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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Set: 1985 Donruss Highlights (Rate)

Card: #49 Wade Boggs

“ Not the most likeable guy, but the boy could hit! Always great for the fantasy team, back when you had to use the USA Today for stats to crank out the standings! ” -bkklaos

“ No matter what era, the Sox unis still look good. ” -jlaz10

“ Even though this was the beginning of the Junk years I still like the 1980s sets. ” -captkirk42

“ So so good!!! ” -carthage44

“ Didn't like the idea for these sets back when they first came out and this was the first year of the "Highlights" set. I was just a teen, but I remember them being too "expensive" for my taste. I think the 55 card set (56 with the checklist) was priced about the same as the Topps Traded and Fleer Update sets (which were more than double the size at 132). Now, for player collectors, these are awesome sets to pull singles from. 17 of the 55 cards feature HOFers! ” -vrooomed

“ Somewhat inaccurate set of records, as Willie Keeler, Lloyd Waner and Jesse Burkett all had higher single-season singles totals than Willie Wilson when Boggs hit his 187. Wilson's 184 wasn't even a modern ML record as Waner's 198 was in 1927. Ichiro surpassed Boggs mark 3 times in his career and now hold the undisputed record with 225 singles in a season (2004). Either Donruss had bad information, or they were really trying to pad the set. ” -DaClyde

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Set: 2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends (Rate)

Card: #73 Billy Sims

“ "Design? Just type something on the back of the card and we're done" ” -volbox

“ Another more modern UD failure. Chrome thing at bottom ugly and can't read "Billy Sims" looks like it says "Buly Sims". I don't like college cards either. I might have to not comment when the card of the day is a college card. ” -captkirk42

“ Is his name in that dark stripe somewhere? I have to assume this card looks a lot better in person. ” -switzr1

“ It would be sorta funny if he were running the wrong way ” -lxnlxn

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Set: 2015 Topps Heritage - News Flashback (Rate)

Card: #NF-10 Sheila Scott

“ Now that's a cool non sport card. ” -uncaian

“ Cool! I have actually read about her in airplane magazines, I didn't know she had any cards. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Never heard of her! Can't say that anymore. I like it! Heading to Wikipedia now to read up on Sheila... ” -bkklaos

“ "The Scott Heard Round The World". Sorry for that historic pun. I love/hate the Flashback inserts for Heritage. I love the info they provide, but I hate having to chase after them every year. I also hate chasing the Heritage sets each year. Heck I'm just tired of chasing for set building. I have a ton of sets to build but very few actually completed. ” -captkirk42

“ I think I'm going to buy some of these... ” -SFC Temple

“ I don't see the relevance of this feat in an American card set. An American woman had already done this two years prior. ” -switzr1

“ And to think she started out as an actress! ” -lxnlxn

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Set: 1999-00 Pacific - Home and Away (Rate)

Card: #4 Peter Forsberg

“ I have a feeling this one looks a lot better in hand than on my screen. I loved Pacific sets in this era, but don't remember the Home And Away name at all. ” -switzr1

“ True power forward one of the best to ever play.Not a bad looking card,the thing with Pacific was sometimes you couldn't tell the reg.issue from the inserts. ” -uncaian

“ Pacific always tried to give you a "futuristic" look but they almost always failed. ” -carthage44

“ Like all mirror-foil cards, this looks much better in person. I was given one of the cards from this set recently. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I don't understand the criteria for this insert set and the design is what one would come to expect out of an insert set in the late 90s, but Peter Forsberg is the man. ” -wax_house

“ I'm sure that chrome or hologram background looks a lot nicer in real life. It looks UGLY in that scan. I had to look at the checklist and do some googling to verify that they were indeed doing a "Home and Away" sort of concept here. 20 card insert set 10 players, cards 1-10 are their "Home" card, and 11-20 the "Away". Weird way to do that. Should have had Player One on cards 1 and 2 then Player Two on cards 3 and 4 etc... This way it is Player one on cards 1 and 11, Player two on cards 2 and 12 etc... How did they decide who to feature? The top 10 players maybe? It appears there are only 6 of 28 teams represented here. ” -captkirk42

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Set: 2008 Rittenhouse Iron Man (Rate)

Card: #7 Christine Everhart

“ Nice card,didn't know there was a card company called Rittenhouse. ” -uncaian

“ The Avengers movie series has quickly become one of my favorites. So much so that I actually went to see the sequel in the theater earlier this year, the first time I've seen a movie on the big screen since 2008. The Iron Man movies were some of the weaker efforts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though not the worst. Even so, I've seen them multiple times already. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Thanks to my sons love of the Superheroes, I discovered Ironman was created the same year as I was born...yep, now my favorite Superhero! ” -bkklaos

“ Superhero movies are becoming a major overkill. ” -carthage44

“ Nice Non-Sport. ” -captkirk42

“ This may be the first COTD of a female since those Brats cards. I don't remember this character in this movie. I guess I would if I had collected the cards! ” -switzr1

“ Not a bad card for non sport, I wonder if it is the design or the pic? ” -hawksforever

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Set: 1993 Bon Air Fire Engines (Rate)

Card: #65 1992 Spartan Gladiator Saulsburg Rescue Pumpe

“ This is so ridiculous I gotta like it! ” -switzr1

“ *blink* *blink* They'll make cards for anything won't they? ” -Mike67

“ I need that fire engines autograph ” -Young Kilo

“ I love this set. It came out when I was 8 years old, what 8 year old doesn't love fire trucks? I don't happen to have this card. Whoever posted the checklist though got it wrong, the set is actually 500 cards. It is the largest automotive themed set ever made, including auto racing, where the largest set is only 340 cards. (not counting insets/parallels/promos) ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This is going to be a little long - sorry. I know there will be a few "The early 90s, a card for Everything" comments, but I can assure you that there were fire (truck/man) sets a lot earlier than that. In the early 80s, I worked for a baseball card shop and the owner was a big time photographer. He had a hand in putting together a fire truck set (I think it had firemen as well) that I remember helping him sort into sets. That was probably around 1982 or 1983. ” -vrooomed

“ I have all the respect in the world for firemen, but damn I wish I had a job where I get paid when I'm sleeping (albeit always mindful that when the alarm sounds, it's time to earn that pay)! ” -bkklaos

“ COOL !! ” -uncaian

“ Everyone likes fire trucks! ” -carthage44

“ Ya know, when I click the drop-down menu and select "Write One", it's like getting a Christmas gift from a distant relative. Sure, it's shaped like a card, but it could really be anything. Sometimes, it's 1960s Topps baseball. And sometimes, it's this. ” -wax_house

“ Fire Trucks. When I first heard about one of these sets at first I thought it kind of odd. Then I remembered earlier sets of cars from the 1950s through the 70s and it wasn't so odd. ” -captkirk42

“ too cool ” -jackal726

“ Opening Day pitcher for the 1993 Fire Engines. ” -jlaz10

“ A copycat from the police, these were the thing for fire departments to have. Some departments actually used these for contest and kids could win a price. For volunteer deparments, the idea was to make the kids come to the station to get the last card in the set, where usually a well meaning member would try to sell mom/dad on joining. ” -engine614

“ Nice 1992 Spartan Gladiator Saulsburg Rescue Pumper RC....or is it an XRC? ” -flcardtrader

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Set: 2006-07 O-Pee-Chee (Rate)

Card: #67 Maxim Afinogenov

“ Is O-Pee-Chee taking over the site??? ” -carthage44

“ Love this design. Nice and simple. Back design is nice also. Add another set to my ever growing never ending "to build" list. Maybe, I need to get realistic for some collecting goals. ” -captkirk42

“ The buffaslug! Not a great logo for a pro team. ” -duaned99

“ Either this is the 3rd card from this set recently, or OPC doesn't alter their design much from one year to the next. I don't like his uniform. ” -switzr1

“ The Buffa-slug was one of the worst logos in the NHL, and the Sabres now have one of the best with their original roundel. ” -jlaz10

“ This guy was really really good. And then poof. Gone. ” -Howintensive

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Set: 2006 Press Pass - Autographs Gold (Rate)

Card: #27 Orien Harris

“ I am very sad that Press Pass folded as I enjoyed their pre-season football sets. ” -carthage44

“ As someone that PCs cards from a university, I am a fan of sets like this. ” -jackal726

“ Nice looking card for Press Pass. I like on card autos but don't like college uniforms for Professional Players which Press Pass mostly is since Topps has the NFL licenses. ” -captkirk42

“ The 'Canes should go back to a classic number font for starters. Ultimately a conservative striping method would better their look as well. ” -jlaz10

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Set: 1999-00 Upper Deck Swedish Hockey League (Rate)

Card: #208 David Ytfeldt

“ Not a bad set,it's fun to pick out the players who "made it" to the NHL,I don't think this fellow did. ” -uncaian

“ That background is just hideous! ” -carthage44

“ I've got a new winner for "Worst Card Design, Ever". ” -C2Cigars

“ Is at background moving? Looks like something from Max Headroom on Network 23. ” -koloth42

“ Ouch. This one actually hurts to look at. Maybe the worst card design I have ever seen. ” -switzr1

“ I've looked at this 4 or 5 times trying to find something nice to say about it. I was unsuccessful. ” -NJdevils

“ Ouch Upper Deck WHAT DID YOU DO HERE? UGH Hate this dashed line design, the ghost-like look on the back is much better. They should have either not used a border at all or made it very thin along the edges. ” -captkirk42

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Set: 1996 IMT Inc Doodlewonkers (Rate)

Card: #9 Facts: The Washington

“ The reason your friends don't know this "fact"? It's completely made up. No truth to this at all. ” -switzr1

“ That's actually kind of creepy! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Fact:Trees die for no reason,because of sets like these !!!! ” -uncaian

“ Well... uh....I have nothing ” -SFC Temple

“ If true, I certainly didn't know that...will be going up it next month as a matter of fact and I'll ask! Never heard of the set, but I like it! ” -bkklaos

“ This set is also a Fact Your Friends Don't Know. ” -wax_house

“ Wow Loopy Non-Sport entry. I actually kind of like it. ” -captkirk42

“ I like the front, not so much the back. Interesting cards to say the least. ” -jupiterhill

“ I wonder if that's still true. I'd think it would sink less (per year) as it sank more. ” -jackal726

“ I am speechless. ” -carthage44

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