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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Year: 1996

Set: Ultra (Rate)

Card: #220 Eric Karros

“ Fleer card designer - "Let's see how many different photos of a player we can cram onto a card." Fleer exec: "OK." How else is this monstrosity made? The photos are good - could've made 3 or 4 cards from them. ” -vrooomed

“ I like the front better than the back, which reminds me of Flair. Ultra is my favorite brand so they all are cool in my book. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ OMG the back! It reminds me of the episode of Star Trek TNG where at the end there are multiple datas from different time streams occupying the same limited space! ” -rmpaq5

“ These cards are cool. The triple threat of pictures on the back is a bit much, looks like some "awkward family photo" stuff. ” -RoyalChief

“ Karros was the start of for straight NL Rookie of the Year awards for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 1992-Karros, 1993-Mondesi, 1994-Nomo and 1995-Hollandsworth. A feat that will almost surely never be broken. ” -carthage44

“ Hahahaha, those reverse photos. ” -wax_house

“ Add this to the list of "worst card back". ” -NJDevils

“ A great player, and the first of five straight Dodgers ROY winners (he had an excellent rookie year, though his competition in 1992 wasn't too strong). As always, I fawn over borderless cards. I'm okay with the photo montage on the back, but I'd be okay without it too. I think I've opened a few packs of 1996 Ultra recently, and was Ultra disappointed to find the foil player and team names sticking to and peeling off on the adjacent card. ” -dilemma19

“ Plain design..good action shot..back is a little busy for me. Meh.. ” -SuperFred

“ When Fleer first brought out the Ultra brand I liked it, then I entered my short hiatus from the hobby during the height of the overproduced years so I missed some of these not as good Ultra designs. OK so minus several points for foil lettering. I can just about read this one. Looks more like Eric "Karrus" or Karrgs". Team name good good. Missing his position missing team logo. OH Weill. Flipping to the back... OH yes Ultra's "Three Stooges" set. 3 photos of the player dominating the card back. The easiest thing to read is the card number, often that is the hardest. Can read team name OK can barely read his first name (almost hard to tell if he spells Erik with a "c" or a "k") and some of the last name. I'm guessing his position reads "1b"? Stats cant read only one year looks like. Big disappointment of a card set. ” -captkirk42

“ Wow, three pictures on the back is distracting. Not sure what the plan was there. ” -Mitch

“ Not great, but not bad either. Overall, I like it. I never collected an Ultra set. This doesn't make me want to go back and grab some, but I am also not opposed to it. I guess a little more contrast in the name to help it pop would be nice. The back is a little much though. ” -muskie027

“ 4 different pictures on 1 card. Awesome! ” -cjjt

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