1990 Elite Senior League


  1   Curt Flood COMR, CL  
  2   Bob Tolan   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  3   Dick Bosman   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  4   Ivan DeJesus   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  5   Dock Ellis   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  6   Roy Howell   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  7   Lamar Johnson   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  8   Steve Kemp   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  9   Ken Landreaux   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  10   Randy Lerch   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  11   Jon Matlack   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  12   Gary Rajsich   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  13   Len Randle   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  14   Elias Sosa   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  15   Ozzie Virgil   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  16   Milt Wilcox   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  17   Steve Henderson   St. Petersburg Pelicans
  18   Ray Burris   West Palm Beach Tropics
  19   Mike Easler   West Palm Beach Tropics
  20   Juan Eichelberger   West Palm Beach Tropics
  21   Rollie Fingers   West Palm Beach Tropics
  22   Toby Harrah   West Palm Beach Tropics
  23   Randy Johnson   West Palm Beach Tropics
  24   Dave Kingman   West Palm Beach Tropics
  25   Lee Lacy   West Palm Beach Tropics
  26   Tito Landrum   West Palm Beach Tropics
  27   Paul Mirabella   West Palm Beach Tropics
  28   Mickey Rivers   West Palm Beach Tropics
  29   Rodney Scott   West Palm Beach Tropics
  30   Tim Stoddard   West Palm Beach Tropics
  31   Ron Washington   West Palm Beach Tropics
  32   Jerry White   West Palm Beach Tropics
  33   Dick Williams   West Palm Beach Tropics
  34   Clete Boyer   Bradenton Explorers
  35   Steve Dillard   Bradenton Explorers
  36   Garth Iorg   Bradenton Explorers
  37   Bruce Kison   Bradenton Explorers
  38   Wayne Krenchicki   Bradenton Explorers
  39   Ron LeFlore   Bradenton Explorers
  40   Tippy Martinez   Bradenton Explorers
  41   Omar Moreno   Bradenton Explorers
  42   Jim Morrison   Bradenton Explorers
  43   Graig Nettles   Bradenton Explorers
  44   Jim Nettles   Bradenton Explorers
  45   Wayne Nordhagen   Bradenton Explorers
  46   Al Oliver   Bradenton Explorers
  47   Jerry Royster   Bradenton Explorers
  48   Sammy Stewart   Bradenton Explorers
  49   Randy Bass   Orlando Juice
  50   Vida Blue   Orlando Juice
  51   Bruce Bochy   Orlando Juice
  52   Doug Corbett   Orlando Juice
  53   Jose Cruz   Orlando Juice
  54   Jamie Easterly   Orlando Juice
  55   Pete Falcone   Orlando Juice
  56   Bob Galasso   Orlando Juice
  57   Johnny Grubb   Orlando Juice
  58   Bake McBride   Orlando Juice
  59   Dyar Miller   Orlando Juice
  60   Tom Paciorek   Orlando Juice
  61   Ken Reitz   Orlando Juice
  62   U.L. Washington   Orlando Juice
  63   Alan Ashby   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  64   Pat Dobson   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  65   Doug Bird   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  66   Manny Castillo   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  67   Dan Driessen   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  68   Wayne Garland   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  69   Tim Ireland   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  70   Ron Jackson   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  71   Bob Jones   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  72   Dennis Leonard   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  73   Rick Manning   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  74   Amos Otis   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  75   Pat Putnam   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  76   Eric Rasmussen   Fort Myers Sun Sox
  77   Paul Blair   Gold Coast Suns
  78   Bert Campaneris   Gold Coast Suns
  79   Cesar Cedeno   Gold Coast Suns
  80   Ed Figueroa   Gold Coast Suns
  81   Ross Grimsley   Gold Coast Suns
  82   George Hendrick   Gold Coast Suns
  83   Cliff Johnson   Gold Coast Suns
  84   Mike Kekich   Gold Coast Suns
  85   Rafael Landestoy   Gold Coast Suns
  86   Larry Milbourne   Gold Coast Suns
  87   Bob Molinaro   Gold Coast Suns
  88   Sid Monge   Gold Coast Suns
  89   Rennie Stennett   Gold Coast Suns
  90   Derrel Thomas   Gold Coast Suns
  91   Earl Weaver MGR   Gold Coast Suns
  92   Gary Allenson   Winter Haven Super Sox
  93   Pedro Borbon   Winter Haven Super Sox
  94   Al Bumbry   Winter Haven Super Sox
  95   Bill Campbell   Winter Haven Super Sox
  96   Bernie Carbo   Winter Haven Super Sox
  97   Fergie Jenkins   Winter Haven Super Sox
  98   Pete LaCock   Winter Haven Super Sox
  99   Bill Lee   Winter Haven Super Sox
  100   Tom McMillan   Winter Haven Super Sox

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