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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Year: 1988

Set: ProCards (Rate)

Card: #1467 Bob Patterson

“ At first glance the top of his glove looked like a small pizza to me. maybe I am just sleep deprived. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Love this run of MiLB cards. Yes, there are areas that can be picked apart, however, if you were collecting these when they came out, you would understand how good they were for the time. Just 5-10 years prior to this set, most MiLB sets used B&W photos! ” -vrooomed

“ We really have had quite a few Minor League Baseball cards appear lately, much as we had quite a few Soccer Gaming Cards appear in a short time span a few months ago. The design is plain, but a good plain. Nothing trying to make it more than it is. The logos of minor league teams of this era rock, and once again for the era the Bison's uniforms are classic and not some sort of tight fitting spandex with T-Shirt style jerseys. ” -rmpaq5

“ No. 1467 in a set of 2178 !?!? Man , full time baseball card collectors must some dedicated . I freaked out when hockey sets (base) went up to 600.Nice picture. ” -uncaian

“ Hmmm... I'm almost 40 and haven't had much of a sniff as a major league pitcher. Maybe it's time to put on a trapper and switch to 1B. ” -dilemma19

“ He's either a left handed third basemen or he made the stretch at first on a throw from right field... ” -wax_house

“ He can catch his own pitch. He is the most interesting man in the world. ” -sahal694

“ ...and the award for the best look-a-like of the 1983 Fleer Baseball set goes to... 1988 ProCards Minor League Baseball set. Accepting the award is South Paw Bob Patterson from the Buffalo Bisons. Bob has gotten his ERA down to 2.32 this year and is 2 and 0 in 4 games pitched. ” -captkirk42

“ Minor League baseball teams have the best logos/team mascots. ” -carthage44

“ I'm a sucker for minor league cards. Seeing new logos is fun. They sure didn't focus on the back of the card though. I also love that in baseball so many of the guys just look like some guy you would see on the street. Not easily recognized as an athlete. ” -Mitch

“ Most unnatural looking catch ever. ” -DanD

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Doesn't play first much, he's got the wrong foot on the "bag".

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