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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Set: 2000-01 Upper Deck (Rate)

Card: #130 Eric Desjardins

“ Really solid D-man. Loved watching him play with my team. As for the card design, I actually like it. ” -vrooomed

“ Nice design. The UD flagships were always usually pretty good. Great scan too. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Nice design, and good action shot. Cool name too. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Nice set, nice design. Desjardins played strong where ever he played , just a great defenseman. ” -uncaian

“ This is a rather nice design...could be improved by placing the team logo in the bottom left. ” -rmpaq5

“ Nice job by Upper Deck and this set getting all the important hockey stats on the back. ” -carthage44

“ Overall not bad. Don't care for the stats on a slant. The backs of cards should be simple, straight-forward, and easy to read. Save the fancy graphics for the front. ” -C2Cigars

“ Simple and straight forward card. Can't say I'm a fan of the brown though ” -mbarlow092

“ Here is an Upper Deck design that is the reverse of most of them in that you can read everything and they have the team name (logo would be nice oh its on the back) but the design stinks. Back would be OK if they got rid of the silly design from the front with the gold blocks. ” -captkirk42

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Set: 1967 Boston Red Sox Picture Pack 2 (Rate)

Card: #NNO John Wyatt

“ I'm not to the point of truly appreciating a front only photo being considered a baseball card. Maybe someday. However,I think it's a great photo and with great placement of the signature. ” -Madden95

“ I really wish teams would put out simple team made sets, postcards, etc... still. With the Topps monopoly are they even allowed to? ” -rmpaq5

“ does this count? ” -wax_house

“ Is this even a card or licensed? Looks like it might be a stadium hand-out. Oh well, looks OK I guess. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Vintage Coolness. At first I thought this was a 1970s TCMA card. Picture pack huh? Guess the dimensions are larger than standard cards? I think there should be some way of indicating the card size here on the RCotD. ” -captkirk42

“ They should have left the facsimile off so someone would get a real autograph on this picture card. ” -carthage44

“ Well, that's totally not boring in the least. ” -DarkSide830

“ Its a decent card, BUT the guy looks a bit too focused ” -Xg200

“ Love these colorful and underappreciated issues. ” -Dave Sosidka

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Set: 1992 Fleer (Rate)

Card: #310 Rob Moore

“ Nice to see the photo as the focal point of the card. ” -carthage44

“ Much improved over the '91 set. Still kind of boring. ” -Doc Floyd

“ I like this set. Narrative could be longer. I followed Moore as he was an Orangeman. I don't believe he actually fulfilled his potential. ” -SFC Temple

“ I really like the Fleer 1992 Set. They rebounded nicely from the dark green and yellow borders from 1991 ” -Xg200

“ Nice simple set. Excellent for the 1990s overproduced years. Only thing I might add for front would be team's actual name love that they have the team logo, but for having the team name helps in identifying as well. ” -captkirk42

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Set: 2000 Playoff Momentum (Rate)

Card: #27 Olandis Gary

“ These don't do it for me. The digital theme, lower case given name, no team logo and.. what seems to be my pet peeve... no narrative on the back. Talk to me, give me stories!!! ” -SFC Temple

“ Had a great rookie year then faded into obscurity. ” -carthage44

“ Fancy overpriced foil, dull and boring, that's about all I ever got out of Playoff. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Ugly. HATE cards where the player is superimposed on a computer generated background. ” -pistonfan

“ Front is dark and cold. I like that the player's face is discernible in the back photo. ” -dilemma19

“ Can't really say I like this card ” -switzr1

“ 2000 did Donruss own Playoff at this point? Front I'm guessing the hideousness of the backbround is chrome foil not scanning right? Really ugly card it is close to the team colors almost but not quite. UGH it IS supposed to be the team colors double UGH. Moving onto the back: Portrait photo way way too big as are the bars for his vitals. Only one year of stats? UGH it is the total CAREER stats. Yucky set. ” -captkirk42

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Set: 2004 Donruss World Series (Rate)

Card: #WS-162 Aubrey Huff

“ Didn't Tampa Bay play their only World Series in 2008? I don't like a World Series set with cards that have nothing to do with the World Series. Maybe I am just missing something here. ” -switzr1

“ I'm glad my parents didn't name me Aubrey. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Donruss clearly took a lot of grief for their black-bordered '85 and '87 sets, and the "bold color" approach of the early 90s, but they may have swung too far toward the all-white design. I remember Huff as consistent but not exceptional. ” -dilemma19

“ I wish whoever uploaded this would have taken 30 seconds to straighten and crop these images. ” -carthage44

“ This is OK, seen Donruss do a lot worse. Good action shot. ” -Doc Floyd

“ For some reason this reminds me of the SPx cards. Hey an early 2000s card where you can read the entire front. This must be some kind of exception. No foil? Wait is that American League and the Donruss logo in foil? Back is OK for what the set is, actually should have post season stats for the player ” -captkirk42

“ Why? ” -RoundtheDiamond87

“ This card is just too busy. ” -NJDevils

“ I can't stop switching the view from front to back - it produces a fine bat swing. ” -Thomas_Kava

“ Not sure what i notice more. Clean or cluttered. ” -Madden95

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Set: 2013 Topps Pro Debut (Rate)

Card: #136 Luis Merejo

“ I love minor league cards, but hate the fact Topps uses the same design as their "normal" set. Would be great if they would "cheapen" it up and use designs like the 80s and 90s minor league sets. ” -rmpaq5

“ Nothing but the best. ” -RoundtheDiamond87

“ Is it a RC? Is it not a RC? ” -switzr1

“ Merejo in this shot reminds me of Steve Avery. There must have been some early-90s card (of which I possessed hundreds of copies) with Avery at a comparable point in his delivery... Not a huge fan of the "sea turtle" design, but at least it was a different look. ” -dilemma19

“ Love the minor league cards. ” -carthage44

“ Oh, cool. I just picked up some 2016's on Saturday. Better than the 2013's. ” -DarkSide830

“ For the most part I like the design of the '13 Topps Baseball, but don't like the foil for the Topps logos.When will these card companies understand that foil lettering is bad and gets harder to read the older one gets? Plus it makes scanning cards a bigger pain. Hmmm not much of a career had Tommy John Surgery (2013-14), released from Braves last year. Looks like Luis is a Jr.? His dad played for the Angels late 80s to 1990. ” -captkirk42

“ Nice looking card, no doubt it's Topps that's for sure. From a NL team too, what's not to like? ” -Doc Floyd

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Set: 2003 Donruss (Rate)

Card: #340 Timo Perez

“ I liked this set, though I had very few if any of the cards. I should go back and get some. As for Timo, I forgot all about him. ” -jupiterhill

“ Simple, basic, both front and back...me like. ” -rmpaq5

“ Nice simple design on the front. Back design is nice also, I'd prefer a few more statistics but other than that nice design for the set. ” -Joshua825

“ Little Timo was a nice piece for the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox. ” -carthage44

“ Pic looks a little too bright, but other than that it's a pretty good design. Back when they had logos, hard to believe they even bother anymore without them. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Very nice card. Nice simple design hey no foil you CAN read everything. Back is nicely done. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Set: 2008 Topps Heritage (Rate)

Card: #426 Kyle Lohse

“ Love the throwback cards. I know I'm in the minority on that, but I do. I just got my first original 1959 card a month ago. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I wish the throwback sets used the same card stock as the originals, but otherwise the 59 design is nice. ” -suomibear8

“ Design is nice, but the player pic, not so much. Not really a very good scan it seems either. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Cool card except for facsimile auto. ” -carthage44

“ Like the Heritage sets. This is one of the better years for Heritage when they got many things right about using the older design. Some years they really miss it. I prefer the Heritage sets using the thicker real cardboard, where Topps Archives uses modern thin white cardstock. ” -captkirk42

“ I do really enjoy the Heritage Sets, but I wish they would stop with all the colour swap crap. Emulate the original, emulate the original errors, but cut it out with the gum stain/colour change variations. ” -rmpaq5

“ I didn't actually remember him pitching for the Phillies. Good pitcher a few years with the Cardinals. ” -switzr1

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Set: 1991 Topps (Rate)

Card: #426 Joe Grahe

“ Somebody had to show this to his boss and explain why, again, designing on a computer was better than doing it with line tape and X-acto knives. ” -revnorb

“ whew...At least it ain't a soccer card...I really liked the 91 set, the whole 40th anniversary thing to me was cool...It started to show that Topps really looked like they were ready to step out of the dark ages...Their stock didn't change until the following year, but at least there was something more on the front than just Oscar Gamble and his awesome 'fro... ” -bigbob8188

“ This set is a top 5 Topps set in my mind. Mostly because they remind me of my childhood collecting days. ” -carthage44

“ Nice design for the overproduced 1990s. ” -captkirk42

“ Hated this set back then, was more into how much nicer UD was at the time. In the end this was probably the best of the bunch that year. Looks more like he is swinging a punch than hurling a ball. ” -Doc Floyd

“ ....Classic set design. ” -RoundtheDiamond87

“ I like this set. Really nice readable back. ” -NJdevils

“ Nothing gets me more excited then that guy you've never heard off...oh is it Mark Langston, Bert Blyleven, nope Edmonton Joe... ” -SaveDaKid

“ I have cards of Mr. Grahe, but don't recall having seen him pitch on TV, so I've never been sure of the pronunciation. I would assume it's said like "Gray" but can't be sure. ” -switzr1

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Set: 1988 ProCards (Rate)

Card: #352 Ryan Johnston

“ While we're at it, his other card in the database belongs to another Ryan Johnston ” -volbox

“ Front of the card is very reminiscent of Star cards. Back is too washed out to make out, I can tell there is something written there but it's impossible to make out what, other than card number and his name. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The following aspects of this card are awful: - border color - posed photo in empty stadium, uncropped - tiny, illegible stats - back appears to have been generated by a typewriter The following elements of this card are redeeming: - none ” -dilemma19

“ Love how the ProCards sets had about 1,000 to 2,000 cards in their sets. ” -carthage44

“ Not bad, pose looks staged and he sort of looks distracted, but I really don't mind the Plain-Jane design. Very basic and to the point, exactly how a minors card should be. 2 thumbs up. ” -Doc Floyd

“ I really do enjoy the simplicity of ProCards Minor League stuff. ” -rmpaq5

“ Ryan, quit looking at the girl in the front row. The camera's over here! ” -switzr1

“ More Minor League card love. This time late 1980s. A quick bio or some career highlights might be good to help with the blank space on the back. ” -captkirk42

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