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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Year: 2003

Set: Topps Retired Signature Edition (Rate)

Card: #70 Don Mattingly

“ What’s missing on this SIGNATURE edition card? I wonder... ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ I always have liked the cards with an action photo and a head shot on the front, any year. This is no exception. Starting with the '54, all the way on down to the '03 sets, they all look great to me. I hope to own one card of each set someday. ” -deporcoruña

“ Mattingly! Mattingly! Mattingly! Sorry what was the question? ” -YoRicha

“ Great design. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Wow, cool card!! ” -RoyalChief

“ nice retro set. I really should figure out which cards from this set I want. ” -captkirk42

“ He should be a Hall of Famer. End of discussion. ” -carthage44

“ I hate the word "signature". "Try our signature meatballs". Do you write on them? ” -NJDevils

“ Sweet card front. Meh design on the back. That Mattingly guy was pretty good for a few years. ” -dilemma19

“ I thought this looked like an '03T card....never heard of the signature edition though...Mattingly was already long gone by then. ” -RoundtheDiamond87

“ Love this card and the Retired Signature set. This was back when Topps didn't inject umpteen retired players into their various base checklists. ” -mkaz80

“ I'm usually a Topps fan but this card is a little boring. Is this a parallel from the base Topps set? This is why I don't collect modern cards....to many sets, subsets, inserts, parallels etc. ” -cnangle

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Thursday, November 9, 2017 12:18 AMReply Quote Top Bottom Report

I love this card (except it being called Signature Edition). It may be "boring", but it's exactly what I want in a baseball card: action photo on front and a head shot somewhere, team logo on front and back, easy to find and read card#, and FULL stats! Topps really needs to go back to a similar format and stop with all the crazy graphics, colors, useless info on their current cards. If that whole set looks like this card, I'd rate it a perfect 10!


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I love the randomness of this card being so timely on the RCOTD it brings out the conspiracy theorist in me. Is there a HOF voter in our group? 


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