1994 Magic the Gathering Revised Edition


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  NNO1   Aladdin's Lamp  
  NNO2   Aladdin's Ring  
  NNO3   Ankh of Mishra  
  NNO4   Armageddon Clock  
  NNO5   Basalt Monolith  
  NNO6   Black Vise  
  NNO7   Bottle of Suleiman  
  NNO8   Brass Man  
  NNO9   Celestial Prism  
  NNO10   Clockwork Beast  
  NNO11   Conservator  
  NNO12   Crystal Rod  
  NNO13   Dancing Scimitar  
  NNO14   Dingus Egg  
  NNO15   Disrupting Scepter  
  NNO16   Dragon Engine  
  NNO17   Ebony Horse  
  NNO18   Flying Carpet  
  NNO19   Glasses of Urza  
  NNO20   Helm of Chatzuk  
  NNO21   Howling Mine  
  NNO22   Iron Star  
  NNO23   Ivory Cup  
  NNO24   Ivory Tower  
  NNO25   Jade Monolith  
  NNO26   Jandor's Ring  
  NNO27   Jandor's Saddlebags  
  NNO28   Jayemdae Tome  
  NNO29   Juggernaut  
  NNO30   Kormus Bell  
  NNO31   Library of Leng  
  NNO32   Living Wall  
  NNO33   Mana Vault  
  NNO34   Meekstone  
  NNO35   Millstone  
  NNO36   Mishra's War Machine  
  NNO37   Nevinyrral's Disk  
  NNO38   Obsianus Golem  
  NNO39   Onulet  
  NNO40   Ornithopter  
  NNO41   Primal Clay  
  NNO42   Rocket Launcher  
  NNO43   Rod of Ruin  
  NNO44   Sol Ring  
  NNO45   Soul Net  
  NNO46   Sunglasses of Urza  
  NNO47   The Hive  
  NNO48   The Rack  
  NNO49   Throne of Bone  
  NNO50   Winter Orb  
  NNO51   Wooden Sphere  
  NNO52   Animate Dead  
  NNO53   Bad Moon  
  NNO54   Black Knight  
  NNO55   Bog Wraith  
  NNO56   Contract from Below  
  NNO57   Cursed Land  
  NNO58   Dark Ritual  
  NNO59   Darkpact  
  NNO60   Deathgrip  
  NNO61   Deathlace  
  NNO62   Demonic Attorney  
  NNO63   Demonic Hordes  
  NNO64   Demonic Tutor  
  NNO65   Drain Life  
  NNO66   Drudge Skeletons  
  NNO67   El-Hajjâj  
  NNO68   Erg Raiders  
  NNO69   Evil Presence  
  NNO70   Fear  
  NNO71   Frozen Shade  
  NNO72   Gloom  
  NNO73   Howl from Beyond  
  NNO74   Hypnotic Specter  
  NNO75   Lord of the Pit  
  NNO76   Mind Twist  
  NNO77   Nether Shadow  
  NNO78   Nettling Imp  
  NNO79   Nightmare  
  NNO80   Paralyze  
  NNO81   Pestilence  
  NNO82   Plague Rats  
  NNO83   Raise Dead  
  NNO84   Royal Assassin  
  NNO85   Sacrifice  
  NNO86   Scathe Zombies  
  NNO87   Scavenging Ghoul  
  NNO88   Sengir Vampire  
  NNO89   Simulacrum  
  NNO90   Sorceress Queen  
  NNO91   Terror  
  NNO92   Unholy Strength  
  NNO93   Wall of Bone  
  NNO94   Warp Artifact  
  NNO95   Weakness  
  NNO96   Will-O'-The-Wisp  
  NNO97   Zombie Master  
  NNO98   Air Elemental  
  NNO99   Animate Artifact  
  NNO100   Blue Elemental Blast  

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