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Sets in my Collection #28: 1952 Bowman US Presidents

A 36 card set, notably larger than the current standard size, I have 19 of them- but none of them are in particularly good shape. They took quite a beating before I got them in late 2014. Although I loathe politics, I love history, and that gives them a place in my collection. Some of the cards in the set were not of presidents but of presidential related things, like the Declaration of Independence, and the White House itself, George Washington got two cards. I don't have either of the two Washington, or Lincoln. Those three are the keys to completing the set.

While I normally like to get cards in better shape than these are, I also couldn't pass them up!

Each card features a drawing of the President with a background relating to something that happened in their term- or, in the case of then-current Dwight Eisenhower, before he became President.

As you can see from the scans, the condition is poor...but like I have said repeatedly, I'd rather have a low condition card than none at all.

This post was written on November 19th, 2015. Time to get through some of these long-in-the-queue posts!

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