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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Set: 1989 Kay-Bee Superstars of Baseball (Rate)

Card: #14 Dwight Gooden

“ I miss Kay Bee. They always had unique stuff, lots of good memories there. And they always had some really funky music piped in. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Kay-Bee Toys was always such a fun store to go to as a kid. ” -ketchupman36

“ I loved these sets. Had two of them back in the day. ” -switzr1

“ This really takes me back! I miss the days of the small store branded card sets, Fleer Superstars, etc.....as I recall, these were quite glossy and on a decently thick cardboard. I love the back in the style of 1971 Topps as well. Yes, these were over-produced but for a kid, it was always cool to have a full set for a couple bucks. ” -tbshaw

“ Drugs took another great one away from the game too early. ” -carthage44

“ Nice readable back ” -NJDevils

“ I love all the boxed sets of that era, even if they were massively overproduced. I think I collected them all. There are some great design! ” -twinscollector34

“ I had a lot of these store brand sets when I was young, then went through a time period where I couldn't believe I spent money on them. Now that I am older, I appreciate them so much more. I like this one, as well as a lot of others. ” -muskie027

“ Nice Topps retail store contracted card. Shame Kay-Bee isn't around anymore. They were an OK toy store, a bit expensive on some stuff but over all was a pretty good store. I digress. I like these toy store and discount store sets, but they were still part of the overproduction years so even though they are cool sets they aren't worth a whole lot. I have a few of these cards from the repack boxes I've picked up from Target from time to time. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Set: 1995 Action Packed (Rate)

Card: #25 Curtis Goodwin

“ Action Packed. When they first came out I got the team set of the Redskins (I think, if so I still have them somewhere). Now not a fan of them. They seem more like cardboard packs than a card the way they are folded/sealed. ” -captkirk42

“ Loved Action Packed. If they had survived they would have been my all-time favorite card brand easily. Their 1994 NASCAR set is in my top 5 favorite sets of all-time from all-sports combined. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I liked the initial Action Packed Football sets and didn't know they did baseball. Not a bad card. A logo would have made it pretty cool. ” -muskie027

“ I would like to see one of these in hand as I'm sure the right side is foiled up. Need to squint to see it, or maybe it is just too early in the morning. ” -rmpaq5

“ Bring back Action Packed!!! ” -carthage44

“ One word - Nice! ” -vrooomed

“ I don't remember this set. I had a bunch of 1994 Action Packed Minors, but didn't remember that they repeated it. Wouldn't mind getting some eventually. I'm a big fan of Action Packed. ” -switzr1

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Set: 1976 O-Pee-Chee (Rate)

Card: #183 Steve Braun

“ I like this one a lot. 1976 is easily my favorite Topps set of this decade , so by default, my favorite OPC of the 70s too. And Braun would eventually play for the Cardinals. ” -switzr1

“ I always hated the little guy in the corner. Silly. ” -cjjt

“ I think this guy was picked in the expantion draft by the Mariners the following year. ” -deporcoruña

“ The more and more I see 70s cards, the more and more I love them. The little cartoon player for each different position on the front is one of my favourite design aspects ever. Also interesting that with this set, the position on the front is only in English on this set, despite the English/French text on the back.LONG LIVE OPEECHEE! ” -rmpaq5

“ Back when I first started collecting (a little in 1978 and a lot in 1979), I did not like the 1976 cards. Now, I actually like the overall design. And I do like the whiter card stock of the OPCs back then. ” -vrooomed

“ Excellent! Good old Freddie Falkenberg and his "grand slammer". This, and anything else released before I was born is okay to call vintage. Despite being 30 years old, 1986 Fleer shall never be considered vintage. ” -dilemma19

“ Ah the smell of vintage OPC in the morning. What's not to love? Me likey ” -captkirk42

“ Fun fact: One of only 19 major leagers to have over 100 pinch hits in their career. He currently stands in 12th place with 113 pinch hits. ” -carthage44

“ ...looks like a winner. ” -RoundtheDiamond87

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Set: 1996 Leaf Preferred (Rate)

Card: #137 Ruben Rivera

“ Isn't this the guy who was stealing bats from Jeter and selling them to a memorabilia dealer? I don't see anything "preferred" that makes this card stand out above any standard Donruss card of this era. I will commend them for the photo. The foul ball in flight is cool. Unless it is superimposed. ” -switzr1

“ So, did he hit or miss? ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I like the way the logo is subtly integrated into the border. Nice big back photo, but doesn't leave much room for stats (in this case, there aren't any). Foil = yuk. ” -dilemma19

“ Okay optical illusion time. Is the ball behind him because he is fouling it back, or in front and to the left because he chopped it foul down the third baseline. ” -rmpaq5

“ We had one of these cards a few weeks back maybe a month ago? Checking... Hmm maybe its still in the queue? ” -captkirk42

“ Defiantly not preferred in my book. ” -carthage44

“ Great picture! ” -cjjt

“ The other Yankee Rivera had a slightly better career. I like the picture and framing and the color scheme is nice. The back is pretty cool too. Not bad. ” -muskie027

“ Nice ” -hphillips

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Set: 1962 Jay Publishing Chicago White Sox (Rate)

Card: #NNO Joe Martin

“ YO JOE! Simple....to the point. Enuf said. We are talking about a non-Topps product in 1962 here.... Actually, as "vanilla" as this is with a blank back, I always enjoy seeing non-Topps products pre-1979 as it simply is something different. ” -tbshaw

“ A fine scan from the guru of Jay Publishing! ” -Dave Sosidka

“ GO WHITE SOX!!! ” -carthage44

“ Very nice, simple yet classy set. Wish I had a few ” -NJDevils

“ Cool! I like it! And a card (slightly) older than me! ” -bkklaos

“ Like these photo sets. Need to break down and chase Wash Senators from those years. ” -captkirk42

“ Was this a baseball card, or a portrait? It is cool, but with no back, I wasn't sure. Stats on the back would have made this great! ” -muskie027

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Set: 2011 Bowman Platinum - Gold (Rate)

Card: #97 Evan Longoria

“ Let me guess, whoever scanned this had an Epson scanner? One of mine put those pinkish stripes on all holofoil cards. Not a bad design and an otherwise good scan. I have a green version from this set. I think the set listing may need to be tweaked, I don't think Bowman Platinum should be listed twice...but I may be wrong. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Tough scan. ” -carthage44

“ Bowman Platinum. Too shiny now. A bit too plain. Cool scanning effect though. ” -captkirk42

“ Is that the gold? I can buy the ruby, but that is one ugly scan. ” -rmpaq5

“ I actually kind of like this. I don't get into parallel sets much at all, but this one looks pretty good. ” -switzr1

“ I like it. It has a great clean look, and the baby blue Rays uniform fits it perfect. ” -muskie027

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Set: 1992 Pacific Greats Washington Huskies (Rate)

Card: #44 Brooks Biddle

“ Great information on the back. I'd buy a car from him! ” -rmpaq5

“ I like this type of set. Team set covering the history of the team. Makes it possible to own a card of an old timer. Sometimes it's the first time a guy ever appeared on cardboard. I'm amused by the uniform number thing too. Surely I'm not the only one to catch this! ” -switzr1

“ Huskies are back to prominence. ” -carthage44

“ Nice card. Nothing flashy, but everything you need to know is there. ” -dilemma19

“ As a Husky alum, I need to get this set! I'll always think of Brooks Biddle Chevrolet! Love it! ” -bkklaos

“ Nice retro card. I got a little excited at first because I saw a B&W picture and thought it was a vintage card. But retro is just as nice. ” -captkirk42

“ Nice photo. Biddle probably got tired of posing for a picture and the result was better. ” -Sportzcommish

“ I think everyone has one or two of these cards lying around somewhere ” -SFC Temple

“ Not great, but good. I like it. Nothing like sets remembering those forgotten. I never heard of this set, but I am curious to see more about who was in it. ” -muskie027

“ Love his hair, love his ears, great card! ” -UKboogie

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Set: 1998 Upper Deck (Rate)

Card: #93 Deion Sanders

“ The back is cool, but I am not a huge fan of the picture tapering down so I can get more border. Just give me a full picture. I like that they give the date of the picture and what was happening on the card. I'll give it this, it has a cool look nonetheless. ” -muskie027

“ Nice scan....only an OK card design though. For some reason this year's UD flagship never really grabbed my attention, in any of the sports it was used in. I do like the game dated aspect of it though. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ He couldn't tackle but he could sure make a play on a ball! ” -carthage44

“ The design is a waste for me, but I really do like the captions Upper Deck put on the front during this time period describing what the play the photo was taken during. ” -rmpaq5

“ A so-so Upper Deck design. Sort of has the goalpost thing going. That design aspect hasn't been good since the 1974 Topps. The I noticed the first 42 cards in the set are the Rookie stars and those look like they belong in a completely different set, different type of design. I hate when sets divide the design up so drastically within the set. Hard to know they are from the same set. And with each company making a dozen different sets each year this problem only increases as the years go by. ” -captkirk42

“ Is that a GD or a 69 in the upper left? OK design but not the best Upper Deck ever did. ” -switzr1

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Set: 2007 Upper Deck Goudey (Rate)

Card: #190 Jermaine Dye

“ Nice throwback. I like the modern sets that pay homage to the old ones, I think I am in the minority there. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ JD was the White Sox World Series MVP in 2005. Glad the White Sox are currently rebuilding their farms system with some blockbuster trades! GO SOX!!! ” -carthage44

“ Love retro sets. I was mixed about these when they first came out. Then learned there were the green backs like this one and red backs. Only difference is the font color on the back. I think the red backs are supposed to be rarer. ” -captkirk42

“ I remember this guy. His name is Jermaine Dye. When at the plate he had a good eye. & his fielding was effortless: he didn't even have to try! I remember this guy. ” -pksteinberg

“ Love it! Well made throw-back card. As an A's fan, love his contributions to the team back in the day.....who knows what would have happened if he had not broken his leg in the ALCS in 2001.... ” -tbshaw

“ I like the look, but don't know if I would like to store the shape. I never collected these, but they do look great. Whatever happened to Dye? He had a couple great years. Were these cardboard (they look like it) or since Upper Deck made them, were they glossy with a cardboard look? ” -muskie027

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Set: 2009 Upper Deck (Rate)

Card: #213 Yovani Gallardo

“ Actually one of my favourite, yet multi-used designs. ” -rmpaq5

“ I really like this design. Wish the NBA set wasn't so expensive because I would like to add more to my collection, but that year has some key rookies that keep it high. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Near the end for Upper Deck and their MLB licence which ended because they were not paying the athletes for autographs. ” -carthage44

“ The hard-to-read name in foil on the front is about the only thing I dislike about this card. I was not actively collecting when this card was issued, but it sure was nice when Upper Deck could produce licensed baseball cards. Topps take note: Despite this being a "20th anniversary" year for UD, gaudy logos aren't plastered all over the card. ” -dilemma19

“ Overall it is not bad, I just am not falling for the gold bottom. Maybe it is because I am thinking that should be a gold parrellel? A decent card with a nice design, it just falls a tad short. ” -muskie027

“ This was around the time Upper Deck started getting good again. ” -captkirk42

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