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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Year: 1993

Set: Select (Rate)

Card: #255 Pat Kelly

“ I had no idea Select had more of a heritage than a single NASCAR release until I joined the Database. Then I learned it was older than I thought, and produced by Score! It's now been produced by Score, Pinnacle and Panini. I love when heritage brands are kept alive over the years. By the way, great photo! I was so preoccupied talking about the brand I neglected the card itself. A perfect shot captured at the zenith of his jump (see what I did there?) And a pleasing green border, long my favorite color. I suspect Select may have been meant to compete head to head with Stadium Club. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Stealth appearance by Mark McGwire. This card could also use a better scan so it's not as washed out ” -ketchupman36

“ A frustrated karma retaliated by dropping a dwarf on Mark McGwire. ” -revnorb

“ An attractive design, though I'd have switched the greens. The action picture sequence is pure baseball. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Not a big fan of these cards, makes it look off center with the border only on 2 sides. Nice photo though. McGwire sliding in I see. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ On one card he's turning two double plays that both McGwire and Canseco are trying to break up. That is a lot or Roid Rage to jump over. ” -rmpaq5

“ The levitating Pat Kelly. Or maybe it's the force field around Mark McGwire forcing him into the air. Either way, nice action shot. And the back photo has Canseco. I bet they were taken in the same game. Not bad for an alternate to the flagship Score set. ” -vrooomed

“ Haha Nice shot of McGwire photo bombing. ” -RoyalChief

“ This is a cool card with the photo bomb of McGwire on the front and Canseco on the back. It looks like they were taken during the same game. I wonder who was pitching that induced double play balls that day? ” -Brimose

“ This set design is starting to grow on me. At first the all green didn't sit with me well, but early 1990s were still a pretty simple time, but were in the process of changing the hobby forever. For the front the team name really should be on there team logo optional but is always nice. Back pretty good except I prefer full stats and no picture over one year stats with a nice color picture. Can't tell with the photos but might be the same play with the back being a few seconds before the front. ” -captkirk42

“ Cool action shot, terrible set. ” -carthage44

“ Awesome action shot from an underrated set. Lots of good photography throughout the checklist. ” -mkaz80

“ Back when double plays could be broken up with a slide... ” -rmitchell6700

“ This is a laaaame set. ” -wax_house

“ As a kid I loved this set. As an adult... I still love it. ” -jupiterhill

“ Never liked the odd angles on front and back. ” -NJDevils

“ "That's nice Big Mac, but can your steroids allow you to sit in an invisible air chair while turning two?" ” -sahal694

“ I bought two packs of these in 1993, one of the last items I bought before my 22 year hiatus. I was looking at them the other day and asking myself, do I like these. 24 years later, undecided. The picture on this card is cool though. Pat Kelly in the air with a legend of the game underneath. ” -muskie027

“ More early 90's cards of McGwire and Canseco. Did they make enough of these? Convenient how they were able to combine them on to one card here. ” -kents_stuff

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I liked this first year of Score Select when it came out. Photography was awesome and the design was nothing like anything else at the time. The subsets were also nothing like subsets from other brands at the time. The inserts were very interesting while keeping the design of the base cards. I liked it even more when they made Select Certified a couple of years later (a true competitor for Topps Finest).

Pinnacle tried to make Select really fancy and expensive though. Now Panini is doing the same thing WITHOUT giving Select an identity of it's own. The 2017 Select Racing release is just the 2016 Prizm Racing set with a different name and the design isn't much different. Panini could do so much more with this brand than they have so far. They did an awesome job with the Donruss flagship brand in every sport they've made so far, but they need to give Select a true identity to stand out from other brands. Panini also did a pretty good job with Absolute NFL cards the past 2 years. I hope that extends into the NASCAR release coming out in October!


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One of the nice features of this picture is that we can actually tell the day and situation when it was taken - May 9, 1992 (Day game) in Oakland (note the color of the uniforms), Bottom of the 4th inning, 1st out. McGwire had walked (only time he was on base in the game) and was forced out at second (Pat Kelly) on a ground ball to short by Terry Steinbach. Final score not shown - Oakland 5, New York 3

The two teams played at night on the 8th and in the day on the 10th, but McGwire was never on base on the 10th. He did hit a homerun as Oakland won again.

I have a fondness for cards that show real action.

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