1094". I see in the lower right on the back the "722". Anyone have any idea what that means? ” -jasongerman9

“ The Pro-Cards designs have never done it for me. I know they are minor leaguers, but it just comes off as something your kid gets after picture day. The backs seem to have wasted space, but then again minor leaguers sometimes don't have a lot of stats. Maybe some personal information blurbs would help the back out. On a side not I think Frank needs a smaller, or at least shorter, hat. ” -rmpaq5

“ Just remembered that I was on a youth basketball team when I was about 5 called the Sunrays. At the time I thought we were the Sun Raise and thought that was really stupid. ” -sahal694

“ And we are back to 1990s MILB cards. I kind of like this set. Looks sort of like a Hall of Fame plaque design. Back is very 1980s looking. ” -captkirk42

“ Wow - how did CMC use ProCards' design like that and get away with it. The ProCards logo on the front, and the ProCards number is still on the back too. Strange. I don't remember the whole story behind that. Hopefully, someone will fill us in. I was too busy doing our own minor league sets in 1990 (Star Co) to have followed too closely. :) ” -vrooomed

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Set: 1993-94 Panini Stickers (Rate)

Card: #250 Keith Primeau

“ overly designed (did an engineer do this?) and bland ” -hphillips

“ I have never liked these Panini stickers that are ment to put on an album. I don't personally consider them even to be collectible cards. I have some of them in my Blackhawks collection, but those have been freebies or I have bought bigger bundle and Panini stickers have just been part of that bundle. Don't like 'em and wouldn't mind if they disappear from database. ” -Duke

“ Tough dude , strong force for the Wings . I'm not a big collector of the stickers , but this set wasn't too bad. ” -uncaian

“ Great for kids but once you peal them off, they lose whatever little value they had. As a kid I loved these, as a collector I hate them. ” -carthage44

“ Nice look except I do not like vertical text. Sometimes I wish Panini has stayed with just doing stickers and that Donruss was still around as its OWN company not a revival brand from a different company. ” -captkirk42

“ Not bad design wise. Clearly 1990s but that's a good thing. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I collected so many Panini hockey stickers as a kid, including this year. ” -wax_house

“ Never seen Panini hockey stickers before. Guess I should have expected it though. I like their tip on the back! ” -jasongerman9

“ Aww man, I wish I had me some double stickers so I could have friends...and have fun too! ” -sahal694

“ A decent sticker, though the photo could have been bigger. Primeau was a beast! ” -dilemma19

“ Cousin Keith? Sorry, wrong language. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Exactly Panini, you only trade your doubles. Don't get convinced into trading your singles. You will never get one again. Trust me, the only single I ever traded away I haven't been able to re-pull since... ” -DarkSide830

“ Brrr!!! Looks chilly. ” -RoundtheDiamond87

“ The sticker definitely seems to be the from the same company that makes calculus textbooks. Neat? ” -lxnlxn

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Set: 2000 Upper Deck MVP - Silver Script (Rate)

Card: #15 Ben Grieve

“ Ben Grieve is on fire. He just had card of the day while ago. How many cards he has in database? ” -Duke

“ Classic hitter's pose, but not a classic card. The design looks like a generic attempt from a George Orwell wannabe from the 50's predicting what the 21st century would be like. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Wow, two Ben Grieve basic Upper Deck parallels in three days! Can this go on Admins coincidence list? ” -rmpaq5

“ Wow, another Ben Grieve. Overrated prospect. ” -carthage44

“ Hey, good for Ben to get two RCOTD in a week! ” -Brimose

“ Didn't we just have a Ben Grieve card recently? Popular fella. ” -sahal694

“ I think I have voiced my dislike for the Upper Deck MVP sets. This one looks like it was inspired by computer circuit boards or old fashioned data punch cards. Oddly the foil lettering on this card can be read in this scan. Don't like the vertical lettering at least you can read the player name and team name with little problem. Back a bit messy and more of that circuit punch card look. Blah. ACK card number is vertical. ” -captkirk42

“ Another Ben Grieve card; we just had one of these! This card is way too busy for me; too much going on. Always did like the silver signature parallels on Upper Deck products though. ” -jasongerman9

“ More Ben Grieve parallel goodness! He certainly had a lot of hype, but I wouldn't say he was a total bust. 1998 ROY, solid hitter but couldn't get out of his own way in the field. ” -tenlbpain

“ Hey, we just had Ben Grieve on 8 Feb. No matter what the sport, Upper Deck MVP gets the "thumbs down". ” -C2Cigars

“ Wow, Ben Grieve is HOT this month!!! Let's see, in this version, I am left dizzy as there is WAY too much going on. An Oakland here, and MVP there, a Silver Script here, a name there, an auto in the bottom middle, a position by the knee, another MVP across the shins, some etching at the bottom. And there is still more. Somehow, they got the player to pop and stand out, so I give them credit for that. The back is mediocre. Overall, I think way too much is going on in this card. ” -muskie027

“ Benny boy's been getting the MVP treatment lately... ” -DarkSide830

“ Decent design, seems to have some wasted space ” -hphillips

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Set: 2002-03 Be a Player Memorabilia (Rate)

Card: #121 Mark Parrish

“ Very simple front, and it works for me. Back is good and gives some nice anecdote information. I like. ” -rmpaq5

“ Not a bad card nice picture, good stats on back .Parrish was a pretty good player , very reliable. ” -uncaian

“ He looks like my son-in-law on skates, rather shaky and soon to fall at any moment. Maybe this photo was taken after a hard check? ” -Sportzcommish

“ not bad...i am not a huge fan of the placement of the number on the bottom middle. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ What brand is this? Be a Player brand? ” -carthage44

“ Clean design. Lots text on the back (as opposed to blank space). I like it. ” -cjjt

“ Mighty bland. ” -NJDevils

“ I think my favorite thing about this scan is that if you move your cursor over it to show the reverse side, the "Be A Player" in the upper right corner doesn't move; it just gets darker on the back. Very pleasing to the eye. ” -jasongerman9

“ Fairly underwhelming. ” -DarkSide830

“ Reminds me of 1990 Pro Set football. Not quite sure why there wasn't a better effort on the gray 'Memorabilia' stripe. This card would be pretty good if not for that and the micro font on the name. The back is lacking in a couple areas. Overall all, a very mediocre effort that could have been a well done effort with minor changes. ” -muskie027

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Set: 2005 Topps Turkey Red (Rate)

Card: #60 Chad Pennington

“ Blah! But if it makes money and keeps Topps in business, I hope someone bought these. ” -NJDevils

“ Love the early Topps Turkey Red retro designs. Except for using the old tobacco vintage standard of just putting the player's last name on the front and team city/league. Some people are annoyed about the lack of stats. I let that slip for retro sets like this since stats on the back started around the 1950s and then only the previous year's stats with career total. ” -captkirk42

“ HUGE fan of the Turkey Red cards! ” -carthage44

“ Turkey Red is growing on me. Not my favorite but no longer an auto pass-over. ” -Brimose

“ As I've mentioned before, I love the Turkey Red as much as I love the A&G's and the Topps Heritage cards; they make excellent signature cards. I always liked how the back was laid out in the old early-1900s design too. ” -jasongerman9

“ The Turkey Red card design is nice. I'm okay with not having stats on the back. I recognize his name, but I'm not much of a football fan, so no comment on Pennington. ” -dilemma19

“ Gee, I hope they have endless variations of this card, meh ” -hphillips

“ I was much more of a fan of the Turkey Red cards as an insert set and not a full blown release. That said I like that Topps went crossover and put out a football set. I was really hoping they would put out a Football Allen and Ginter set before they lost their license. ” -cynicalbuddha

“ A great looking portrait/painting, but as a trading card, I would need to see it in hand. It looks great, but I don't see a card looking at it. ” -muskie027

“ The Jets haven't had a quarterback since Joe Willie. All these others are impostors. (I think Pennington's about to trip over his own feet!) ” -Sportzcommish

“ Chad Pennington is from Knoxville, Tenn., where I grew up, and was in high school about the same time as me. Saw him play in the playoffs one year. Did very well despite not having a great arm. Always displayed great class and sportsmanship. ” -joshthurman

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Set: 2012 Panini Cooperstown - Crystal Collection Blue (Rate)

Card: #8 Connie Mack

“ First impression: I like it. Second impression: I'm checking the set out for cards I'll want to collect. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Love the Cooperstown series....a shame it went away last year. The 2015 high end version was a lot of fun. ” -tbshaw

“ Classy card. Nice retro design for super vintage players managers whos original cards are either too expensive to own, or too rare to actually find. ” -captkirk42

“ Love the look! I'd be interested in this set! ” -bkklaos

“ I wish baseball mangers would go back to wearing suits and a top hat like Connie is here. HOT STUFF!!! ” -carthage44

“ I bought a small box of this set on a whim last summer; it was on sale at my local Meijers. I didn't pull any blue parallels, but I like the base design of the cards. ” -jasongerman9

“ Really nice card over all. I like the borders, great picture. ” -Junk Wax Collector02

“ I like this design, just a bit busy, great scan ” -hphillips

“ I can't decide. On one hand, I like the blue and the clash between modern card and old photo. On the other, I feel like it is like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure in that it tries to take history and dress it up in modern day. Not sure if I would like an all black and white card better. ” -muskie027

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Set: 2004 Press Pass Premium (Rate)

Card: #27 Ken Schrader

“ good scan, boring card of a walking billboard, thank god press pass no longer exists. ” -hphillips

“ I'd give it an A for design. If it either had less white and a more colorful border then I'd hand it an A+. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Ken Schrader is still racing, although he no longer runs NASCAR. Everybody likes him, he's the kind of guy nobody has anything bad to say about. His popularity was enough to keep him in the sport until 2013 even though his last win was in 1991. The card set on the other hand is not a favorite of mine. Too much photo manipulation on the front, although if my memory serves this was the first set from 2004 to show photos from 2004...hard to believe that was 13 years ago already. So my memory may not be perfect. I did pull my first NASCAR patch card from this very set though ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Schrader...Schwans...Schucky... ” -SaveDaKid

“ Not a racing collector, so I am not sure what constitutes a good photo. I do know that I hate when the same picture on the front is on the back and it seems like if they used the back photo somewhere on the front, it would be nicer, but hey, as a non-racing collector, what do I know? ” -muskie027

“ Sponsored by Schwans, LOL! ” -carthage44

“ The 2004 Press Pass Premium was a gorgeous set. I remember this card in particular. The cards were a tiny bit thicker than normal Press Pass, and as shown in the scan had a bit of a shiny element to them. Love it. ” -jasongerman9

“ Why did they think two similarly-sized exactly the same images of him on the front and back were appealing to the eyes? ” -DarkSide830

“ Schwan's bagel dogs are really good. ” -jayoneill

“ Guess this is OK for racing. Don't collect it so I don't know what is good or bad for these cards. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Set: 1988 Fleer Update - Glossy (Rate)

Card: #U-55 Dave Parker

“ Never had one of the glossy's, but I always like this design for some reason. There isn't anything great about it, but I liked it. It just looks like a Fleer card. ” -muskie027

“ Washed out scan of a nice design. Not a fan of Update series, Just call it series 2 or 3 or whatever and number them consecutively. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The photo is good and the placement of the name and the logos is fine, but I just don't like the cheesy border. They improved the border in '89, but digressed again to the plain in '90 and went wild with the bright yellow in '91. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Pretty good, I have some of them and I like them ” -Thomas555

“ Loved the Update sets! ” -carthage44

“ this is mine and the scan looks like crap. ill need to redo this. must have been from scanner #1. Doesnt look glossy at all. ” -ThemightyOx

“ Always liked this design, never cared for the glossy or tiffany versions. ” -hphillips

“ "The Cobra" ” -grim25

“ Classic Neo-Vintage mid 80s Fleer. Dave Parker. I think of him more as a Pirate. I recall the late 70s early 80s "turning 7-Up" commercials with him and a bunch of other athletes of the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HzFsRPP18c ” -captkirk42

“ I always liked Parker. Not a huge fan of this design but not bad. ” -Mitch

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