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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Set: 1990 CMC Syracuse Chiefs (Rate)

Card: #23 Stu Pederson

“ Cool, I like minor league cards. And my two favorite colors are green and yellow, so the theme works well for me. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Joc's daddy! ” -trauty

“ Not bad. It looks like 90 Minor Leagues. ” -muskie027

“ This card is 5 years after Stu made his very brief Major League Debut in 1985 with the Los Angeles Dodgers playing in 8 games, 5 plate appearances, 0 hits, 1 RBI (on a Sac Fly). He is most notable for being the father of current Major Leaguer, Joc Pederson of the Dodgers. ” -carthage44

“ Why when I look at this dudes name does my mental spell check go off? Seems like Stu Pederson should be Stew Peterson. I'm just saying.... ” -YoRicha

“ Nice to see an old Blue Jays MiLB card. ” -olerud363

“ I was going to say, "Oh, Stu. You get one card and this is the look on your face? I'm so sorry." But he has 16 cards. Because of his brilliant career? No, but because...modern card collecting. Good for him. Like the logo, don't hate the front. Back has too much wasted space. And still, "Oh, Stu..." ” -Vvvergeer

“ As an owner of a "Sports Card Business" I will from time to time get these and other Minor League Team Sets or singles. I have never had a bunch of luck moving these cards. This set (1990 CMC) was, in my opinion, one of the worst looking Baseball cards ever. Look at how blurry the picture is? The colors are a terrible combination of green and yellow shocking on the eyes it takes away from whoever the hell Stu Pederson is? The backs are not much better and with a checklist of over 500 the same dual looking ugly cards, you can see why these failed miserably. ” -The House Of Cards

“ Nothing like being a DH in the minor leagues. ” -kirkscards

“ Thought this was a poorly drawn card from the 52 bowman set, then realized, nope this is a photo. ” -parsley24

“ Nice minor league baseball. I think I have some Orioles affiliates from this set, or Expos, or whatevers. ” -captkirk42

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Set: 1999-00 SkyBox Impact (Rate)

Card: #34 Brevin Knight

“ I really enjoyed the Impact set. It was a one-year only release for the NBA, but it had good quality photos, team color keyed borders, unique photos on both sides, and full career statistics. Unfortunately, it was a small set at 200 cards. I did, however, complete it from one box back when the set was new. Brevin now does broadcasting for the Memphis Grizzlies. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I don't collect basketball but remembered Fleer did this exact same set in 2000. Sadly after looking it up Impact didn't have much of an Impact, seeing as how it lasted one year in both sports. As far as look and everything it's a decent card, much better than other sets that lasted years. ” -davidhandberry

“ I like the framed look on the front; good action shot. Nice cards. ” -KMack

“ I feel like this card is a double print because I do not have many basketball cards yet I have like 5 of these. ” -carthage44

“ Eh an OK card. It is Skybox which is really Fleer which makes it an even better card ” -captkirk42

“ Either Knight had an amazing mid-air crossover move or Doleac had really bad eyesight on this attempted block. ” -Mitch

“ I remember him, he used to dish a lot of assists. Not a bad card, too many white line borders though. Could have had one or two less. I never heard of Impact, but it not a bad looking card. ” -muskie027

“ What are the odds? A basketball card submitted by Billy. ” -NJDevils

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Set: 1990 Topps TV Boston Red Sox (Rate)

Card: #53 Julius McDougal

“ I actually really like this design- especially for a team set. Very cool. And nice to see Glens Falls show up, albeit briefly, on Card of the Day. While it's several hours north of me, I've spent a LOT of time there over the years. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I like this card. I wish they had made a set for all 30 teams. I get that the fan bases for the teams that they chose are large, but at the time, these weren't the best teams in baseball. ” -davidhandberry

“ What is Topps TV? Never heard of these. ” -carthage44

“ This looks like the kid in little league who just got yelled at by his mom and has to struggle through the photo without crying. ” -parsley24

“ He's No Nomar. I like this design. Time to track down this set. ” -dilemma19

“ One of these commemorative souvenir type card sets, or "Deck" sets as I like to call them since they usually have a small card count of somewhere between 20 to 100 cards with most of them being 50 or 60 card count. I wonder why the Sawx got a team set? Come to think of it how many individual teams did they make for that year. Sometimes they do one for each team other times just the big market teams or one particular division or just the playoff teams. ” -captkirk42

“ Frankly, I don't know anything about this set. But it does look like something pulled from a Kellogg's or Hostess box. ” -altaeria

“ Have never seen this set before. I like this design. Much better than the 1990 Topps flagship set. Still has a very late-80's feel to it. ” -royals

“ When Topps thought what could be worse than our base set, they made this. ” -IfbBirdsCards

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Set: 2015 Topps Star Wars Journey to the Force Awakens - Character Stickers (Rate)

Card: #S-2 Han Solo

“ Thought it was the original from '77 at first. Still really like the design, classic. Oh and they have backs now. Not to mention Solo has his own movie coming soon. ” -Doc Floyd

“ I'm the only Star Wars fan I know who hated this movie...I don't plan to ever watch it again or the later issues of the Disney stuff...ruined such a great thing. I have not even watched any of the original trilogy or prequels since this came out. I used to watch them often, I've seen them literally hundreds of times. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I heard that Han shot first ” -trauty

“ Nice retro look. ” -uncaian

“ Never heard of him. ” -carthage44

“ Re-tread of the original. ” -cjjt

“ At least a break from the non cool looking cards for this. classic sticker. ” -parsley24

“ I'll leave the typical Star Wars "Force" jokes for others to post. Wait is this a real Sticker or is it a card of a sticker, like the Topps Heritage Baseball "stand-ups" from a couple of years ago that were regular cards with the image of the stand-ups but they were not die-cut/perforated. Anyway I have always liked the looks of Topps Non-Sport stickers. ” -captkirk42

“ Front looks authentic to the era. Back does not ” -Splinter_9

“ "Luke, I swear if I see you smooching on your sister again I will blow your other hand off!" ” -YoRicha

“ If I stare down this barrel long enough maybe they'll fall over dead. ” -kota5

“ Dang...batteries are dead....Hey Wookie, I need 3 AAA's. ” -Kaline6

“ This looked older than 2015. I love Star Wars, so sure. ” -muskie027

“ "I got a good feeling about this!" A+ on subject matter, B- on the fact they continuously use the same images after all these years. I think every frame capture has been used at some point! =) ” -ranfordfan

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Set: 2002-03 Pacific (Rate)

Card: #126 Kris Draper

“ A pretty nicely designed set actually, something Pacific didn't always achieve. It looks like something Upper Deck would have done around that time. Now that I'm collecting the NHL on a full time basis, I'm getting more appreciation of Pacific. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Great looking card. Great picture on the front. Everything you need on a card front and legible. Full stats and a head shot on the back and even room for a little blurb about him. Nice job Pacific. ” -davidhandberry

“ I actually really miss Pacific. ” -carthage44

“ Very nice Pacific card. I miss Pacific. I just hope that Panini never acquires the brand name. I like some Panini products but I think they were better when they stuck only to the stickers (pardon the pun). I love the original Donruss products when Donruss was around and produced them, the new unlicensed Panini products I do not like. ” -captkirk42

“ Always liked the simplicity of the base Pacific design. wish they were still around today ” -hckydv7

“ Actually, I really like this card, a lot. Pacific was so underrated, they actually may have been a gem. I was unfamiliar with them as they came on strong while I was out, but every time they pop up on RCOTD, I seem to like them. Only negative, the lower case first letter. Everything else, a great look! ” -muskie027

“ Pacific had some nice hockey designs back in the early 2000's. This card reminded me of the Detroit-Colorado wars from that era. Some great hockey... ” -BlueJays77

“ Now there is a classic Red Wing. Mr. Draper was a Selke winner I do believe and his name is synonymise with defensive play. He won many a ring with the DRW during his time in the league. I do not like the incorrect grammar errors, such as all lower case letters, and they are small too!! Other than that a typical entry level set. ” -ranfordfan

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Set: 2004 Topps Tribute HOF (Rate)

Card: #17 Reggie Jackson

“ Well... I think that picture represents Reggie pretty well. His swing was pretty memorable and this captures it. ” -Splinter_9

“ I like it...the large 1993 seems to be denoting that he was elected to Cooperstown in 1993...Not having ever seen any of these in person, by the scan it appears to be done using Refractor technology, which means it's a great looking card in person. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Beautiful card. The only issue I have and it is a minor issue is I don't understand why they need 1993 on the front twice. ” -davidhandberry

“ My favorite player as a kid. ” -deporcoruña

“ I didn't know Topps Tribute went back this far. ” -carthage44

“ Classic. Is there anything better than Reggie in Ray bans with a home run swing. Very good looking card. ” -parsley24

“ That's a good looking card, and that swing is not so bad either. ” -Doe MG

“ Not bad. Reminds me of a 1986 Topps Team Leaders card because of the white. I’ve never seen one in hand, but it looks like there may be a holofoil effect or something. ” -muskie027

“ This is a nice card design. I like both the front and back photos, as well as the blurb. It's as white as a hockey card, but there isn't much else to complain about. ” -dilemma19

“ Nice Topps Tribute card. A set that is better for these retired players and not the current players. Many may love Reggie in the Yanks pinstripes but I am still partial to his original A's greens and the one year he wore the black and orange for the O's. ” -captkirk42

“ Reggie Jackson was still playing in 1993? ” -IndyBean17

“ Nice cards. Really like the feathered border of the picture. ” -KMack

“ Nice card ” -cjjt

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Set: 2016 Panini Stickers (Rate)

Card: #468 Pop Warner Football

“ Cool for the kid on it, neat idea....I'll pass (no pun intended). ” -muskie027

“ So valuable. ” -carthage44

“ Neat little novelty card. ” -kirkscards

“ This is awesome, I just wish (although there must be a reason) the kid could have his name on the sticker. ” -rmpaq5

“ Kind of a cool “card.” But just imagine if every PW team got a card... ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ looked like a sage hit card at first ” -Thunderfoot

“ Hmmm, 2016.....so I guess this kid is a freshman in High School now? ” -flcardtrader

“ Interesting sticker. For years and years I had heard of Pop Warner but never knew what it was. It is basically youth "little league" football named after its founder Glenn "Pop" Warner a football coach from early 20th Century. The Checklist shows 7 Pop Warner cards in this sub-set. Pop Warner league seems to still be around I thought it was something that sort of faded away during the 1970s guess I was wrong. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Set: 2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear - Performers Silver (Rate)

Card: #PR-28 Marc Bulger

“ Another of Panini/Donruss Base that are supposed to hold either a relic or memorabilia. And I say this without being a football collector in any way. Just reputation preceding. Waste...Waste...Waste. ” -rmpaq5

“ I'm thinking the player's head should be bigger than the font on the card... ” -ShoTime

“ A nice looking card but definitely the very basic base of a card intended to be a relic card. Sigh I probably need to get a copy of this card as I am a life-long Rams fan, though Marc Bulger is not a favorite QB of mine. I think because I had gotten so dang many cards of his during his playing days I got tired of him. For many years the only current Rams issued base cards in the sets were Bulger, Steven Jackson, Torry Holt. I think Gridiron Gear was one of those sets that just had those three players since they only had 3 or 4 cards for each team to make up their base set of 100 cards. ” -captkirk42

“ I already can see the comments, but I'll say it anyway. Is this a Bulger card, or some odd Rams card with a random head on top? This card is real bad. Bulger wasn't though. He was a great flash in the pan, and when his time came, he fell hard. ” -muskie027

“ i believe this may be my least favorite card I have ever seen. Is the faded Rams logo at the bottom a game-used piece? If not having two logos taking up over half of the card is awful. Having the Donruss Gridiron Gear logo bigger than the name of the player and almost as big as the picture is awful. Just a headshot of a player in a mask is awful. The front and back both have too much free space with nothing on them. This is the worst card I have seen since I started looking at the card of the day. ” -davidhandberry

“ One of 17 different parallel versions of this card..... in the words of John Oliver, cool. ” -carthage44

“ Probably my least favorite type of set out there. An un-signed base version of a card created for an autograph. If I could rate a set Zero, this would be that set. ” -switzr1

“ wow, do not like the wash-out at all ” -mbarlow092

“ Uggh. Too much white space. ” -cjjt

“ What in the world...? I mean, it's literally an auto card without an auto. I suppose we're expected to be impressed that it's numbered to /250. Hard pass. ” -mkaz80

“ This has got to be the most useless insert I've ever seen. Why did they even bother to put an image of the player on the card? And the smallest element on the card? His name. ” -C2Cigars

“ So much wasted space ” -Splinter_9

“ Dull front cover. ” -kirkscards

“ Is this a card of Marc Bulger or the Rams logo??? Pretty bleak I think. For the back, does the SN really need to be 1/3 of the card? I pass on these. ” -KMack

“ Looks like the last sheet on a roll of toilet paper, stuck to the cardboard roll. ” -NJDevils

“ It would be nice if we could see him, you know, performing when we look at this card. ” -WallyCub

“ Way too much space not being used. ” -dsmith23

“ Too much wasted space. Looks like a puppet show. ” -jayoneill

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Set: 2000 Upper Deck MVP - Silver Script (Rate)

Card: #70 Terrence Wilkins

“ The best parallel of them all, the Silver Script. ” -ShoTime

“ Something I've noticed about this Silver Script design...the silver printed team name and Silver Script logo itself is missing on about 75% of the NBA cards from this parallel in my collection. I don't have enough to know if this is something that is a regular aspect or if mine are all printing errors. Printing errors from UD did tend to run in batches around that time. I suspect not because one of them- not by me- was made the sample image for the parallel. I don't know if that occurs in other sports. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ An Upper Deck card with a white border. I am shocked. Another useless parallel card. It's nothing special but nothing awful. ” -davidhandberry

“ The old silver signatures. These were hot back in the day. ” -carthage44

“ Pretty generic looking card. The faux signature is OK on this one, but the gold and silver versions it is really obnoxious and looks ugly. Judging from the stats line looks like his rookie year, but they didn't make it a big deal he was a rookie. ” -captkirk42

“ So busy...vertical text, horizontal lines, a signature, different fonts, the DNA-BarCode things, company and product logos, and, oh yeah, a player photo! ” -royals

“ Is that words or bar coding on the bottom left. Sale to the left of MVP in white? This is just ok. ” -muskie027

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Set: 1999-00 Upper Deck (Rate)

Card: #140 Michael Jordan

“ Upper Deck made way too many Jordan cards after he retired. The 1999-00 season alone saw subsets in the Flagship (this one), Victory, Ultimate Victory and probably some other set I can't even think of at the moment. And that's not even counting the all-Jordan sets that they cranked out year after year. I actually have more cards of him in my collection from the time periods when he retired than I do during his playing days, I believe. Too many, and it made pulling a Jordan card an annoyance instead of the thrill it once was. I'm actually sort of glad Panini doesn't have his license, because I know they would just do the same thing- as it is any sets they stuff historical players into generally go back no further than the Bird/Magic era save the token appearances of Wilt Chamberlain and George Mikan. And yet, it doesn't stop me from adding them to my collection- Jordan is one of only two people with more than 1000 different cards in my collection. I need this one, too. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I heard he was pretty good... ” -trauty

“ All hail the King of Hoops. ” -captkirk42

“ I think they put so much on the front that they ran out of ink and couldn't put anything on the back. The front is just overwhelming with so much going on. The back on the other hand, maybe because of the white on white writing, and no stats, and a faded picture looks so bland. ” -davidhandberry

“ The GOAT! End of discussion. ” -carthage44

“ Great photo. Like the card would love it without all the background text. Should have used more of the reddish color on the back. ” -mattdamick

“ Jordan may be great, but the card sure isn’t. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ The front vertical writing mixed with the horizontal makes it just too busy for me. The back is classic UD style. But it is Jordan in his Bulls threads so that makes it all better. =) ” -ranfordfan

“ ahhhh ! There's a spider on my BASKETBALL !! ” -uncaian

“ What the heck is wrong with the back? Yup, name twice on the front, same with "air of greatness". Lot of thought went into this design. ” -NJDevils

“ Everything else aside, this man was the single reason I watched basketball. When he retired (for real retire), he took the poetic grace of the sport with him. I tried to keep watching, but it was no use. And all of the hoopla (see what I did there?) at the time about Kobe being the new star of the NBA after Michael left was dead wrong. After watching Micheal play, watching Kobe play was like watching a man walk over a minefield of Legos. I like this card! Hi Billy! lol ” -Doe MG

“ GOAT ” -Bargunmaster

“ Not often you get someone who may be the greatest at their sport as RCOTD. I like it. A lot going on, but I like it. ” -muskie027

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