1989 Classic Travel


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  1   Orel Hershiser   Los Angeles Dodgers
  2   Wade Boggs   Boston Red Sox
  3   Jose Canseco   Oakland Athletics
  4   Mark McGwire   Oakland Athletics
  5   Don Mattingly   New York Yankees
  6   Gregg Jefferies   New York Mets
  7   Dwight Gooden   New York Mets
  8   Darryl Strawberry   New York Mets
  9   Eric Davis   Cincinnati Reds
  10   Joey Meyer   Milwaukee Brewers
  11   Joe Carter   Cleveland Indians
  12   Paul Molitor   Milwaukee Brewers
  13   Mark Grace   Chicago Cubs
  14   Kurt Stillwell   Kansas City Royals
  15   Kirby Puckett   Minnesota Twins
  16   Keith Miller   New York Mets
  17   Glenn Davis   Houston Astros
  18   Will Clark   San Francisco Giants
  19   Cory Snyder   Cleveland Indians
  20   Jose Lind   Pittsburgh Pirates
  21   Andres Thomas   Atlanta Braves
  22   Dave Smith   Houston Astros
  23   Mike Scott   Houston Astros
  24   Kevin McReynolds   New York Mets
  25   B.J. Surhoff   Milwaukee Brewers
  26   Mackey Sasser   New York Mets
  27   Chad Kreuter   Texas Rangers
  28   Hal Morris   New York Yankees
  29   Wally Joyner   California Angels
  30   Tony Gwynn   San Diego Padres
  31   Kevin Mitchell   San Francisco Giants
  32   Dave Winfield   New York Yankees
  33   Billy Bean   Detroit Tigers
  34   Steve Bedrosian   Philadelphia Phillies
  35   Ron Gant   Atlanta Braves
  36   Lenny Dykstra   New York Mets
  37   Andre Dawson   Chicago Cubs
  38   Brett Butler   San Francisco Giants
  39   Rob Deer   Milwaukee Brewers
  40   Tommy John   New York Yankees
  41   Gary Gaetti   Minnesota Twins
  42   Tim Raines   Montreal Expos
  43   George Bell   Toronto Blue Jays
  44   Dwight Evans   Boston Red Sox
  45   Dennis Martinez   Montreal Expos
  46   Andres Galarraga   Montreal Expos
  47   George Brett   Kansas City Royals
  48   Mike Schmidt   Philadelphia Phillies
  49   Dave Stieb   Toronto Blue Jays
  50   Rickey Henderson   New York Yankees
  51   Craig Biggio   Houston Astros
  52   Mark Lemke   Atlanta Braves
  53   Chris Sabo   Cincinnati Reds
  54   Jeff Treadway   Cincinnati Reds
  55   Kent Hrbek   Minnesota Twins
  56   Cal Ripken Jr.   Baltimore Orioles
  57   Tim Belcher   Los Angeles Dodgers
  58   Ozzie Smith   St. Louis Cardinals
  59   Keith Hernandez   New York Mets
  60   Pedro Guerrero   St. Louis Cardinals
  61   Greg Swindell   Cleveland Indians
  62   Bret Saberhagen   Kansas City Royals
  63   John Tudor   Los Angeles Dodgers
  64   Gary Carter   New York Mets
  65   Kevin Seitzer   Kansas City Royals
  66   Jesse Barfield   Toronto Blue Jays
  67   Luis Medina   Cleveland Indians
  68   Walt Weiss   Oakland Athletics
  69   Terry Steinbach   Oakland Athletics
  70   Barry Larkin   Cincinnati Reds
  71   Pete Rose   Cincinnati Reds
  72   Luis Salazar   Detroit Tigers
  73   Benito Santiago   San Diego Padres
  74   Kal Daniels   Cincinnati Reds
  75   Kevin Elster   New York Mets
  76   Rob Dibble   Cincinnati Reds
  77   Bobby Witt UER   Texas Rangers
  78   Steve Searcy   Detroit Tigers
  79   Sandy Alomar Jr. UER   San Diego Padres
  80   Chili Davis   California Angels
  81   Alvin Davis   Seattle Mariners
  82   Charlie Leibrandt   Kansas City Royals
  83   Robin Yount   Milwaukee Brewers
  84   Mark Carreon   New York Mets
  85   Pascual Perez   Montreal Expos
  86   Dennis Rasmussen   San Diego Padres
  87   Ernest Riles   San Francisco Giants
  88   Melido Perez   Chicago White Sox
  89   Doug Jones   Cleveland Indians
  90   Dennis Eckersley   Oakland Athletics
  91   Bob Welch   Oakland Athletics
  92   Bob Milacki   Baltimore Orioles
  93   Jeff M. Robinson   Detroit Tigers
  94   Mike Henneman   Detroit Tigers
  95   Randy Johnson   Montreal Expos
  96   Ron Jones   Philadelphia Phillies
  97   Jack Armstrong   Cincinnati Reds
  98   Willie McGee   St. Louis Cardinals
  99   Ryne Sandberg   Chicago Cubs
  100   Dave Cone / Danny Jackson   New York Mets / Cincinnati Reds

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