1955 Topps All-American

Rookie Cards

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  1   Herman Hickman RC   Tennessee
  6   Nile Kinnick RC, UER   Iowa
  8   George Cafego RC   Tennessee
  14a   Gaynell Tinsley RC, ERR   LSU
  14b   Gaynell Tinsley RC, COR   LSU
  18   Pudge Heffelfinger RC, SP   Yale
  21a   Byron White RC, SP, ERR   Colorado
  21b   Byron White RC, SP, COR   Colorado
  23   Dick Kazmaier RC   Princeton
  28   Mel Hein RC, SP   Washington State
  31   George Sauer Sr. RC   Nebraska
  34   Davey O'Brien RC   TCU
  35   Tom Harmon RC, SP   Michigan
  38   Amos Alonzo Stagg RC   Yale
  39   Brud Holland RC   Cornell
  42   Eddie Tryon RC, SP   Colgate
  47   Bo McMillan RC   Centre
  56   Ernie Nevers RC   Stanford Cardinal
  59   Doc Blanchard RC   Army
  64   Benny Friedman RC   Michigan
  66   Bruiser Kinard RC   Mississippi
  68   The Four Horsemen - Harry Stuhldreher / Jim Crowley / Don Miller / Elmer Layden RC, SP   Notre Dame
  69   Frank Sinkwich RC   Georgia
  76   Angelo Bertelli RC   Notre Dame
  78   Jay Berwanger RC   Chicago
  84   Ace Parker RC, SP   Duke
  97   Don Hutson RC, SP   Alabama
  100   Fats Henry RC, SP   Washington and Jefferson


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