2014 Topps


  NNO   MLB The Show 14 Code Card   Detroit Tigers

Insert Sets (83)

  1989 Topps Die Cut Mini Autographs
  1989 Topps Die Cut Mini Relics
  1989 Topps Die Cut Minis
  50 Years of the Draft
  75th Anniversary Buybacks
  All Rookie Cup
  All Rookie Cup Team Autograph Relics
  All Rookie Cup Team Autographs
  All Rookie Cup Team Commemorative
  All Rookie Cup Team Commemorative Vintage
  All Rookie Cup Team Relics
  All Star Game Factory Set Inserts
  All-Star Rookie Cup Manufactured Patch
  Before They Were Great
  Before They Were Great Autograph Relics
  Before They Were Great Autographs
  Before They Were Great Gold
  Before They Were Great Relics
  Breakout Moments
  Breakout Moments Autograph Relics
  Breakout Moments Autographs
  Breakout Moments Relics
  Class Rings Gold
  Class Rings Gold Gems
  Class Rings Gold Gems Autographs
  Class Rings Silver
  Factory Set Rookie Variations
  Factory Set Sandy Koufax Gold Refractors
  Factory Set Ted Williams Gold Refractors
  Factory Set Ted Williams Refractors
  Framed Gold Label
  Future Star
  Future Stars That Never Were
  Future Stars That Never Were Autograph Relics
  Future Stars That Never Were Autographs
  Future Stars That Never Were Gold
  Future Stars That Never Were Relics
  In the Name Relics
  Jackie Robinson Reprints Framed Black
  Jackie Robinson Reprints Framed Gold
  Jackie Robinson Reprints Framed Silver
  Manufactured Commemorative Patch
  Manufactured Rookie Commemorative Patch
  Own the Name Jerseys
  Postseason Performance Autograph Relics
  Postseason Performance Autographs
  Postseason Performance Relics
  Power Players
  Rookie Cup All-Stars Commemorative
  Rookie Cup All-Stars Commemorative Vintage
  Rookie Reprints Framed Black
  Rookie Reprints Framed Gold
  Rookie Reprints Framed Silver
  Saber Stars
  Saber Stars Autograph Relics
  Saber Stars Autographs
  Saber Stars Relics
  Silk Collection
  Spring Fever
  Spring Fever Autographs
  Strata Autograph Relics
  Strata Cut Signatures
  Super Veteran
  Super Veteran Autograph Relics
  Super Veteran Autographs
  Super Veteran Relics
  The Future is Now
  The Future is Now Autograph Relics
  The Future is Now Autographs
  The Future is Now Relics
  Topps 75th
  Trajectory Autographs
  Trajectory Autographs Gold
  Trajectory Jumbo Relics
  Trajectory Relics
  Trajectory Relics Gold
  Upper Class
  Upper Class Autograph Relics
  Upper Class Autographs
  Upper Class Relics
  World Champion Autograph Relics
  World Champion Autographs
  World Champion Relics

Parallel Sets (18)


Available in hanger packs, Series 2 only.

  Orange (Factory)

SN199, 5 cards included per factory set.

  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow
  Red Foil


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