2003 Topps

Rookie Cards

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  292   Chris Duncan RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  293   Franklin Gutierrez RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  294   Adam LaRoche RC, FY   Atlanta Braves
  295   Manuel Ramirez RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  296   Il Kim RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  297   Wayne Lydon RC   New York Mets
  298   Daryl Clark RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  299   Sean Pierce RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  300   Andy Marte RC   Atlanta Braves
  301   Matt Peterson RC   New York Mets
  302   Gonzalo Lopez RC, FY   Atlanta Braves
  303   Bernie Castro RC   San Diego Padres
  304   Cliff Lee RC   Cleveland Indians
  305   Jason Perry RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  306   Jaime Bubela RC   Seattle Mariners
  307   Alex Rios RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  308   Brendan Harris RC   Chicago Cubs
  309   Ramon A. Martinez RC, FY   Texas Rangers
  310   Terry Tiffee RC   Minnesota Twins
  311   Kevin Youkilis RC   Boston Red Sox
  312   Ruddy Lugo RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  314   Mike McNutt RC   Florida Marlins
  315   Jeff Clark RC   San Francisco Giants
  316   Mark Malaska RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  317   Doug Waechter RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  318   Derell McCall RC   Oakland Athletics
  319   Scott Tyler RC   Minnesota Twins
  320   Craig Brazell RC   New York Mets
  321   Walter Young RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  660   Bryan Bullington DPK, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  661   Jeremy Guthrie DPK, RC   Cleveland Indians
  662   Joey Gomes DPK, RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  663   Evel Bastida-Martinez DPK, RC   Seattle Mariners
  664   Brian Wright DPK, RC   Cleveland Indians
  665   B.J. Upton DPK, RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  666   Jeff Francis DPK, RC   Colorado Rockies
  667   Drew Meyer DPK, RC   Texas Rangers
  668   Jeremy Hermida DPK, RC   Florida Marlins
  669   Khalil Greene DPK, RC   San Diego Padres
  670   Darrell Rasner DPK, RC   Montreal Expos
  671   Cole Hamels DPK, RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  672   James Loney DPK, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  673   Sergio Santos DPK, RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  674   Jason Pridie DPK, RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays


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