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Friday, December 1, 2017

Year: 2015-16

Set: Panini Excalibur (Rate)

Card: #130 Manu Ginobili

“ I believe he's the oldest player currently in the NBA...a future Hall of Famer for sure. Unquestionably the best Argentinian player in NBA history, he's won multiple championships and played a vital role in getting the national team from his home country into Olympic contention. Part of the Spurs' "Big Three" with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker that made them a powerhouse in the past decade and a half, he's unique in being the only member of any Big Three on any NBA team to not be a starter for much of his career. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ It's Manu, the ageless wonder. What's not to like? ” -Sportzcommish

“ Why is manu playing in front of a giant bathroom floor tile? ” -rmpaq5

“ Is that a napkin behind him? Weird, distracting background. ” -switzr1

“ Oh, Panini. You do love your graphics, don't you? ” -Brimose

“ Looks more like a board game. ” -carthage44

“ So whose idea was it to put the basketball player on the wedding invitation? ” -NJDevils

“ Kind of neat design. Reminds me of a playing card. ” -olerud363

“ this is such a dumb name for a card set ” -Bargunmaster

“ I'm not a basketball collector, but this is a good looking card! ” -Doe MG

“ I don't like this hi-end set much. The background for something so simple is too busy. Back is OK for some kind of insert but not base. Oh it does have some stats I didn't see the career stats line at first. ” -captkirk42

“ I just don't like it. I guess this is what happens when you have way too many sets put out by one company. Just weird nothing backgrounds and not much to celebrate on the back of the card. Manu is awesome though. ” -muskie027

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Cool!  This is my card of the day selection.  Admittedly it’s not the greatest scan, I think I have gotten better recently.  I really am a fan of Manu, (Duncan too) which is strange because I’m a Suns fan.  It’s like falling in love with your abuser.  





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