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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Year: 1996

Set: SPx - Bound for Glory (Rate)

Card: #4 Cal Ripken Jr.

“ I used to be a big fan of die-cut cards as well as holograms. Now, not so much. ” -trauty

“ I didn't used to like these, because of the shape. But now, I don't mind it. Holograms are fine because they don't overdo them anymore. But I sure got tired of seeing so many of them back in the day. And you can't complain about Cal Ripken. ” -switzr1

“ Love the early SPx sets... holograms are always great. A scan can't truly capture these. This is a good scan, it's just impossible to accurately capture the multiple, moving photo aspect. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Tough card to scan, but I think it turned really well. ” -olerud363

“ This train was bound for glory..... this train. I cannot tell you how much i dislike the hologram prizm effect on cards. (*edit unless it is early 90s comic ball with jordan) again. When will the companies look at quality over quantity in their parallels. ” -parsley24

“ I like this card. A whole set like this is too much, but a die-cut holographic insert is okay by me. ” -dilemma19

“ Oh how I miss TRUE hologram cards. ” -carthage44

“ Too much white border . ” -kents_stuff

“ Absolutely worst looking card ever ” -Earl Avery

“ Hologram technology has progressed enough to make some cards really attractive. The design then is critical toward that end, and the cinema border doesn't help in this case. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Cool card. ” -cjjt

“ Has a really cool look to it. I am guessing it is an insert. Lov0e the blue looking hologram. If it is a hologram. Thumbs up! ” -muskie027

“ Hey an early hologram that scanned pretty good. Hmm 1996 I think I was already into my semi-hiatus from the hobby mostly because of this type of card. Major die-cut and overproduction of holograms. OH My I almost didn't notice it was Cal Ripken Jr. ” -captkirk42

“ My favorite baseball player of all time! Card is cool, but unusual. But I like it better than sportflics! ” -Joshua825

“ i do not like how hologram cal ripken looks at me ” -Bargunmaster

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I LOVE SPx and always will! This card is an insert, but the base set has the same design and is die-cut the same way. This design still stands out to me more than any other die-cut shape from any other set by any other brand. I think the hologram front is a big part of that. Otherwise, I'd probably say 1996 Topps Laser is my favorite die-cut set.


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