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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Year: 1986

Set: ProCards Portland Beavers (Rate)

Card: #14 Randy Lerch

“ Great team logo! Minor League teams have the best team logos in sports, I think. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The uniforms players are wearing on some of these 80s minor league cards that have been popping up lately as RCOTD just scream little league. ” -rmpaq5

“ Back in the Phillies organization in AAA for '85 and '86, Lerch would wind up pitching 4 more games in the bigs in '86 before being released by the Phillies (he's go on to to the Cardinals org, but called it a career after that). Never a dominant pitcher, he probably made it as long as he did because he was a tall lefty. Part of the Phillies team that won the WS in '80, but he was left off the postseason roster (probably because he wasn't that good). Traded to the Brewers in the off-season for Dick Davis. He was a decent hitter (for a pitcher) finishing with a .206 BA. ” -vrooomed

“ Nice 1980s Minor League Baseball card. A staple for the Card of the Day it seems. ” -captkirk42

“ Ho hum ...wake me when this card is over. ” -C2Cigars

“ What happened? Sent down after about 70 major league appearances? Were the Beavers affiliated with the Giants, or was he shuffled to another organization? He bats and throws "LEFTS". So there. ” -dilemma19

“ A lot of wasted space on the front of the card. ” -carthage44

“ It's decent, but a bit too much red. Back is very plain but gets the job done. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Not wild about minor league sets. Beavers, hmmmmm. ” -Kaline6

“ Nice beaver card ” -switzr1

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