1989 Upper Deck


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  1   Ken Griffey Jr. SR, RC, UER   Seattle Mariners
  2   Luis Medina SR, RC   Cleveland Indians
  3   Tony Chance SR, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  4   Dave Otto SR, UER   Oakland Athletics
  5   Sandy Alomar Jr. SR, RC, UER   San Diego Padres
  6   Rolando Roomes SR, RC   Chicago Cubs
  7   David West SR, RC, UER   New York Mets
  8   Cris Carpenter SR, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  9   Gregg Jefferies   New York Mets
  10   Doug Dascenzo SR, RC   Chicago Cubs
  11   Ron Jones SR, RC, UER   Philadelphia Phillies
  12   Luis de los Santos SR, RC   Kansas City Royals
  13a   Gary Sheffield SR, RC, ERR, UER   Milwaukee Brewers
  13b   Gary Sheffield SR, RC, COR, UER   Milwaukee Brewers
  14   Mike Harkey SR, RC   Chicago Cubs
  15   Lance Blankenship SR, RC, UER   Oakland Athletics
  16   William Brennan SR, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  17   John Smoltz SR, RC   Atlanta Braves
  18   Ramon Martinez SR, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  19   Mark Lemke SR, RC   Atlanta Braves
  20   Juan Bell SR, RC, UER   Los Angeles Dodgers
  21   Rey Palacios RC, SR, UER   Kansas City Royals
  22   Felix Jose SR, RC, UER   Oakland Athletics
  23   Van Snider SR, RC   Cincinnati Reds
  24   Dante Bichette SR, RC   California Angels
  25   Randy Johnson SR, RC   Montreal Expos
  26   Carlos Quintana SR, RC   Boston Red Sox
  27   Star Rookie Checklist CL  
  28   Mike Schooler RC   Seattle Mariners
  29   Randy St. Claire   Cincinnati Reds
  30   Jerald Clark RC   San Diego Padres
  31   Kevin Gross UER   Philadelphia Phillies
  32   Dan Firova RC   Cleveland Indians
  33   Jeff Calhoun   Philadelphia Phillies
  34   Tommy Hinzo   Cleveland Indians
  35   Ricky Jordan RC, UER   Philadelphia Phillies
  36   Larry Parrish   Boston Red Sox
  37   Bret Saberhagen UER   Kansas City Royals
  38   Mike Smithson   Boston Red Sox
  39   Dave Dravecky UER   San Francisco Giants
  40   Ed Romero   Boston Red Sox
  41   Jeff Musselman   Toronto Blue Jays
  42   Ed Hearn   Kansas City Royals
  43   Rance Mulliniks UER   Toronto Blue Jays
  44   Jim Eisenreich   Kansas City Royals
  45   Sil Campusano RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  46   Mike Krukow   San Francisco Giants
  47   Paul Gibson RC, UER   Detroit Tigers
  48   Mike LaCoss   San Francisco Giants
  49   Larry Herndon UER   Detroit Tigers
  50   Scott Garrelts   San Francisco Giants
  51   Dwayne Henry   Texas Rangers
  52   Jim Acker UER   Atlanta Braves
  53   Steve Sax   Los Angeles Dodgers
  54   Pete O'Brien   Texas Rangers
  55   Paul Runge   Atlanta Braves
  56   Rick Rhoden UER   New York Yankees
  57   John Dopson RC   Montreal Expos
  58   Casey Candaele UER   Houston Astros
  59   Dave Righetti   New York Yankees
  60   Joe Hesketh   Montreal Expos
  61   Frank DiPino   Chicago Cubs
  62   Tim Laudner   Minnesota Twins
  63   Jamie Moyer   Chicago Cubs
  64   Freddie Toliver   Minnesota Twins
  65   Mitch Webster   Chicago Cubs
  66   John Tudor   Los Angeles Dodgers
  67   John Cangelosi   Pittsburgh Pirates
  68   Mike Devereaux   Los Angeles Dodgers
  69   Brian Fisher UER   Pittsburgh Pirates
  70   Mike A. Marshall   Los Angeles Dodgers
  71   Zane Smith   Atlanta Braves
  72a   Brian Holton ERR   Los Angeles Dodgers
  72b   Brian Holton COR   Los Angeles Dodgers
  73   Jose Guzman   Texas Rangers
  74   Rick Mahler   Atlanta Braves
  75   John Shelby   Los Angeles Dodgers
  76   Jim Deshaies   Houston Astros
  77   Bobby Meacham UER   New York Yankees
  78   Bryn Smith   Montreal Expos
  79   Joaquin Andujar   Houston Astros
  80   Richard Dotson UER   New York Yankees
  81   Charlie Lea UER   Minnesota Twins
  82   Calvin Schiraldi   Chicago Cubs
  83   Les Straker   Minnesota Twins
  84   Les Lancaster   Chicago Cubs
  85   Allan Anderson   Minnesota Twins
  86   Junior Ortiz   Pittsburgh Pirates
  87   Jesse Orosco   Los Angeles Dodgers
  88   Felix Fermin UER   Pittsburgh Pirates
  89   Dave Anderson   Los Angeles Dodgers
  90   Rafael Belliard UER   Pittsburgh Pirates
  91   Franklin Stubbs   Los Angeles Dodgers
  92   Cecil Espy UER   Texas Rangers
  93   Albert Hall   Atlanta Braves
  94   Tim Leary   Los Angeles Dodgers
  95   Mitch Williams   Texas Rangers
  96   Tracy Jones   Montreal Expos
  97   Danny Darwin   Houston Astros
  98   Gary Ward   New York Yankees

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