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  635   Mike Moustakas PR506   Kansas City Royals
  636   Rhys Hoskins CU, PR843   Philadelphia Phillies
  637   Cleveland Indians PR410   Cleveland Indians
  638   Kris Bryant PR580   Chicago Cubs
  639   Aaron Judge RC, PR1347   New York Yankees
  640   Scooter Gennett PR481   Cincinnati Reds
  641   Matt Olson RC, PR553   Oakland Athletics
  642   Cody Bellinger RC, PR2298   Los Angeles Dodgers
  643   Los Angeles Dodgers PR579   Los Angeles Dodgers
  644   Travis Shaw PR145   Milwaukee Brewers
  645   New York Yankees PR671   New York Yankees
  645A   New York Yankees MEM, SN99   New York Yankees
  645B   New York Yankees MEM, SN49   New York Yankees
  645C   New York Yankees MEM, SN25   New York Yankees
  645D   New York Yankees MEM, SN10   New York Yankees
  645E   New York Yankees MEM, SN1   New York Yankees
  646   Jose Abreu PR183   Chicago White Sox
  647   Aaron Judge RC, PR647   New York Yankees
  648   Rafael Devers CU, PR575   Boston Red Sox
  649   Arizona Diamondbacks PR219   Arizona Diamondbacks
  649A   Arizona Diamondbacks MEM, SN99   Arizona Diamondbacks
  649B   Arizona Diamondbacks MEM, SN49   Arizona Diamondbacks
  649C   Arizona Diamondbacks MEM, SN25   Arizona Diamondbacks
  649D   Arizona Diamondbacks MEM, SN10   Arizona Diamondbacks
  649E   Arizona Diamondbacks MEM, SN1   Arizona Diamondbacks
  650   J.D. Martinez PR207   Arizona Diamondbacks
  651   Jose Quintana PR372   Chicago Cubs
  652   Clayton Kershaw PR462   Los Angeles Dodgers
  653   Aaron Judge RC, RR, PR4622   New York Yankees
  654   Aaron Judge RC, RR, PR16138   New York Yankees
  654A   Aaron Judge RC, RR, AU, SN49   New York Yankees
  654B   Aaron Judge RC, RR, AU, SN25   New York Yankees
  654C   Aaron Judge RC, RR, AU, SN10   New York Yankees
  654D   Aaron Judge RC, RR, AU, SN5   New York Yankees
  654E   Aaron Judge RC, RR, AU, SN1   New York Yankees
  655   Addison Russell PR1047   Chicago Cubs
  656   Aaron Hicks PR356   New York Yankees
  657   Andrew McCutchen PR525   Pittsburgh Pirates
  658   Byron Buxton PR248   Minnesota Twins
  659   Travis Taijeron CU, PR348   New York Mets
  660   Albert Pujols PR337   Los Angeles Angels
  661   Jose Altuve PR272   Houston Astros
  662   Mark Canha PR149   Oakland Athletics
  663   Chicago Cubs PR775   Chicago Cubs
  663A   Chicago Cubs MEM, SN99   Chicago Cubs
  663B   Chicago Cubs MEM, SN49   Chicago Cubs
  663C   Chicago Cubs MEM, SN25   Chicago Cubs
  663D   Chicago Cubs MEM, SN10   Chicago Cubs
  663E   Chicago Cubs MEM, SN1   Chicago Cubs
  664   Aaron Judge RC, PR1548   New York Yankees
  665   Nicky Delmonico CU, PR259   Chicago White Sox
  666   Minnesota Twins PR305   Minnesota Twins
  667   Carlos Carrasco PR334   Cleveland Indians
  668   Giancarlo Stanton PR425   Miami Marlins
  669   Babe Ruth / Aaron Judge PR5283   New York Yankees
  670   Alejandro De Aza PR190   Washington Nationals
  671   Masahiro Tanaka PR363   New York Yankees
  672   Charlie Blackmon PR335   Colorado Rockies
  673   Mike Trout PR1024   Los Angeles Angels
  674   Aaron Judge RC, PR3267   New York Yankees
  675   Andrew Benintendi RC, PR728   Boston Red Sox
  676   Boston Red Sox PR336   Boston Red Sox
  676A   Boston Red Sox MEM, SN99   Boston Red Sox
  676B   Boston Red Sox MEM, SN49   Boston Red Sox
  676C   Boston Red Sox MEM, SN25   Boston Red Sox
  676D   Boston Red Sox MEM, SN10   Boston Red Sox
  676E   Boston Red Sox MEM, SN1   Boston Red Sox
  677   Andrew Romine PR439   Detroit Tigers
  678   Colorado Rockies UER, PR345   Colorado Rockies
  679   Pablo Sandoval PR150   San Francisco Giants
  680   Nick Williams CU, PR364   Philadelphia Phillies
  681   Eric Hosmer / Mike Moustakas / Lorenzo Cain / Alcides Escobar PR593   Kansas City Royals
  682   Aaron Judge / Jose Martinez RC, ROM, PR1265   New York Yankees / St. Louis Cardinals
  683   Aaron Judge / J.D. Martinez POM, PR1161   New York Yankees / Arizona Diamondbacks
  684   Jose Altuve / Charlie Blackmon LL, PR389   Houston Astros / Colorado Rockies
  685   Aaron Judge / Giancarlo Stanton LL, PR1903   New York Yankees / Miami Marlins
  686   Nelson Cruz / Giancarlo Stanton LL, PR303   Seattle Mariners / Miami Marlins
  687   Mike Trout / Joey Votto LL, PR503   Los Angeles Angels / Cincinnati Reds
  688   Corey Kluber / Clayton Kershaw / Carlos Carrasco / Jason Vargas LL, PR502   Cleveland Indians / Los Angeles Dodgers / Kansas City Royals
  689   Alex Colome / Kenley Jansen / Greg Holland LL, PR342   Tampa Bay Rays / Los Angeles Dodgers / Colorado Rockies
  690   Chris Sale / Max Scherzer LL, PR415   Boston Red Sox / Washington Nationals
  691   Corey Kluber / Max Scherzer LL, PR408   Cleveland Indians / Washington Nationals
  692   Brian Dozier ALWC, PR422   Minnesota Twins
  693   Didi Gregorius ALWC, PR703   New York Yankees
  694   Byron Buxton ALWC, PR435   Minnesota Twins
  695   Chad Green / David Robertson / Tommy Kahnle / Aroldis Chapman ALWC, PR690   New York Yankees
  696   Aaron Judge RC, ALWC, PR5424   New York Yankees
  696A   Aaron Judge RC, ALWC, MEM, AU, SN99   New York Yankees
  696B   Aaron Judge RC, ALWC, MEM, AU, SN49   New York Yankees
  696C   Aaron Judge RC, ALWC, MEM, AU, SN25   New York Yankees
  696D   Aaron Judge RC, ALWC, MEM, AU, SN10   New York Yankees
  696E   Aaron Judge RC, ALWC, MEM, AU, SN5   New York Yankees
  696F   Aaron Judge RC, ALWC, MEM, AU, SN1   New York Yankees
  697   New York Yankees ALWC, PR1045   New York Yankees
  698   Paul Goldschmidt NLWC, PR273   Arizona Diamondbacks
  698A   Paul Goldschmidt NLWC, MEM, AU, SN99   Arizona Diamondbacks
  698B   Paul Goldschmidt NLWC, MEM, AU, SN49   Arizona Diamondbacks
  698C   Paul Goldschmidt NLWC, MEM, AU, SN25   Arizona Diamondbacks
  698D   Paul Goldschmidt NLWC, MEM, AU, SN10   Arizona Diamondbacks
  698E   Paul Goldschmidt NLWC, MEM, AU, SN1   Arizona Diamondbacks

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