2006 Upper Deck AFL


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  1   Sherdrick Bonner   Arizona Rattlers
  2   Clarence Coleman   Grand Rapids Rampage
  3   Randy Gatewood   Arizona Rattlers
  4   Tom Pace   Utah Blaze
  5   Vince Amey   Arizona Rattlers
  6   Evan Hlavacek   Colorado Crush
  7   Josh Jeffries   Los Angeles Avengers
  8   Gary Kral   Arizona Rattlers
  9   Bo Kelly   Arizona Rattlers
  10   Clarence Lawson   Arizona Rattlers
  11   Damien Groce   Arizona Rattlers
  12   John Fitzgerald   Austin Wranglers
  13   Kevin Nickerson   Austin Wranglers
  14   Tom Briggs   Austin Wranglers
  15   Darrin Chiaverini   Austin Wranglers
  16   Ira Gooch   Columbus Destroyers
  17   Tacoma Fontaine   Austin Wranglers
  18   Lindsay Fleshman   Nashville Kats
  19   Tim Seder   Kansas City Brigade
  20   Henry Bryant   Austin Wranglers
  21   Sedrick Robinson   Austin Wranglers
  22   Damon Mason   Austin Wranglers
  23   Raymond Philyaw   Grand Rapids Rampage
  24   John Moyer   Chicago Rush
  25   Etu Molden   Chicago Rush
  26   Henry Douglas   Chicago Rush
  27   Bob McMillen   Chicago Rush
  28   Todd Hammel   Chicago Rush
  29   Jeremy McDaniel   Chicago Rush
  30   Keith Gispert   Chicago Rush
  31   Russell Shaw   Chicago Rush
  32   C.J. Johnson   Chicago Rush
  33   Cornelius White   Chicago Rush
  34   John Dutton   Colorado Crush
  35   Damian Harrell   Colorado Crush
  36   Willis Marshall   Colorado Crush
  37   Clay Rush   Colorado Crush
  38   Andy McCullough   Colorado Crush
  39   Kevin McKenzie   Colorado Crush
  40   Rich Young   Colorado Crush
  41   Ahmad Hawkins   Colorado Crush
  42   Rashad Floyd   Colorado Crush
  43   Delvin Hughley   Colorado Crush
  44   Saul Patu   Colorado Crush
  45   Matt D'Orazio   Chicago Rush
  46   Lenzie Jackson   Columbus Destroyers
  47   B.J. Barre   Columbus Destroyers
  48   Mike Sutton   Columbus Destroyers
  49   Gillis Wilson   Georgia Force
  50   Randall Lane   Columbus Destroyers
  51   Frank Carter   Nashville Kats
  52   Bobby Olive   Columbus Destroyers
  53   Jamarr Ward   Columbus Destroyers
  54   Thabiti Davis   Columbus Destroyers
  55   John Kaleo   Columbus Destroyers
  56   Clint Dolezel   Dallas Desperados
  57   Jason Shelley   Dallas Desperados
  58   Will Pettis   Dallas Desperados
  59   Hamin Milligan   Dallas Desperados
  60   Duke Pettijohn   Dallas Desperados
  61   Carlos Martinez   Dallas Desperados
  62   Lucas Yarnell   Kansas City Brigade
  63   Jermaine Lewis   Nashville Kats
  64   Joe Minucci   Nashville Kats
  65   Jermaine Jones   Dallas Desperados
  66   Scottie Montgomery   Georgia Force
  67   Jim Kubiak   Georgia Force
  68   Matt Nagy   Georgia Force
  69   Troy Bergeron   Georgia Force
  70   Chris Jackson   Georgia Force
  71   Derek Lee   Georgia Force
  72   Robert Thomas   Georgia Force
  73   Kevin Aldridge   Georgia Force
  74   Nelson Garner   Georgia Force
  75   Nick Ward   Georgia Force
  76   Ricky Parker   Georgia Force
  77   Willie Gary   Georgia Force
  78   Michael Bishop   Chicago Rush
  79   Anthony Hines   Grand Rapids Rampage
  80   Chris Avery   Grand Rapids Rampage
  81   Josh Bush   Grand Rapids Rampage
  82   Rupert Grant   Nashville Kats
  83   Bryant Shaw   Grand Rapids Rampage
  84   Dennison Robinson   Chicago Rush
  85   Kahlil Carter   Nashville Kats
  86   Chris Ryan   Grand Rapids Rampage
  87   Marvin Taylor   Grand Rapids Rampage
  88   Timon Marshall   Grand Rapids Rampage
  89   Traco Rachal   Las Vegas Gladiators
  90   Marcus Nash   Las Vegas Gladiators
  91   Coco Blalock   Las Vegas Gladiators
  92   Joe Douglass   Las Vegas Gladiators
  93   Ricky Ross   Arizona Rattlers
  94   Sunungura Rusununguko   New York Dragons
  95   Marlion Jackson   Las Vegas Gladiators
  96   Jerome Riley   Las Vegas Gladiators
  97   Wilky Bazile   Las Vegas Gladiators
  98   Dameon Porter   Las Vegas Gladiators
  99   Rodney Filer   Las Vegas Gladiators
  100   Cornelius Bonner   Nashville Kats

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