2016 Topps

First Pitch


  FP-1   Abby Wambach   New York Mets
  FP-2   Gabrielle Giffords   New York Mets
  FP-3   Don Cherry   Toronto Blue Jays
  FP-4   Mo'ne Davis   Boston Red Sox
  FP-5   Evelyn Jones   Seattle Mariners
  FP-6   Bree Morse   Los Angeles Angels
  FP-7   Jordan Spieth   Boston Red Sox
  FP-8   Kristaps Porzingis   New York Mets
  FP-9   Victor Espinoza   New York Mets
  FP-10   Johnny Knoxville   Los Angeles Dodgers
  FP-11   James Taylor   Boston Red Sox
  FP-12   Bud Selig   Milwaukee Brewers
  FP-13   LeVar Burton   Chicago White Sox
  FP-14   Hayley Atwell   Kansas City Royals
  FP-15   Bill Withers   Seattle Mariners
  FP-16   Steve Aoki   Los Angeles Dodgers
  FP-17   Carrie Brownstein   Seattle Mariners
  FP-18   Rebekah Gregory   Houston Astros
  FP-19   Tony Hawk   San Diego Padres
  FP-20   IronE Singleton   Miami Marlins

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