2010 Topps Chrome

Errors / Variations

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  C3a   Jahvid Best   VAR
  C3b   Jahvid Best   VAR
  C11a   Golden Tate   VAR
  C11b   Golden Tate   VAR
  C13a   Dexter McCluster   VAR
  C13b   Dexter McCluster   VAR
  C16a   Jonathan Dwyer   VAR
  C16b   Jonathan Dwyer   VAR
  C44a   Mike Williams   VAR
  C44b   Mike Williams   VAR
  C46a   Ben Tate   VAR
  C46b   Ben Tate   VAR
  C51a   Brandon LaFell   VAR
  C51b   Brandon LaFell   VAR
  C60a   Dez Bryant   VAR
  C60b   Dez Bryant   VAR
  C70a   Colt McCoy   VAR
  C70b   Colt McCoy   VAR
  C100a   Tim Tebow   VAR
  C100b   Tim Tebow   VAR
  C106a   Emmanuel Sanders   VAR
  C106b   Emmanuel Sanders   VAR
  C110a   Demaryius Thomas   VAR
  C110b   Demaryius Thomas   VAR
  C112a   Rob Gronkowski   VAR
  C112b   Rob Gronkowski   VAR
  C120a   C.J. Spiller   VAR
  C120b   C.J. Spiller   VAR
  C123   DeMarcus Ware   UER: Numbered 11 on back
  C130a   Jimmy Clausen   VAR
  C130b   Jimmy Clausen   VAR
  C136   Armanti Edwards   VAR: Ball in hands
  C140a   Ryan Mathews   VAR
  C140b   Ryan Mathews   VAR
  C150a   Sam Bradford   VAR
  C150b   Sam Bradford   VAR
  C159a   Joe McKnight   VAR
  C159b   Joe McKnight   VAR
  C160a   Ndamukong Suh   VAR
  C160b   Ndamukong Suh   VAR
  C168a   Montario Hardesty   VAR
  C168b   Montario Hardesty   VAR
  C186a   Arrelious Benn   VAR
  C186b   Arrelious Benn   VAR
  C195a   Eric Berry   VAR
  C195b   Eric Berry   VAR
  C208a   Jordan Shipley   VAR
  C208b   Jordan Shipley   VAR
  C216a   Toby Gerhart   VAR
  C216b   Toby Gerhart   VAR


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