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 Date / TimeChange TypeMember Before After Details
1. 11-10-2017 7:50AM PID Editvrooomed 152028 View
2. 11-10-2017 7:49AM PID Editvrooomed 151586 View
3. 10-2-2017 4:00PM Name EditJerro Meedrax DragonetMeedrax Dragonget View
4. 10-1-2017 11:16AM Name EditJerro Your Own ApartmenYour Own Apartment View
5. 9-13-2017 5:12AM Name EditJerro The Little SisterThe Little Stripper View
6. 9-13-2017 4:27AM Name EditJerro Madame de PopadourMadame de Pompadour View
7. 9-10-2017 3:34AM Checklist AddedJerro 1996 Xxxenophile: The Card Game Non-Sport View
8. 9-4-2017 7:28PM Set CreatedJerro 1996 Xxxenophile: The Card Game Non-Sport View


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