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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Set: 1996 Metal Universe (Rate)

Card: #214 Jay Bell

“ That is all sorts of ugly. Its a shame too because I like the back. I also liked those Pirates uniforms a lot too. ” -jupiterhill

“ Metal Universe was so bad, it's good. ” -switzr1

“ Is this a Picasso or some form of modern art? Oh no, it looks like his body is coming apart, starting at the chest! ” -muskie027

“ One of the most bizarre set concepts ever. And Fleer used it in at least three sports! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This card scan terribly. Good player, terrible design, sums up mid-nineties baseball cards pretty well to be honest. ” -JoshReese92099

“ Which Aaron Rodgers rookie cards are fetching the most right now ” -Ericb34

“ First impression was that Bell was running through a fall windstorm flailing leaves at him - not Metal Universe's intent, I'm sure. So I checked out my Astros in this set and find some very attractive cards, particularly the Bagwell and Biggio, and thusly they have been added to my Want List. Good thing Bell wasn't an Astro, though. ” -Sportzcommish

“ I like the back, but don't get the front. Did they make it out of barbed wire? ” -kents_stuff

“ These were cool when they came out and I was 12 years old but I no longer think they are very cool. ” -carthage44

“ What the heck is happening? ” -wax_house

“ I never seen one of these in person. Maybe it just the scan. It just does not look good. ” -kirkscards

“ horrible looking card. the whole metal thing is awful in all the cards i have seen that have tried to metalicize themselves.. ” -parsley24

“ Terrible. Plain and simple ” -rmitchell6700

“ Terrible concept. The back of the card looks great, but the front is a nightmare. ” -mkaz80

“ Clean barf off cards before submitting scans. ” -NJDevils

“ ACK its a Metal Universe card. Not a fan of these. If they were in regular ink not the metalized chrome whatever they are I might like them. Back is OK not great. ” -captkirk42

“ No thanks. Seriously, this is terrible. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ I've never seen one of these, but I'm thinking it's got to be pretty cool. ” -Doe MG

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Set: 2004 Leaf (Rate)

Card: #230 Matt Kata

“ Just OK. Player name should be larger than branding. I wonder if this guy got anywhere? Looking... OK debuted in 2003 with D'Backs been traded a few times back to minors in 2009 and now with Rangers AAA. Back OK I guess not great. ” -captkirk42

“ Leaf had some interesting sets. This card is not bad. ” -muskie027

“ Pretty good design. About 1 too many things down low. maybe the leaf or the team logo needs to be up in a corner or on the name plate. But good photography in the set. ” -parsley24

“ Love those sleeveless jerseys complemented by the undershirt with the colored sleeves. Wish Houston would develop one for the Astros. ” -Sportzcommish

“ He had some hype as a top prospect but never lived up to them. ” -carthage44

“ I actually like the design of the card, but I hated the Diamondbacks jerseys and I have no idea who this guy is. ” -JoshReese92099

“ That's a nice looking card. In my book, it's a very good design. ” -kents_stuff

“ A color card could not have been made more bland. Honestly, a black and white photo would probably have been better. ” -NJDevils

“ Decent design. I'm usually pretty lukewarm on Leaf designs, but this one is acceptable. I like the photo choice, too. Wish the D'backs still wore this getup. ” -mkaz80

“ Never saw this set before. It's alright. I bet the Cardinals cards look nice. ” -switzr1

“ I'm not sure what I think of this card. I don't hate it, but I'm not in love with it. Somewhat middle of the road. I don't think I ever heard of Matt Kata before though. ” -jupiterhill

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Set: 2011-12 Hoops (Rate)

Card: #106 Marc Gasol

“ This was a nice Hoops set. I like this card. ” -switzr1

“ An attractive design with a tad too much empty space down the lower sides. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Sooooo much wasted space ” -aussiewayne

“ The revival of the Hoops set during the second lockout was the only good thing I can say about any lockouts. The design was an homage to the 1989-90 set, just reversed and more colorful. I like it, and completed the set last year. Marc Gasol was traded for his brother Pau, one of the few times that's happened in NBA history. Still with the Grizzlies, he has been their main scorer for many years now. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Hoops more like Dups! ” -carthage44

“ Its ok, but the cropping of this particular photo is about an inch to high. ” -parsley24

“ For some reason I like Hoops sets, even though Basketball is my 4th sport of the Big US4. Like the use of the key shape Very easy to read. Back is nice but as usual many will complain about the same photo being used. Personally I prefer backs without photos but whatever. ” -captkirk42

“ There's isolation, and then there's cropping an action shot so closely that you lose context. Good thing a sliver of basketball is visible at the top - otherwise it'd be hard to tell what sport he's playing. Common card-back defects: Tiny font, same photo ” -dilemma19

“ A lot of wasted space on the front. They could have thrown a Gizzly logo on there some where. Maybe a position too. ” -muskie027

“ So much to say on this one! 1. Really, Panini, please chip in the extra few hours for your photographers to take enough photos to have different ones on front and back. 2. With that said, I love how our defender's face blends in so well with the crowd in the background. 3. And if he is really holding that infant WHILE defending Marc Gasol, this guy deserves to be in the hall of fame! ” -kents_stuff

“ If you're just gonna repeat the same image on the back of the card, just omit it completely. Don't do us any favors, okay? ” -mkaz80

“ I see what they were going for, but it didn’t turn out right. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ Sooooo much wasted space ” -aussiewayne

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Set: 1991 Impel Marvel Universe (Rate)

Card: #152 Avengers West Coast

“ Although I prefer DC over Marvel, they have always had better cards than DC. Apparently the guidelines stating properly cropped does not apply to whoever posted the scan. There is no white border on the top of the card. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ One of the few non-sport sets I still own. And West Coast Avengers #6 was the first Marvel comic I ever bought (excluding licenced properties such as Star Wars, GI Joe, and Transformers). Impel would of course change its name to Skybox about a year after this set came out. ” -bevans

“ I prefer the East Coast Avengers. ” -carthage44

“ No.... This was when there were just too many weird parallels and cards and card sets. ” -parsley24

“ Cool Non-Sport. Ah The Avengers West Coast. When this title first started I was still majorly into comic books. I have quite a few of the first few issues. I'd have to check the box they are in to see which ones I actually have. The Marvel Universe card series is pretty good. If I recall it was pretty well balanced, not Spider-Man heavy or Capt. America heavy like other Marvel Comic sets are. Impel was a good card company. It was bought out by Skybox which in turn, as many card collectors know, got bought up by Fleer. ” -captkirk42

“ Thank the lord the MCU didn't use "classic costumes." ” -rmpaq5

“ Don't confuse us with those East Coast Avengers - we want NOTHING to do with those guys. ” -royals

“ Who's the guy in pink? ” -Sportzcommish

“ Hmmm. Nope. Prefer East Coast Avengers. ” -Joshua825

“ I had NO IDEA about the annual softball game! Do they still do that now, 25+ years later? What's the series record? ” -kents_stuff

“ Um, maybe the East Coast was cooler? I am unfamiliar. I am not opposed to comic stuff, just to be clear, I even like a lot of it, I just don't know this bunch, except for maybe is that Iron Man in the back? ” -muskie027

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Set: 2000 Donruss - Dominators (Rate)

Card: #D-3 Emmitt Smith

“ Not bad. Not great, but not bad. ” -switzr1

“ It's finally NOT a hockey card! That was a weird streak of same-sport cards. As for this card, not bad but also not great. Awesome pic on the front, nice pic on the back and an SN on the card. But the design is weak and there are no stats at all. If I was rating this card on a 10-point scale, it would get a 5. That is ONLY because of the pics though! Otherwise, I'd rate it lower, ” -spazmatastic

“ Not a bad insert design, but why is DOM so big and bold? It looks funny. Weird funny, not haha funny. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ It's Emmitt. He dominated. Could be a 1-card set. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Best all-around running back of all-time, PERIOD! ” -carthage44

“ Ok looking card. Probably not a parallel that is needed though. ” -parsley24

“ Nice insert card. Far from being my favorite team or player. Back is nice. Oh the days of super sized serial numbers numbered to the thousands. ” -captkirk42

“ Might as well title this set “DOMinators,” if I could make the other letters any smaller, I would. But I like this design, other than the title on the side. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ One of the greatest players ever ” -MLBaseball

“ Not too bad of a card. Would like some stats, but the front is pretty decent, despite the blurry font. ” -kents_stuff

“ A true great. The pose and look has that greatness look. The Dominators thing going on isn't cool, nor is the decreasing font, actually, that's bad. This would be great without that stripe on the left. ” -muskie027

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Set: 2007 Upper Deck - Gold Predictor Edition (Rate)

Card: #10 Alge Crumpler

“ He seems excited about something. Did he score a touchdown? There are no other players or officials visible on the field, so it seems unlikely. I have no idea what makes this a Predictor Edition. ” -switzr1

“ Great photo! The colors work wonderfully well together. The frame with player info is sufficiently sized that it doesn't overwhelm. ” -Sportzcommish

“ No idea what Gold Predictor Edition means, but I like this card. Great design, and it looks like the name and UD logo are in gold holofoil, which looks great in hand. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Merry CRUMPmas everyone!!!! ” -parsley24

“ "Like OMG! I just got me a touchdown!" ” -olerud363

“ For some reason I like the 2007 Upper Deck sets. Even though the player's name is often hard to read and the team name and player's position vertical. You can tell this is the gold parallel edition because of the hint of gold on the side borders and the player's name in gold foil, plus the back has some gol... OK maybe the back doesn't have any gold on it. A least it looks like full stats on back. ” -captkirk42

“ The Crump's was a very good TE for a long time. ” -carthage44

“ Not sure I understand the "predictor" aspect. But good design. ” -cjjt

“ "What does the random name generator have for me today? Predictor Edition it is!" - guy at Upper Deck probably Alge looks particularly lineman-ish here. If it weren't for the #83 I'd not have guessed it was him. ” -OCHawkeye

“ Ew. ” -IndyBean17

“ With a name like that, he could be Aquaman's nemesis. ” -DanD

“ Not a fan of this one. Hard to read players name. Back is OK. ” -KMack

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Set: 1999-00 Upper Deck Ovation (Rate)

Card: #47 Chris Webber

“ I liked the Ovation brand because it always featured texture/embossing. The sides here are made to feel like a basketball. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Love the leathery feel to these, but wonder how they'll last over time. ” -Sportzcommish

“ I like this set. The surface feels like a basketball. ” -switzr1

“ Hope he's not trying to call a timeout. SO COLD! ” -carthage44

“ Chris Webber, I forgive you (and Jalen Rose). I attended the University of Michigan. During grad school, the Fab Five arrived on campus. I admit that I was skeptical of them but grew to love their brashness. Then came the Final versus UNC. For the longest time, I blamed Chris Webber the loss, but also Jalen Rose. Webber did travel then called a non-existent time out. I blame Rose because after Webber got the rebound, Jalen should have take the ball out of Chris' hands and dribbled up the court because that is what point guards do. I thought Jalen wasn't there to do that because he was at the other end of the court waiting to score the winning basket. Or so I thought. Then I saw the tape recently. Jalen was there for the ball. Webber failed to give it to him, and thought people on the bench were calling for a time out. Chris Webber was 19 YEARS OLD. He messed up, but he was 19. I messed up at 19 and most of us do but never in such a public way. I forgive you. Much Love. ” -cjjt

“ I both like and hate the Ovation designs. It is real cool they use the ball background and in some years textured the cards to copy the feel of that sport's ball. Other than that the design is just plain dull. I see some will be upset with the back using just one photo. ” -captkirk42

“ The Ovation baseball designs worked well with the ball seams on the front, but the concept doesn't translation well to basketball. ” -olerud363

“ great looking card but the basketball was too much IMHO ” -parsley24

“ Fleer did a better ball background in the 1994-95 NBA All Stars insert set. No ovation here. On second look, the card is plain ugly. ” -NJDevils

“ Meh. I did like the football and baseball versions so I suppose if you're a basketball collector, it's probably a card you like. ” -IndyBean17

“ The leather background is cool, but what is the deal with the wider of the two rectangles behind CWebb? Is there something in there that didn't scan well? Also I find the name too small for my liking. ” -kents_stuff

“ I like this even though it is a lot of space dedicated to the basketball. If the basketball portion of this card had a leathery grooved surface that felt like the ball, this would be cooler. I am unfamiliar with this card, so I am not sure if it does or not. ” -muskie027

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Set: 2011 Score - In the Zone (Rate)

Card: #27 Sam Bradford

“ Ok for an insert. If this was a base card it wouldn't be good, but, since it's not, good enough. I think I actually have a card from this set, kind of rare for football. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Zoned out by the overindulgence in graphics and fonts and limited focus on the player. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Forgot he ever "played" for the Rams. ” -carthage44

“ Score was always fun to open but nothing I ever collected. Decent player, don't think he ever truly reached his potential. Hope his knees allow him to play for longer. ” -JoshReese92099

“ Looks like a box of laundry detergent. ” -NJDevils

“ Whoa! I didn't know Sam Bradford was in the last 20 minutes of "2001: A Space Odyssey." ” -Vvvergeer

“ Not a bad design overall, but would be improved with less card company stuff (e.g., "Score" and "In the Zone") and more player and team stuff. ” -kents_stuff

“ This uniform color and combination are my favorite of the Rams. ” -RoyalChief

“ it looks like the packaging for a card set. ugly ” -Bargunmaster

“ mr. injury ” -Thunderfoot

“ Look out Sam! You're about to be sucked into the nothingness void of a Black Hole! I seriously thought this was a packaging image at first glance. ” -rmpaq5

“ This looks like a box cover or one of the ad cards in every pack telling you that you have a code, or can win Kid Reporter at the Super Bowl or something. I don't think it is bad, there is something catchy to it as an insert, but just a weird feel to it, like it isn't really a card. ” -muskie027

“ Well....it looks like the zone he's in might be the neutral zone. I think he might be with the federation! ” -Joshua825

“ Nice looking card. I enjoy the Score sets, even though I think they use too much white. ” -switzr1

“ Nice insert card. If I don't have this card I should have it. Life long Rams fan since Gabriel's days. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Set: 2004 SkyBox LE - Future Legends (Rate)

Card: #13FL Ben Troupe

“ So, football fans, is this guy a legend? I always laugh when the card companies predict future stuff, because they are usually well off. I can think of only one prediction in the NBA that actually came true, and that was Hakeem Olajuwon being named Playoff MVP. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Future Legend? Nope. ” -royals

“ Somewhat unprophetic. ” -Sportzcommish

“ This guy played forever! Like the card design and I honestly don't remember him playing for the Titans. ” -JoshReese92099

“ Turned out he was not a Future Legend. ” -carthage44

“ Boring.... ” -jayoneill

“ Not a horrible design, but something about it just says, "Meh." ” -olerud363

“ Future legends and Ben Troupe... Never thought i would hear that together. But anyways, a nice-ish design. I wish these designs and special parallels would be reserved for truly special people. ” -parsley24

“ Nope on the design...nope on the legend. ” -cckeith

“ They had 25 cards in this set. This one was a miss on their "legend" prediction. I wonder how they did overall. I like the use of team colors--makes for a sharp card. But I'm not pleased with all the wasted space. ” -kents_stuff

“ Boring. ” -cjjt

“ I know Guppy Troup. I don't remember Ben Troupe. Maybe I would if I had this card. ” -switzr1


“ wow soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much blue ” -aussiewayne

“ A Rookie business card? Not sure what to think about this one. ” -captkirk42

“ Future legend eh? ” -IfbBirdsCards

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Set: 1994 Cardz The Mask (Rate)

Card: #25 Meanwhile, Dorian Tyrel is on the phone

“ I fell in love with Cameron Diaz in this movie. I didn't know there were cards. Does she still make movies? I quit watching them. ” -switzr1

“ When I think of 'Exciting!' I think of this card immediately. ” -mkaz80

“ This card just SCREAMS "zany Jim Carrey comedy", doesn't it? ” -kents_stuff

“ Without some kind of labeling on the front, I had no idea what it was until I turned it over. Not sure what makes a good movie card, but it isn't awful. ” -muskie027

“ I do not remember this guy from the movie at all. ” -carthage44

“ No banners on front. No like. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Not a movie buff, but I don't consider this a memorable enough film to justify a trading card set. ” -dilemma19

“ This one surprised me. At first glance I thought it was some vintage US Presidents set. I almost started to try to figure out which POTUS it was. LOL. Been ages since I've seen the movie. One of Jim Carrey's best films if not the best. ” -captkirk42

“ I dont like that there is nothing on the front of this card stating what it is. ” -parsley24

“ I have no idea what this is. He looks like he'd make a great Bond villain. ” -IndyBean17

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