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Quote:   I only trade duplicates, but I've got thousands of them.
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NBA Triple Threats and Double Threats

I don't know where the term "triple threat" came from. It tends to be used for people who have many different skills, but for my card collecting purposes, it means cards that are

  1. Autographed
  2. Relic
  3. Serially Numbered
I keep track of all these details on various Excel charts above and beyond my normal tracking of my collection....OCD, afterall. In this order from COMC, I searched by all three- love that you can search by that kind of attribution - and picked up various cheap cards that I didn't have.

 Also my first card of Nichols

Not sure what the story on this Savovic is. It's got a gold border, the signature, which has faded, is in gold, yet it's SN to 999 and I can find no reference of a gold parallel. COMC listed it as a base card as well. 
I pulled the 1/1 from my box of the set, so I figured I should work on getting the other versions too.

Double Threat are cards that are autographed relics, but are not numbered. 

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