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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Year: 2008

Set: Rittenhouse Batman Archives (Rate)

Card: #4 Batman #16

“ I really need to get this set into my collection! Been on my wantlist since I found out it existed in 2009. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Read many of the comics in the 60s - didn't keep them for some reason - and watched the TV series with Adam West and the cartoons through the 90s, have kept up with all the major film releases, and have a handful of the trading cards from a 90s movie, but would require a major nostalgic moment to collect these cards. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Nice. Not a bad card , wish they put a little bit of trivia on the back . ” -uncaian

“ Wow RCOTD has been on a non-sport kick lately. Cool looking card. ” -mbarlow092

“ I'm not into comics but this is pretty cool! ” -carthage44

“ "Dick Tracy is THE master of hide-and-seek! Say it you two, say it!" ” -Doe MG

“ Rittenhouse usually does an excellent job with non-sport sets. This particular design, which I'm guessing is a sub-set that shows the comic covers has too big of a white border both sides. They must be trying for a museum picture frame look. Nice card anyway. Actually they should say art from classic covers. Looks to be missing all the text from the cover except for "Batman" in the logo and the 10cents in the corner. ” -captkirk42

“ Didn't know this set existed, now I want it. ” -JoshReese92099

“ Nanananananananananananana nananannanananananananna ” -cynicalbuddha

“ Nice to get classic comic covers but I wish the backs had given a bit about the story inside the comic. ” -armac

“ I don't see Robin trying to hide behind HIS cape, Batman! ” -DanD

“ More non-sport. I'm impressed how things on the ROTCD come in waves. This looks pretty cool. It is hard for me to love non-sport, but I do admit, I like a lot of it and add some here and there. I was just thinking the other day I need to collect more non-sport. Did RCOTD somehow know this and start pumping up the cards to get me more motivated. Conspiracy theory or coincidence? We'll never know. But, I will be buying some non-sport on my way home tomorrow! ” -muskie027

“ One of these days I'll get a box of Rittenhouse! Batman would be awesome! ” -Joshua825

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