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A Sad Day For Radio

Today is a quick, cardless post..

Yesterday, it was announced that the radio voice of the Jays, Jerry Howarth, was retiring due to health and voice issues. 

Howarth, who has been doing radio for the Jays since 1981 and was a longtime radio partner to Tom Cheek, the Jays have lost both members of (had they been anywhere other than Toronto) a legendary announce team. 

I've been a fan of baseball and The Blue Jays in particular since 1992. That was the first time I took in a MLB game, as part of a Grade 8 class trip to Toronto. 
Because of where I lived, I didn't hear the radio broadcasts often. In fact, 1993 CFNO, the radio station in Marathon, Ontario, got rights to broadcast the (then) CHUM FM feed of the games. 

In that one year, I was able to say there was a world of difference between the TV broadcasts and the radio. The radio was just... Better... Tom and Jerry painted the picture so it felt like you were there..

One thing Jerry says that I find interesting is for broadcasters to not have a signature call.. Or, if you do end up with one, make it one that fits comfortably. 
The reason I find this interesting is a couple things that were Jerry's signatures: 

When the Jays score their first run:
"The Blue Jays are in flight"

Home Runs: 
"There she goes!"

One other interesting thing about Jerry that I don't know if people know about it or not:

While he was born in York, PA, and lived in San Francisco, he became a Canadian citizen in 1994. 

How about you, find reader? Has an announcer leaving the booth made you wish they weren't??


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