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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Set: 2000 Fleer Tradition (Rate)

Card: #38 David Boston

“ I pulled this up and then went to get some water, when I was walking back I couldn't see his jersey at first, as it matches the background, and I thought it was a floating disembodied head. I'm glad to see that is not in fact the case :) I like the green back, the NBA set of this design got brownish red. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Good-looking set. I like the vintage look. Name, team (logo and script), position all easy to read. Could do without the fake signature. Back is really good with cartoon, complete stats (one year because he was a rookie), and easy-to-read number along the top edge to make sorting easy. This set is a winner for me. ” -switzr1

“ Nice, clean, and I love the comic picture on the back to go with the trivia information. ” -rmpaq5

“ Not bad looking card at all. ” -uncaian

“ Good looking card, front and back. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Love Fleer Tradition. Nice Retro set, before Retro sets became too mainstream and too modern. ” -captkirk42

“ New card, old theme. I like it, but understand why some might not... ” -dilemma19

“ I loved this set, one day I might go back and try to complete it. ” -jupiterhill

“ Fleer Tradition?? You mean Topps Tradition!! Blatant plagiarism of Topps' 1954 baseball cards. ” -C2Cigars

“ Another Ohio State Buckeyes bust. ” -carthage44

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Set: 2002-03 Upper Deck (Rate)

Card: #336 Todd MacCulloch

“ Very dark. Very hard to read. And I see it's Billy's scan, so I assume it looks that way in hand too, as he is great at scanning. 2003 was the year I quit collecting the first time. Sets like this might be why. ” -switzr1

“ This was the last NBA set that was truly done right, with a second series that covered the rarer- but still regular-players in the league, trades and undrafted rookies. His career ended shortly after this card was issued due to foot problems. He was part of two consecutive NBA finals, in 2000-01 and 2001-02. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Two days in a row...what was the fascination Upper Deck had in the late 90s early 00s of having the player's jersey number so upfront? When I got back into collecting 6 or 7 years ago I would often see the jersey number and go looking for that number in the checklist. ” -rmpaq5

“ Oh so bad. ” -carthage44

“ For some reason I like this UD set. Guy looks a bit confused, probably didn't get a lot of playing time, can't see those tiny stats to be able to tell. ” -Doc Floyd

“ I like borderless cards. Never heard of Todd MacCulloch, but it appears he was a really tall guy who couldn't do much beyond blocking shots. Were fans in Philly pining for Shawn Bradley, so they drafted another stick man? ” -dilemma19

“ Average card from modern times. OK Upper Deck foil lettering BAD. Design OK not great. Good they have team name, logo would be nice. Back: So-so. Too much space at bottom. Perhaps a bit more of mini-bio. ” -captkirk42

“ One of the goofiest looking players ever...nothing but respect for ya, Todd, but just being honest... ” -SaveDaKid

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Set: 2002 Upper Deck Ballpark Idols (Rate)

Card: #22 Jason Tyner

“ Ordinarily I'm not a big fan of busy fronts, but this one looks pretty good. Wish the back was more stat friendly. Another thing that bugs me about the back is the uniform number is so much more prevalent than the card number. ” -rmpaq5

“ I like the design. It reminds me of the Minesweeper game. It also looks very similar to UD Playmakers Limited. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Decent card. A bit of a stretch to describe the numbers on the back as "stats". I don't remember Jason Tyner, with or without capitalized letters in his name. ” -dilemma19

“ Eh, reminds of the Green Monster, odd shot, strange design, back might as well be blank. Seen worse, but still just a boring UD card. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Upper Deck was in full overproduction at this point. ” -carthage44

“ Front is meh. Crossword pattern should go, printing should not be in foil but hey its post-overproduction years team logo would be nice at least you can read team name. Hey where is this guy's bat? Hehe. vertical stats need to go better to be horizontal for those. I'm guessing he is a rookie. ” -captkirk42

“ 4 Homeruns in 5,372 professional plate appeareances... ” -volbox

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Set: 2010 Panini Crown Royale - Royalty Materials (Rate)

Card: #3 Larry Fitzgerald

“ Didn't another card from this set come up as Random Card of the Day once? I like it. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Fitz is a class act player. And this is coming from a Seahawks fan. ” -ketchupman36

“ The design is very busy. Focus isn't on the player photo, nor on the swatch. I guess it just lacks focus. Don't forget, you can click these photos and vote on the sets. I would like to see a rating for every set on the site eventually! ” -switzr1

“ Not impressed, trying too hard to be too fancy. Give it a solid F+ for failure. ” -Doc Floyd

“ I feel like I've recently seen one from this set on rcotd. Layout is a little busy, but I like it. ” -dilemma19

“ I'm ready for the comments about "overkill" on inserts (which to a certain degree I agree with), but I still like it, especially for a "stud" player! ” -bkklaos

“ I see the entire set is blue. I'm not that familiar with football cards and their parallels, but for just plain old looks the blue card with the red swatch and uni doesn't do it for me. The simplicity of the back is nice. ” -rmpaq5

“ Can't find one place to dock this card points in. A+ ” -DarkSide830

“ Way too much flair. ” -carthage44

“ "Pardon me...would you have any Grey Poupon?" ” -Madden95

“ I thought we had one of these things about a year back. If not OK I've never been too keen on relics/materials/jersey cards. The design is a bit fancy but then again it's Crown Royale. I like the back it is OK for the type of card it is. ” -captkirk42

“ That piece of material is royally small. ” -vrooomed

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Set: 1997 Score Board SB (Rate)

Card: #12 Bobby Labonte

“ This was never a favorite set of mine- the cards always felt slightly greasy even when coming out of the packs brand new in 1997. Design isn't too bad though. By the way, the set name is simply "Scoreboard" The SB is the logo, but it gets tacked onto the name sometimes. It shouldn't. I believe this was the last Scoreboard set released, but the memory is getting hazy after 19 years. (I'm also still having a hard time accepting that 1997 was 19 years ago...ugh) Bobby won the Championship in 2000 and still shows up at 4 races every year, but he has not run the full schedule in several years now...and he hasn't had competitive equipment in an even longer time. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Not really bad, but not all that great either. Guess it gets the job done. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Nothing cooler than a NASCAR driver, LOL! ” -carthage44

“ Couldn't get into Nascar as hard as i tried over the years. As far as racing cards goes, it sure is one of them... ” -Madden95

“ Nice card for racing I suppose. I don't follow racing so I don't know what should be expected for this. Has his name OK but doesn't show his car at all. Minus a point or ten for that. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Set: 2003 Playoff Portraits (Rate)

Card: #38 Greg Maddux

“ Well this is neat. the front's nice, and the back is neat and tidy. A job well done. ” -DarkSide830

“ Art is not a good likeness, but I like the design. Didn't even know Playoff did any baseball. Yet another Braves great. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Looks more like Dennis Quaid in The Rookie ” -NJdevils

“ Cool! I'd like to get a set of these! ” -bkklaos

“ Fantastic looking art card, and a realistic depiction of the legendary Maddux. ” -dilemma19

“ Seems like a nice set to own, I've always appreciated cards that were more like pieces of art that just a photo... ” -SaveDaKid

“ Looks like another card I need to add to my wantlist. ” -jupiterhill

“ One of my favorite players! Not too bad a painting....eh lol ” -Joshua825

“ Cool I guess. ” -carthage44

“ Nice set, but I think 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces did this type of thing best. ” -captkirk42

“ The painting is just great. That is all I has to say! ” -rmpaq5

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Set: 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum (Rate)

Card: #90 Mike Piazza

“ He looks like he is throwing to second from the stage of "Dance Fever." ” -rmpaq5

“ That weird moment when the guy you've always booed ends up on your team. ” -volbox

“ Another card where I like the back more than the front. I am not sure but it looks like the card may be holofoil, which means it would look better in person. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ It's a new sport: Baseball played on a stack of cubes like the video game 'Q-Bert'. Piazza spent a season with the Padres...I learn something new every day! ” -dilemma19

“ What the...They ruined an otherwise great action shot by making it look like he's playing inside a fancy office building or mall. At first I thought it was a Marvel or Star Trek card. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Rare Piazza in a Padres uniform card. ” -carthage44

“ Not a huge fan of this set, or sets like Spectrum. Hard to read his last name, odd action pose for them to pick, actually the pose isn't odd it is the angle we are seeing it from. Not to mention that Piazza as an Athletic looks odd used to seeing him as Dodger or Met, Dodger I think more so. Back is OK but maybe use some of the extra space that was put up top for a short mini-bio or a few career highlights. ” -captkirk42

“ All I can say is that I'm pretty sure this looks a lot better in person. ” -vrooomed

“ Looks like someone put a McFarlane figure in a store window ” -NJdevils

“ It's ugly as heck, but I can dig any Piazza Padres card. I love cards of legends with teams they spent just a short time with. Also, he's a hometown hero of mine, being a South-East PA guy like me. ” -DarkSide830

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Set: 1991 Bowman (Rate)

Card: #580 John Smoltz

“ I actually like the back of the card better than the front. The Bowman stat table of the time was unique and the color scheme works for me. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ For some reason I have always liked this cheap junk set. Not an exciting photo, but still a solid card of a great HOF Brave's pitcher. ” -Doc Floyd

“ I liked when Topps brought back Bowman in 1989. However the first few years of Bowman's return all the sets looked alike and were hard to immediately tell apart, sort of like the first 4 or 5 years of Upper Deck. Later Bowman when they became more focused on prospects that never made the bigs I lost interest in. ” -captkirk42

“ Too young to grow a full mustache. ” -carthage44

“ Beautiful example of a revived Bowman card from the year before their stacked set (with RCs C. Jones, M. Rivera, M. Piazza et al.). Notably, Smoltz had zero career saves at time of printing. ” -dilemma19

“ Find the Bowman of this era to be waaaaaayyyyy to bland. ” -rmpaq5

“ Great pitcher - blah set. ” -vrooomed

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Set: 1995 Wizards of the Coast Everway Companion Cards (Rate)

Card: #51 The Laughing Cavalier

“ Solutions to the mysteries presented on the back...He is thinking of eating brains. He wielded his sword last week, to eat brains. He keeps company with the other zombies, staying in the shadows during The Walking Dead episodes because his makeup would cost too much money. His fashion sense is keen, as the suit he is wearing was a top of the line Armani before he ripped it to shreds eating brains. ” -rmpaq5

“ My next tattoo ? What are these cards part off ? ” -uncaian

“ Not the type of card I'd be interested in collecting, but the art is pretty impressive. The questions on the back remind me of those that used to appear at the end of elementary school reading assignments, meant to provoke classroom discussion/debate. Painful memories... ” -dilemma19

“ Nice Non-Sport. I'm not into the horror/dead style genre of fantasy art, but it is very well done.Wizards of the Coast is better known for its gaming cards. I thought it was a gaming card at first. The back looks like a promo card even though it is a regular issue of a 90 card set. ” -captkirk42

“ I think I would rather have had a soccer game card. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Cool! Never heard of the set, but I like it! ” -bkklaos

“ The questions on the back are hilarious. ” -carthage44

“ Laughing Cavalier? Must be LeBron James ” -pistonfan

“ Looks like he's got plenty to laugh about. Good art at least, even though it's creepy. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Just because something is 2.5 x 3.5 doesn't mean it's collectible. ” -volbox

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Set: 2007 Upper Deck Goudey - Sport Royalty Autographs (Rate)

Card: #JV Justin Verlander

“ Don't see many autographed cards for the card of the day. I like this set, but due to the small size of this set, I prefer the 2008 Goudey. ” -CluelessJoe

“ Love the front, hate the back. Obviously licensed, as the logo is featured prominently on both sides, but why are the words "Detroit Tigers" absent? It might also be nice to indicate the player's position somehow... ” -dilemma19

“ I need this card for my PC, like, now. ” -rmpaq5

“ I don't like this one because it's clearly meant to mimic the old Sport Kings set, but without the proper name. Cool to see an autograph card as CoTD though. ” -switzr1

“ We need more of these on-card autos. The sticker autos just don't compare. ” -carthage44

“ I'm starting to really like the Goudey sets. No luck with autos, still cool insert to have. ” -Joshua825

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