1991 Donruss

Rookie Cards

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  37   Kevin Morton RR, RC   Boston Red Sox
  41   Phil Plantier RR, RC   Boston Red Sox
  46   Kevin Belcher RR, RC   Texas Rangers
  330   Colby Ward RC, UER   Cleveland Indians
  413   Paul Marak RR, RC   Atlanta Braves
  415   Brian Barnes RR, RC   Montreal Expos
  417   Mike Gardiner RR, RC   Seattle Mariners
  419   Gerald Alexander RR, RC   Texas Rangers
  420   Rich Garces RR, RC   Minnesota Twins
  423   Wes Chamberlain RR, RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  424   Lance Dickson RR, RC   Chicago Cubs
  425   Greg Colbrunn RR, RC   Montreal Expos
  426   Rich DeLucia RR, RC, UER   Seattle Mariners
  427   Jeff Conine RR, RC   Kansas City Royals
  428   Steve Decker RR, RC   San Francisco Giants
  429   Turner Ward RR, RC   Cleveland Indians
  431   Steve Chitren RR, RC   Oakland Athletics
  501   Anthony Telford RC   Baltimore Orioles
  503   Omar Olivares RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  526   Mark Leonard RC   San Francisco Giants
  544   Craig Wilson RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  575   Brian McRae RC   Kansas City Royals
  590   Tom Edens RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  615   Mike Perez RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  624   Joe Bitker RC   Texas Rangers
  636   Bob MacDonald RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  639   Paul Abbott RC, UER   Minnesota Twins
  643   Javier Ortiz RC   Houston Astros
  655   Jim Poole RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  669   Darren Holmes RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  679   Bill Haselman RC   Texas Rangers
  687   Jeff Schulz RC   Kansas City Royals
  688   John Barfield RC   Texas Rangers
  690   Luis Gonzalez RC   Houston Astros
  713   Jim Neidlinger RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  721   Jeff Gray RC   Boston Red Sox
  725   Randy Tomlin RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  737   Joe Grahe RC   California Angels
  747   Matt Stark RC   Chicago White Sox
  752   Terry Lee RC   Cincinnati Reds
  753   Jim Vatcher RC   Atlanta Braves
  758   Pedro Munoz RC   Minnesota Twins
  769   Rich Rodriguez RC   San Diego Padres


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