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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Year: 2002

Set: Upper Deck 40-Man (Rate)

Card: #1107 Shawn Green

“ The design does nothing for me, but I love the fact that there's a card set that has more than 1100 cards. Wish my sports got that comprehensive coverage. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Wait...30 teams x 40 players is 1200 cards. Then why is this set only 1182 cards including checklists and subsets such as this card? ” -rmpaq5

“ I do love me some Shawn Green! ” -jasongerman9

“ Great photo, but not a lot going on for how much area is taken up with graphics. 6/10 ” -parsley24

“ Chalk his power up to steroids. ” -carthage44

“ I'll collect these as part of my player collections, but otherwise ignore what looks more like an advertisement than a trading card. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Not sure what this is trying to celebrate. Top 40 Power Players? Hmm the same pic front/back. Just for fun and giggles I went back and forth with my mouse and Shawn sort of shimmy shake dances. LOL. It was fun for about 10 seconds. ” -captkirk42

“ Always like the idea of this set. But there are a lot cards. ” -kirkscards

“ What's wrong with this card? Let's start with same photo front and back. Next we have front lettering, up down and sideways. Next we have it simply sucks. ” -NJDevils

“ Decent card of a thin but powerful left-hander ” -switzr1

“ You know, I grew up with 660 cards in a baseball set, and then they changed to 726. And I got used to it. And then 792. And then a bunch of parallels. Etc. Etc. And here's card #1107 from a set. Way too many. Sorry. ” -kents_stuff

“ A poor effort. The front wasn't too bad for an insert, but the back is a repeat of the front with words. ” -muskie027

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Seems like a "Copy Cat" of the Upper Deck Collectors Choice Rookies in 93 with the name on the side being white in black background. Jeter's RC is in that set as is Alex Gonzales among others. The black borders are almost impossible to keep from chipping and showing white spots on it like the 86 Topps has on the top of portrait cards. The only reason, and I suppose this is correct bcz I haven't researched this set, have g so many is that either they contracted that players could be shown in more than 1 card in the base set or they might require 2 to3 etc be printed in different stances or having a theme in them that's not a parallel like a lot of 90's cards had so many of each player that the MLB restricts the issues from having any set amount of pics on cards bcz the company printing them pays for TM & Copyright in images therein.

As to 1180 cards, you would need a 5" D-Ring Binder, along with 19 boxes of Ultra Pro 9 pocket protection pages to even amass them together so to enjoy looking thru them & at that size, it's almost 35lbs!! I have a few books like that and those large D-Ring binders are over $25 each!! 

I like borders/frames on nice cards but for a cheaper cards with larger print runs theres too many issues that arise. I bought 2 boxes of NBA Topps Chrome when Carter, Williams, Hughes etc were rookies and 1 box had the exact same frame offset or (O.C. in PSA mode) and it takes away from the appeal. 

I can't comment past this bcz I don't own any and haven't seen the list in the database to see the pics of others...... ROLL TIDE!


I deleted the Forum Signature Info - Actually thought it was what people would see when looking at my profile instead of posts. Sorry about that guys. Thanks for the info too....

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