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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Year: 1997

Set: Leaf (Rate)

Card: #130 Mark Wohlers

“ Not horrible. Would be easier to read if it wasn't so washed out. The font they chose is not too easy to read even in hand. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Of the 1997 sets from which I have cards, the Leaf set was my favorite. In hand, they really look nice. ” -vrooomed

“ Thanks RCOTD for reminding me that my 1997 Leaf set is still incomplete, and that there isn't really any good reason to collect a complete set of 1997 Leaf. That vignette effect on the edges is awful, as is the foil. Until I saw this card, I'd never noticed how much Mark Wohlers resembles a refrigerator... ” -dilemma19

“ I sort of like the design, but the foil lettering I almost didn't see.Still can't read it from the scan. In person they can be read somewhat. ” -captkirk42

“ The team logo looks out of place on this card. ” -carthage44

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