My Jimmie Johnson AU's

by spazmatastic - 18 cards (Last updated on Jun. 8, 2018)

1. 2009 Press Pass - Burning Rubber Autographs #BRSJJ Jimmie Johnson

This was my very first JJ AU card. I got it in a trade. I later traded it for a 2007 version of the same card to help someone complete this set.


2. 2007 Press Pass - Burning Rubber Autographs #BRSJJ Jimmie Johnson

This is the card I got in the trade for the 2009 card. I traded it a few months later to another set-collector for an even older JJ AU/RU card.


3. 2003 Press Pass VIP - Tradin' Paint Driver Autographs #TPD-JJ Jimmie Johnson

This is the card I got in return for the 2007 Burning Rubber AU. I still have this one.


4. 2008 Wheels American Thunder - Trackside Treasury Autographs Gold #JJ Jimmie Johnson

This was my first AU-only JJ card. It was the 2nd JJ AU'd card I acquired and I also got it in a trade. I still have it.


5. 2013 Press Pass Fanfare - Magnificent Materials Signatures Jumbo #MMSE-JJ Jimmie Johnson

I bought this one on ebay. It is the first JJ AU that I ever won on there. I still have this one.


6. 2014 Press Pass Five Star - Signature Souvenirs Gold #SS-JJ Jimmie Johnson

I bought this one from another collector that needed some quick cash. I still have this one also.


7. 2005 Press Pass - Signings #NNO Jimmie Johnson

This was a freebie from a friend. I later traded it to a set collector for the Platinum (SN100) version that is missing the SN.


8. 2005 Press Pass - Signings Platinum #NNO Jimmie Johnson

This is the Platinum version with the missing SN. That was common from Press Pass for the 2005 Signings Platinum and Gold parallels. I still have this card.


9. 2006 Wheels High Gear - Wheels Autographs #NNO Jimmie Johnson

I think this was a freebie from someone. I still have it.


10. 2007 Press Pass - Signings #NNO-32 Jimmie Johnson

This was a freebie from a friend also. I traded it to someone else for a different JJ AU.




Dec. 3, 2017 - 1:21AM

There is one more JJ AU that I traded, but I just can't remember what card it was. I traded it to a set-collector and got my one and only Dale Earnhardt Jr. AU card in return. That is a 2011 Press Pass Signings Holofoil SN 03/10 card. I can't believe that I don't recall the card I traded b/c it obviously had significant value for me to get a Dale Jr. in return!

Dec. 3, 2017 - 3:23AM
Billy Kingsley

I could never have traded any of them! I really like the plate rainbow. You gotta find the card they were used to print too! 

Dec. 4, 2017 - 10:45PM

Billy, I've tried to find one but no luck so far. Being SN25 makes it pretty hard to find. My list would be much shorter if I never traded any of them AND I wouldn't have the 1/1 AU/RU card. All the ones I traded were to help people with a very ambitious goal that I would probably never attempt. As long as I get something comparable in return, I'm happy to help people out with those kinds of goals. I can always try to find a replacement of those I traded away. My 1/1's aren't going anywhere though. UNLESS I REALLY need some money!

Dec. 5, 2017 - 1:41AM
Billy Kingsley

Well,if you found all four 1/1s, the 25 shouldn't be as hard!

Dec. 9, 2017 - 11:22PM

But I found all four 1/1's in the possesion of the same person! PLUS, JJ has 2 AU cards in the set and I don't have any info to tell me which of those two I should be searching for yet. I haven't found pics of the regular AU cards to know which one I have and the descriptions of the two only relates to a color. Completely useless info for a plate, even with having all four.

Dec. 9, 2017 - 11:52PM

I'm a J.J. fan as well! Most dominate driver in NASCAR history and they hardly mention him in the races when calling them live. If that was Dale Sr you better believe the cameras would be focused all over him. He is 7 Time, gonna break 100 races won in 2 to 3 yrs if he runs good like this year. I have what I call the Holy Graile of J.J. Diecasts, it's 1/1200 & J.J. signed front window in silver, Chad Kanus in black on top side, then Hendrix on rear window in Silver! That's a 3'fer that's hard to find! 

I have that & some connections to get items but as is with those connections you can't "always ask for something" everytime you talk to people ya know? I helped a guy that's Tony Stewart's beat pal from childhood that was a LEA here & had a wreck across the road from my house, T-Boned a Alabama Pine after falling asleep. He was in bad shape and some numbskull neighbors were hooking chains to his door to pull it off to get him out but climes over it, crawled in with him and saw horrific leg breaks below the knee, both just snapped. Severed his femoral artery in both & if they pulled door off he would have bled out in minutes or less so I jumped out and stopped them but he was telling for them to open it ya know, shock setting in. But I've been around my share of battle wounds and triage so I searched for his I.D. and going badge and gun & asked him about that, waved to a viewer etc and told them to keep telling him they are pulling on the door but don't and call it back in as "Officer Down MVA, Severed Arteries & Shock was setting in.

I live 30 miles from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and it takes up to an hour for Sheriff's Officers to get out here at times but I never saw anything like what happened over next 15 minutes. The Fire Dept "ER on Wheels" & about 20 different law enforcement officers from all areas were there quick. I briefed them in what was wrong & the dash pinned his legs so tight it cut the circulation off to that artery so moving him required clamps STAT or he's gone in minutes. They escorted that rolling ER rolling at 75 + all the way to hospital ER blocking every intersection & lights and made it in 15 minutes! He started coming to church here, like wrecking almost in front of it was a sign and docs said he wouldn't walk right much less run again & wouldn't be able to remain an officer.

That guy had heart, grit and devotion and in a year past the physical to regain his job! He was with Tony Stewart when Tony was made Honorary Sheriff of Faytte County here & Stewart has a hunting club about 30 minutes south too. He went hunting one weekend and I asked how it went and he says, "Well it was warm ya know, and Kevin didn't get his scope up on a good buck very quickly and decided to not take s shot." I assumed Kevin Harvick right? Nope, Kevin Costner! Then Blake got one, a 6 pt" so I had to ask Blake who? Shelton man, the singer? Ok. And the owners of Bass Pro Shops & Real tree camo ( names elude me) but they were there too. Can ya imagine sitting around a camp fire with Tony Stewart, Kevin Costner, Blake Shelton and owners of those major outdoor fitters? I just said, "Give me a call next time, hint hint,  i wont ask for autographs or anything, if be happy sitting around that fire listening to them shoot the breeze right?

He and I moved from the area about same time and he went to Illinois (Indiana?) To Live on Tony's game reserve & drive some tool haulers for him. We lost touch & I going him a fee months ago but didn't bring any favors up cause I'm not like that really. But it could lead to something down the road. My son is an Officer in Argo near Talladega and I'm a Penske Fan! Keselowski and Miller 2 cause that's my beer, Logano & Ryan Blaney so J.J. I 1st but close is Keselowski then Logano, Blaney, Larson Newman, Stewart, Elliot, W. Byron,  Dillon & Anyone but a YOTA DRIVER OF JOE GIBBS SCREW CREW OF RECKLESS DRIVING & SNIPING DRIVERS!!

I have a limited 2013 Press Pass Showcase, #MP-KYB Kyle Bush with only #62/75 made Firesuit & Sheet Metal along with a 2016 Pannini Certified Materials #193/199 made Quad Patch #CM-CE that I either bid on after some beers or accident, I get a rash touching them and my eyes water real bad LOL, can't stand either one of them! Anyone who does and would like to trade for them let me know, they are in Nrmt-Mt shape & in protective covers. If trade for similar rare etc Keselowski, Logano, J.J., Larson, Newman, Chase Elliot etc...

Dec. 10, 2017 - 12:06AM

If you run across 2011 J.J. Auto Race Used bit not 1/1 etc, in Nrmt -Mt I need one to go with the car I have with the signatures on it to mount in a case. Cards usually have the paint schemes on them that match etc. Nothing $100 or up, I can get Diecasts autographed for 1/3 of that with favors but agsin I don't like asking them. Here's a crude shot of car, I have around 80 Diecasts in all and most are limited to less than 700 made and about 10 are less than 72! 

I don't know how to add a pic, Lord I'm tired and need to go to sleep before I buy a Kyle Busch or Kensseth card again from exhaustion. 

Apparently the text box doesn't allow for uploads, I'm gonna get some sleep.....

Dec. 13, 2017 - 4:04AM

bamaman - Helluva story there!

As for JJ, the broadcasters mention him all the time, at least they did until mid-way through this past season. Seemed like the only times they wanted to talk about him after the Spring was when he was way behind b/c of some on-track issue or mechanical failure. I really wanted to see him get a 4th win this year to move up to another tie for All-time Wins! It would have been fantastic if it happened at the Martinsville October race b/c I was there. But I did get to see an awesome race (despite the extremely cold weather) that day. Since I couldn't see JJ win or Chase Elliott get his 1st victory, I was good with Kyle Busch winning the race. I collect him too (remember that Kyle got his start in the Cup Series with HMS in the #5 car). I don't have many JJ die-casts, but yours sounds awesome and I'd love to have a similar one. My best JJ die-cast is a 2007 RCCA Owner's Elite COT 1:24 car. The box sticker claims SN1008, but the COA inside in marked 0947/2008. I have another older 1:24th and the rest are all 1:64th scale die-casts. I have a bunch of other JJ items that aren't cards or cars. Just off the top of my head is my light-switch cover shaped like his car, a Santa hat with his logos on it, several Christmas tree ornaments, the decals on my actual car, and a "champagne bottle" with a 1:64th scale car inside that's celebrating his first championship in 2006.

I became a JJ fan when I thought Mark Martin would retire soon. Mark Martin was my favorite driver as a kid and a big part of the reason I continued to be interested in NASCAR! It was around 2001 when I thought I needed to see who to root for next. JJ really impressed me in his RC season in Cup in 2002 and I was hooked by 2004. I knew he was going to be a great racer and eventually a champion. I had no idea then that he'd pull off 5 in a row and currently be tied with the all-time greats. I was off by about a decade for when I thought Martin would retire, but it was awesome to see Mark get to be Jimmie's teammate AND challenge him for the title in 2009!!! I started collecting Jeff Gordon when I realized the role he played in getting Jimmie to NASCAR. If it wasn't for Jeff, Jimmie would have probably never got into NASCAR racing and certainly wouldn't be a 7-time champion now! Jeff is a co-owner of JJ's car and has been since the beginning of the #48 team. I'd love to get an AU of Chad Knaus and/or Rick Hendrick on anything!

I'd be interested in your KyB cards. Just check my FS/T list to see if there is anything in there that you like. My NASCAR stuff is completely accurate here.

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