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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Year: 1993

Set: Pinnacle (Rate)

Card: #358 Bip Roberts

“ Good action shot, solid card all around. Doesn't look like the black border on the scanned example has taken any damage, a true rarity. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Bip was a good all-around player. ” -carthage44

“ Maybe it is just my screen, but isn't the border on this set supposed to be black and not green? ” -rmpaq5

“ OH NO The Random Card of the Day has been BIPPED! RUN AWAY! OK seriously I love/hate the pinnacle sets. They are nice cards usually. Player position and team logo would be good, back needs complete stats. OH found the team logo on back. ” -captkirk42

“ A dreaded "black-bordered" card. With the card stock being used at this time, the cards did handle a bit better than the 1971 Topps baseball stock, however, there is still quite the risk with these cards. I did like the design for the most part. Nice big photo on front. Position on front instead of a huge company logo would have been better. Full career stats would also be nice, but Pinnacle was a Score release, and if you wanted full stats, get the Score card. At this point in time, companies were introducing brands to fill different collector's tastes and a lot of experimentation was still happening. ” -vrooomed

“ Tony Gwynn let me know that Bip's card is only worth 4 cents. ” -wax_house

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Reds card for second day in a row!  Always liked Bip.  Great leadoff hitter.  Have not collected the Pinnacle cards actively at this point.  I have focused on Score.  I am really trying to figure out how to limit my collection to just the major releases/brands--but that definition gets harder and harder to nail down.  Agree--that the team logo should be on the front of the card.

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