1991 Pro Set


  SC1   Super Bowl XXVI  
  SC3   Jim Thorpe POG   Canton Bulldogs
  SC4   Otto Graham POG   Cleveland Browns
  SC5   Paul Brown POG   Cincinnati Bengals
  1   Walter Payton PSS   Chicago Bears
  PSS2   Red Grange PSS   Chicago Bears
  MVPC25   Ottis Anderson SBMVP   New York Giants
  NNO   Mini Pro Set Gazette  
  NNO   Pro Set Gazette  
  NNO   Santa Claus  
  NNO4   Super Bowl XXV Art   New York Giants / Buffalo Bills
  NNO5   Super Bowl XXV Logo   New York Giants / Buffalo Bills
  NNO6   Final Update Cover/Checklist  
  NNO   Playbook III Two Ways to Win With The NFL  
  NNO   Playbook IV Two Ways to Win With The NFL  


  NNO   Super Bowl XXV Card Show II Promo  

Insert Sets (5)

  Cinderella Story
  Draft Day
  WLAF Helmets
  WLAF Inserts

Promo Sets (3)

  Dallas Public Service Announcement
  UK Today Sheets


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