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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Set: 2003 Topps Traded & Rookies (Rate)

Card: #T148 Rafael Soriano

“ I actually recognize his name, must be from years of SportsCenter. I like the card design. Blue borders look cool. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ At first I thought this must be a team issue minor with the blue border and green info boxes. ” -koloth42

“ If the Mariners rendered this uniform design in blue and gold, they'd have some of the best unis in the bigs. ” -jlaz10

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Set: 1995-96 E-Motion - Xcited (Rate)

Card: #1 Theo Fleury

“ He certainly looks Xcited to be the card of the day. ” -switzr1

“ Too much white on this sweater. Gold sleeves would have looked much better. ” -jlaz10

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Set: 1989 Topps Batman - Bonus Cards (Rate)

Card: #Q Handset & Tracer

“ And here I thought I seen it all ” -Young Kilo

“ Even though I posted this card, it's not part of my collection. This was an insert in the factory set, which my brother has but I don't. And no, the scan is NOT crooked, the cards were just poorly designed...everything about this movie except the car was pretty bad actually. I have not watched it in over 2 decades now. Comics, specifically DC comics, are my oldest hobby. I had my first one read to me when I was 5 days old, and next month will mark my 30th year in the hobby. I didn't get into cards until I was 4, and I've never stopped collecting either. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Is this from the glossy hottest superstars limited edition Kmart exclusive collectors item Swatch Watch box set? ” -Id8jlb8666

“ First GPS? ” -dobbie

“ These late 80's, early 90's Topps non sport sets... just crankin' em out... ” -SSG Temple

“ Proof that they made a card of just about anything in the 80's! ” -cckeith

“ I remember Handset's big holdout that offseason - hands-free agency cut into its salary pretty bad. ” -UNC_Samurai

“ Star Wars and Batman back to back? Nerds must be going crazy! (I mean that in a nice way) This card is quite dull though. ” -switzr1

“ No way! So cool! Note my sarcasm! ” -jlaz10

“ I want the bonus card with the shark repellent. ” -DanD

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Set: 1995 Topps The Empire Strikes Back Widevision (Rate)

Card: #143 Int. Rebel Star Cruiser - Medical Center

“ These Widevision cards are confusing...there's multiple different sets with similar, sometimes even the same name, but different cards. I can't guarantee the ones I've posted are in the right set, even. I don't have this one- I don't have many. Never cared for the widevision cards to be honest. Of the Star Wars movies, Empire Strikes Back is my favorite. The Battle of Hoth that opens the movie is my all time favorite movie scene in history, and my earliest memory of anything was being scared of the ghost of Obi-Wan from middle of the movie. There's literally been no time in my life where Star Wars didn't play a role. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I must be the only person in the world with a genuine dislike for all things Star Wars. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ Nice shot of everyone's back. I can still tell which one is R2-D2 though. ” -switzr1

“ It's like a 1965 tall boy card that tipped over! Plus Star Wars. ” -revnorb

“ That galaxy doesn't look "Far, Far Away" to me. ” -koloth42

“ Honestly, why can't we get a good baseball card in here. ” -jlaz10

“ I like the Widevision Star Wars cards, have a few in my collection. I really like the pictures on the front and the art work on the back. The size of the cards are a bit bulky and hard to sleeve and store. ” -Tigerfan22

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Set: 2004 US Women's National Team Soccer Gold Medal Set - 91ers (Rate)

Card: #SI5 Brandi Chastain

“ What does 91ers mean? I know less about soccer than any other sport. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I like it for the most part, but could do without all the random boxes. Needs more stats on the back. ” -jupiterhill

“ Is there a card of her ripping her shirt off? ” -amine

“ 91'ers? Bizarre team name. And that's quite a thick neck for a lady. Looks like Bill Romanowski's neck. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ These rank below the California Raisins Sticker set...at least those have some sort of stats on the back. ” -SSG Temple

“ One look at this card and I knew it was a Choice design. The same design was used for minor league baseball team set that I collect. It is very interesting to see the design used for a different sport. ” -koloth42

“ With 192 caps earned for the National Team Brandi is certainly one of the team's greatest servants. Nice enough looking card but I got to admit to have never heard the nickname 91ers before. ” -Gunny

“ Clearly someone thought this design was too clean and felt the need to "fix" it with a bunch of pointless random boxes. ” -DaClyde

“ Please add more unnecessary rectangle things!!! There aren't quite enough here! ” -revnorb

“ It would be a nice card if it didn't have the rectangles. ” -dobbie

“ I love the uni-related quote on the back! ” -jlaz10

“ I don't collect women's soccer cards. But, if a memorabilia card of the famous sport's bra of the 1999 women's world cup final winning penalty shot ever came out, I would definitely chase it. ” -deporcoruña

“ A least her shirt is on. As an almost soccer fan, I know she was/is a phenomenal athlete, but she most will only remember her for her celebration. As for the design, don't like all the boxes on the front and I would have like some stats about her on the back on just a quote. Could have been a good looking set if not for those boxes. ” -yokonashiwa

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Set: 2014 Topps Heritage (Rate)

Card: #437b Hanley Ramirez

“ A good retro design as they stayed with the classic look and did not over do it. ” -carthage44

“ The sideburns, gut and card design scream '70s to me. The forearm tattoo, not so much. Also, it looks like the bat knob is blacked out. Rickface Ramirez? ” -Id8jlb8666

“ Ahh, 1965 Topps. Wait, what? Oh, you mean this is NOT 1965? Topps reused a design? No, not Topps. They are always so creative and original. And why is this a "b" card? Intentional variation? Who would do that? ” -vrooomed

“ Heritage = Lame ” -NJDevils

“ I love Topps Heritage. The designs would only look better if they used only portrait shots and period-appropriate uniforms. ” -jlaz10

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Set: 1984 Fleer (Rate)

Card: #545 Ron Hassey

“ Classic Fleer, simple but nice. ” -carthage44

“ He looks like a mob enforcer wearing a lobster bib. ” -Id8jlb8666

“ Fleer could put a back image on a baseball card by 1984 but couldn't figure out how to get one on a basketball card until 1991? Also, this guy reminds me of "The Big Ragu" on Laverne and Shirley...look it up on IMDB! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Incredibly enough, I think this is the only catcher in major league history to catch two perfect games. ” -deporcoruña

“ Go ahead punk, make my day and take my picture. ” -koloth42

“ Looks like the big kid they put behind the plate in Little League because he was too slow to play any other position....and not too happy about it. ” -NJdevils

“ Part of the 1989 World Series Champions Oakland Athletics team and over all great guy.I like the simplicity of the card, but he looks so happy in the picture. ” -grim25

“ If he was this sad when the picture was taken,imagine how he felt after he saw this card!80's Fleer blah! ” -uncaian

“ I'd swear he looks like he lost a $100k poker game.... ” -Joshua825

“ This Indians set was tame compared to their 70's mono-red look. ” -jlaz10

“ Loved this set when it came out. Ron doesn't look too happy. Guess it shows how well the Indians were doing in 1983. ” -vrooomed

“ On what alternate Earth was this considered a serviceable card design? ” -revnorb

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Set: 1995 Collector's Choice - Gold Signature (Rate)

Card: #412 Tim Vanegmond

“ The gold signature parallel is much nicer than the Player's Club parallel done in the NBA release of this design, in my opinion. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Gold is better than silver. I enjoyed collecting Collector's Choice cards as a kid. They did a great job of marketing these cards to children. ” -carthage44

“ This set design just doesn't excite me. It looks like the picture was taken during Spring Training or a practice as there is no one on second base or even in the outfield. Plus, I don't like the mass reproduced signature cards. I like the limited numbered signature cards. I feel like the mass produced ones are just fake autographs while the limited ones are more likely to be actually signed by the person and not just a reprint from a release form allowing the card to be made. ” -yokonashiwa

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Set: 2013 Topps Platinum (Rate)

Card: #56 Maurice Jones-Drew

“ It always amazes me how quickly RBs fade from the spotlight. Two years removed from league leader to a mere afterthought this year in Fantasy drafts. ” -koloth42

“ YAAAAAWN!!!!!! ” -uncaian

“ The Jaguars never looked good in this set, even in Nike. ” -jlaz10

“ I don't really collect football cards anymore but have always liked the looks of the Topps Platinum cards, this card is what I'm talking about. It's different due to the fact that it showcases the player without any background picture, just the design. ” -Joshua825

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Set: 2014 Finest (Rate)

Card: #85 Justin Verlander

“ This guy is killing my fantasy team this season, LOL! ” -carthage44

“ Cool design. I've always been a fan of Finests, and I know they look much better in person than in scans...and this is a great scan too. The card would benefit by having his first name on the front though. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Card is a little psychedelic for my taste maybe it is just the scan though. To bad Verlander appears to be in decline. It was a great ride while it lasted. ” -koloth42

“ Throwback to 1990s color schemes and graphics. Not a fan at all. ” -vrooomed

“ That didn't take long! I imagine this is a love it or hate it design. I have so many cards that look basically the same, I love a set that looks completely different. ” -jackal726

“ So this guy plays for a team called the Finests and he is attempting to pitch thru a dimensional gateway consisting of a urinal mat and random LSD hallucinations? Sure, I'll take a box. ” -revnorb

“ Great uniform. The script is beautiful. ” -jlaz10

“ I always thought that the Finest sets were really cool looking, they seemed to stand out compared to other sets. ” -Joshua825

“ 2014 has not been Justin's finest. ” -UNC_Samurai

“ This is a cool looking card. I would collect these. ” -switzr1

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