1983-84 O-Pee-Chee

Rookie Cards

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  5   Billy Carroll RC   New York Islanders
  8   Mats Hallin RC   New York Islanders
  12   Rollie Melanson RC   New York Islanders
  28   Randy Gregg RC   Edmonton Oilers
  30   Charlie Huddy RC   Edmonton Oilers
  33   Don Jackson RC   Edmonton Oilers
  41   Jaroslav Pouzar RC   Edmonton Oilers
  48   Luc Dufour RC   Boston Bruins
  51   Gord Kluzak RC   Boston Bruins
  52   Mike Krushelnyski RC   Boston Bruins
  65   Phil Housley RC   Buffalo Sabres
  68   Brent Peterson RC   Buffalo Sabres
  76   Ed Beers RC   Calgary Flames
  81   Kari Eloranta RC   Calgary Flames
  82   Dave Hindmarch RC   Calgary Flames
  84   Jim Jackson RC   Calgary Flames
  88   Greg Meredith RC   Calgary Flames
  94   Mickey Volcan RC   Calgary Flames
  100   Dave Feamster RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  103   Bill Gardner RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  105   Steve Larmer RC, UER   Chicago Blackhawks
  106   Steve Ludzik RC, UER   Chicago Blackhawks
  109   Rick Paterson RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  120   Murray Craven RC   Detroit Red Wings
  126   Corrado Micalef RC   Detroit Red Wings
  131   Ken Solheim RC   Minnesota North Stars
  141   Paul Lawless RC   Hartford Whalers
  144   Ray Neufeld RC   Hartford Whalers
  149   Bob Sullivan RC   Hartford Whalers
  153   Daryl Evans RC   Los Angeles Kings
  156   Gary Laskoski RC   Los Angeles Kings
  160   Bernie Nicholls RC   Los Angeles Kings
  167   Brian Bellows RC   Minnesota North Stars
  185   Guy Carbonneau RC   Montreal Canadiens
  186   Gilbert Delorme RC   Montreal Canadiens
  190   Craig Ludwig RC   Montreal Canadiens
  193   Mats Naslund RC   Montreal Canadiens
  194   Chris Nilan RC   Montreal Canadiens
  196   Bill Root RC   Montreal Canadiens
  206   Steve Larmer TW, RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  228   Murray Brumwell RC   New Jersey Devils
  230   Jeff Larmer RC   New Jersey Devils
  235   Hector Marini RC   New Jersey Devils
  240   Bill Baker RC   New York Rangers
  261   Lindsay Carson RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  265   Bob Froese RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  268   Pelle Lindbergh RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  273   Mark Taylor RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  281   Dave Hannan RC   Pittsburgh Penguins
  283   Randy Boyd RC   Pittsburgh Penguins
  285   Doug Shedden RC   Pittsburgh Penguins
  297   Randy Moller RC   Quebec Nordiques
  301   Louis Sleigher RC   Quebec Nordiques
  312   Mike Crombeen RC   Hartford Whalers
  313   Andre Dore RC   St. Louis Blues
  328   Dan Daoust RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  331   Stewart Gavin RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  334   Peter Ihnacak RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  337   Frank Nigro RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  339   Walt Poddubny RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  347   Jiri Bubla RC   Vancouver Canucks
  357   Jim Nill RC   Vancouver Canucks
  361   Patrik Sundstrom RC   Vancouver Canucks
  362   Tony Tanti RC   Vancouver Canucks
  373   Al Jensen RC   Washington Capitals
  375   Craig Laughlin RC   Washington Capitals
  376   Scott Stevens RC   Washington Capitals
  379   Scott Arniel RC   Winnipeg Jets
  382   Wade Campbell RC   Winnipeg Jets
  384   Murray Eaves RC   Winnipeg Jets
  389   Brian Mullen RC   Winnipeg Jets


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